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FCN MT ROLEPLAY - The Federation of Conservative Nations

Headquartered in the city of Fort Anfree, Gagium

President Fletcher van Petersen, Furbish Islands
Vice President XX XX, Mietkael
Secretary of Internal Affairs Nixon Carter, Gagium

The Federation of Conservative Nations (FCN) is an intergovernmental organization tasked with maintaining international stability and boosting international cooperation. The FCN is the largest and most powerful international organization in the world, with the vast majority of nations on the planet being a member state of the organization. The FCN's headquarters is located on international territory in the city of Fort Anfree, The United Commonwealths of Gagium; However, other prominent offices are located in the nations of XX1, XX2, and XX3. The Federation is composed of several important bodies, the primary ones being the Senate, the Executive, the Army of Freedom, and the Security Council.

The Senate is the legislative and decision-making body of the Federation, with one Senator from each member nation forming the composition of the body. The Senate meets at the FCN Headquarters in New Anfree, and the Senate is tasked with voting on important matters such as budgetary concerns, membership statuses of nations, and matters of global cooperation - However, most bills passed are non-binding resolutions. The Senate was founded and first convened in 1953 after the signing of the FCN Charter. Special sessions of the Senate have been convened in the past to discuss various matters of importance.

The Executive is the executive arm of the FCN, currently led by President Fletcher van Petersen of Furby Island. The Executive is in charge of appointing heads of FCN departments and peacekeeping operations, communicating with nations and non-state actors, conducting surveying and research, and setting basic FCN agenda and implementing Senate-passed resolutions. Several smaller offices and departments exist under the Executive, and the branch maintains several offices outside of the FCN Headquarters.

The Army of Freedom is the military branch of the Federation, serving under the directives of the Security Council in coordination with the Executive. The AoF is composed of forces that member nations voluntarily contribute to the body, and has authority to deploy these forces to serve in peacekeeping operations or other AoF operations.

The Security Council is a council of nine nations, including 5 permanent members of the Council. The Security Council is tasked with ensuring global security and stability, approving changes to the FCN charter, and accepting new member states. The body is able to establish peacekeeping operations and international sanctions, and all Security Council resolutions are legally binding to all member nations. The Security Council member nations are TBD

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