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Llorens - 'For A Radically New Cabinet' (Dec. 2019)

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Every region needs a leader who knows their community.

As a member of The Leftist Assembly since May 2016, I've been here since the beginning. I've seen through more than a dozen government terms and served in more than a few myself. Every step of the way, I've been there with our community and seen to it that we have been able to flourish to our fullest extent. As one of the largest leftist regions in the game, I understand that we are unique in genuinely caring about our world and one another - it is this unity in diversity that we need to see reflected in the Cabinet.

The executive branch needs a radical revitalisation.

The Cabinet is not yet fulfilling its full capacity to be a reflection of the will of our community and a driving force behind growth and engagement. I diagnose it with a case of restrictiveness - our Ministers don't have a wide-enough scope over the diverse facets that make up our region. I'm running to provide this radical revitalisation of our approach to executive government, both in communicating with citizens and broadening its approach.

An extensive history in the executive branch.

My experience across a diversity of portfolios is unmatched. I was elected as Prime Minister under Secretary Cedoria after just six months in the region, later serving a six-month term in later 2017 as Secretary myself, being renowned for my overhauling organisation style and establishment of internal governmental restructuring. Throughout 2018, I served in various Ministerial roles, first as Minister of Culture where I created the Culture Competitions, then as Minister of Archives where I organised the first quarterly census and formed the regional wiki, and finally as Minister of Foreign Affairs where I designed the ambassador program and constructed lasting connections with regions such as Gay and Forest.

A reputation for organisational overhaul.

As a member of 9 out of 15 General Assemblies, I've accumulated a reputation for monumental legislative change, including the establishment of the legislative process, the creation of the original court and banjection system, and the separation of the three government branches. As Secretary, I led the single largest re-evaluation of our embassies to date, ensuring that our formalised connections still retained value for both communities. You can trust me to implement my radical ideas to refresh our Cabinet as I've done it in the past - my implementation of the ambassador program and auto-recruitment both completely reshaped how the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment respectively operate today.

A new Cabinet needs new roles and new faces.

As Secretary, my Cabinet will have no deputy, will maintain the three current, legally-required Ministers (Foreign Affairs, Recruitment, and Information), and implement three new ones (Events, Roleplay, and World Assembly Affairs). If elected, I will also ensure that the Cabinet incorporates promising leaders that may have not yet engaged with the government-side of our community, which will foster a generation of fresh leadership.

Implement the ROSE endorsement program.

I will establish the Revolutionary Support Exchange (RoSE) endorsement program to build on the Endorsement Cap Act I passed in this last term. The current Secretary promised this during their campaign but never acted on it, and so I will make it a priority of my administration and my personal responsibility to implement. This program will complement the weekly founder dispatch release that tags all nations not endorsing the Secretary, pairing it with an increased emphasis on nations endorsing each other to boost engagement and overall interregional influence.

Changing approaches to existing and new Ministries.

A new Minister of Events would be one of three new portfolios that I create if elected. This position would be responsible for creating and hosting events, such as art and music competitions or Discord game nights, in order to engage citizens through more diverse means and boost community spirit. I would appoint someone who is well-liked and heavily engaged in our region, and particularly in our Discord server.

Earlier in the last term, I established a thread in the onsite Gameplay forum in order to more widely connect our community with other regions. Unfortunately, we havenít yet seen any updates there, but I intend to ensure our Minister of Foreign Affairs spearheads an effort to post fortnightly updates and official government statements there to improve our interregional standing. As I did when I was both Secretary and then the responsible Minister, I would like to see a complete audit of our existing embassies and an active search for new regions to partner with.

With this position now formalised by law, I want to ensure that we use it to its fullest capacity. Particularly, I will ensure the Minister of Information has an emphasis on reviewing and updating the quarterly census, as this now common feature, which began as my own idea in October 2017, has remained almost identical since its initial iteration. This will utilise community feedback and question-by-question analysis to ensure that the questions are relevant, interesting, or can meaningfully impact government policy.

This role first was originally named Minister of Immigration and Customs, and I believe that dual responsibility has been retained in the positionís current construction Ė that of attracting new nations (immigration) and integrating them into our community (customs). We have strong foundations for attracting nations, seen as we approach 500 nations with a record World Assembly population, but we must do better in retaining nations once they are here. This is why I will ensure that the Minister of Recruitment reviews the FAQ page and creates new guidance dispatches to engage our newest citizens.

Roleplay is an area that has been tried and tried again, continually failing to last in the long-term for our region. However, I reject the notion that we cannot be a roleplay community, it is merely our approach that must be corrected. With a new Minister of Roleplay, I will ensure that we work together to establish a region-wide, map-based world that is broad, has an easy application process, is simple to understand, and priorities freedom of participation for its members. This will simultaneously attract new nations that may be looking for this activity within a leftist framework.

If elected, I will re-establish the Minister of World Assembly Affairs position to properly research the activities and proposals of the World Assembly in order to create regional discussion and advise us on how to cast our votes in accordance with leftist principles. I will also ensure that this Minister acts as a primary regional representative to the Interregional Legislative Coalition (ILC) in order to revitalise this once-promising initiative and engage our own citizens in its operations.