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To join the map, mention me in an RMB post or send a telegram. This must include the name, a detailed claim, a government type, the capital city, and the leader. A short history is recommended but not mandatory. If a claim is too big it will be trimmed, but I'll contact you and tell you the problem along with my intended solution. Any territory you think is necessary for your nation, you could tell me then, and you can even suggest a course of action to trim it enough while keeping essential lore. You cannot, however, say that all territory is essential, as that would basically mean I cannot trim it. At that point, I would just trim it according to my own thoughts on the matter.

The tech is 1939 or before. If it is after 1939 and you think it should be allowed, telegram me. Any WWII technology developed AFTER 1939 will be allowed as long as you write one research and development RP post a day for twelve days before announcing it and then at least four days of production before including it in your military. In this world, instead of a World War there was a World Arms Race that is still going on today, so each state is trying to be more technologically advanced than their neighbors.

Natural Expansion is banned. Do it the old fashioned way, coward.

Each day IRL is one month IC. Just like Tierrarde. This may change later.

If you are putting an OOC puppet, also known as an Alt, on the map, you must inform me of this upon claiming your land, or else all of your claims will be removed and you will be banned from the map. Up to 2 OOC accounts can join the map.

You may be subjected to a test involving the WA to prove that you are not a puppet of someone else on the map at any time. Don't break the rules this way, I specifically allow you to have an extra account.

IC Puppets cannot break free without war.

You can join no more than one faction. Factions can have unlimited members.

Non aggression pacts must be broken an IC month before attacking. There are no default NAPs and Grace Period does not exist.

You may be subjected to a Tribunal where you help the Cartographer decide a new rule at any time. This Tribunal includes three people, including at least one person that has participated in 1551 and at least one person that has participated in Conquering Kings. Outside opinions may also be included.

Current Rule At Vote: NPCs
Current Votes: 2/3 For, 0/3 Against, 1/3 No Response Yet

The Austro-Hungarian Empire

    OOC Nation: Aslaconrad

    Color: Dark Blue

    Capitals: Vienna, Budapest

    Ruler: Kaiser-König Karl Von Habsburg

    Government Type: Dual Constitutional Monarchy

    Alternate History: Without WWI's devastating influence on the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it never fell, leaving the Empire in immaculate condition.

The Democratic States of Deseret

    OOC Nation: Slagenseter Forn

    Color: Orange

    Capital: Salt Lake City

    Ruler: President Jacob B. Hilkin

    Government Type: Democracy

    Alternate History: When America fell into its Second Civil War in 1886, Alaska, Hawaii, the New CSA, Cascadia, and Deseret all broke free. Fighting this great war on so many fronts was taxing on the American Republic, so they released the independent territories. Deseret sprung from Arizona and Utah, but conquered California, which, cut off from America, could barely fend for itself. When America tried to fight back, Deseret captured New Mexico before America surrendered the lost territory. Later, Deseret set its sights on Cascadia, which easily fell to the newly forming Democracy. The next step was to send their growing navy to Hawaii, which fell quickly. With this new launch point, Deseret launched a campaign to colonize Oceania and Southeast Asia. A run-in with Japan quickly left Deseret to keep its colonies but not spread any further. For now. Mexico, too, was in a large civil war by now, so Deseret and the CSA seized Mexican states of their own to add to their collection. Still hungry for power, Deseret launched its invasion of Panama, which swiftly surrendered and was annexed. The President's goal was to finish the Panama Canal, originally taken on by France in the 1800s and then targetted by America before the Civil War erupted. Completing the Canal in 1919, the Democratic States of Deseret are now a superpower to be reckoned with. The Democratic States of Deseret is a capitalist democracy based out of the Utahn city of Salt Lake City.
    The current president of The Democratic States of Deseret is known as Jacob B. Hilkin. Jacob was born and raised in a small, Californian, suburban community, so he grew far removed from the beliefs and traditions that Deseret was built upon. Jacob was a very rambunctious child, and had problems behaving in school, however with a lot studying and a bit of luck he eventually made it to a Californian university in the year of 1896. Jacob is a staunch expansionist and was furious when he heard about Japanese intervention essentially halting Deseret's expansion across the pacific, and vowed that he'd run for president as soon as the opportunity showed itself. That opportunity arose with the assassination of President Waller in the year of 1926 by a possible confederate assassin. Jacob convinced many with his rousing and energetic speeches, ranting against those who'd interfere in Deseret affairs. Eventually winning in a landslide victory.

The Empire of Greater Japan

    OOC Nation: Lerasi

    Color: White

    Capital: Tokyo

    Ruler: Emperor Hirohito

    Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

    Alternate History: Without WWI or the League of Nations weighing them down, the Japanese Empire invaded Korea no problem, before setting their sights on China and the Philippines, taking all islands and coastal states so they could develop their navy more and increase their economy, and puppeting the inland states, forming a new Japanese Dynasty to rule China out of the line of a prominent and loyal Japanese politician.

The Grand Republic of Belgiandige

    OOC Nation: Imperial Corusant

    Color: Dark Grey

    Capital: Brussels

    Ruler: President Häns Leopold lll

    Government Type: Democracy

    Alternate History: When the Greater German Empire decimated France in the Franco-Prussian War, Belgium and Luxemburg grew ever more terrified, and authorized a Union in 1872. Due to a greater population and greater willpower, Belgium quickly dominated the Union as the clear leader, and Luxemburg was officially incorporated in 1886. In 1890, Belgiandige started a massive shift towards democracy, and the First Parliament authorized a naval invasion of the German Puppet State of Denmark in 1904, and it was a success. After the recent Second Schleswig War, Germany had kept the Danish Army small in order to not cause any problems on the Peninsula. This, coupled with Germany's lack of interference in fear of international backlash, won the war for Belgiandige in 1906. The territory was officially incorporated into Belgiandige in 1922, allowing their citizens to vote. When John III came into power in Germany in 1938, Belgium feared retaliation for the invasion of Denmark and called a meeting in Vienna with Austria-Hungary and Germany to form non aggression pacts.

Greater German Empire

    OOC Nation: Fetudersialand

    Color: Dark Green

    Capital: Berlin

    Ruler: Kaiser John III

    Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

    Alternate History: Germany wins the Franco-Prussian War, forcing the French to cede Eastern and Northern lands, including Paris, and pay war reparations. Using the reparations to fund another military expedition, Greater Germany invades Poland and takes German lands, forming the Greater German Empire. In this war-frenzy, the Kaiser authorized the invasion and annexation of Switzerland and the subsequent Second Schleswig War, where Germany took South Schleswig but puppeted Denmark. Unfortunately, Belgium invaded it in 1904, and the Puppet was annexed. Afraid to cause a World War he was not ready for, Kaiser John II didn't retaliate. When John III came into power, however, he was angry at his father's failure in Denmark and vowed to take back Denmark. Belgium, afraid of retaliation, called a meeting between Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Belgium in 1939, looking for a non aggression pact.

Reformed Incan Territories

    OOC Nation: The New Wisconsin Empire

    Color: Aquamarine

    Capital: Cusco

    Ruler: Sapa Mala

    Government Type: Aristocratic Parliamentary Monarchy

    Alternate History: After the Spanish Empire lost its hold on its South American holdings, a large number of natives rose up against the minority Spanish rulers in the north and set up the Reformed Territories of Inca. Over time, they pushed southward in an "Incan Reconquista" which was officially completed with the conquest of the Falkland Islands in 1920. Since that time, Sapa Mala has dedicated his time to the consolidation of power in his territories, and the building of families fully dedicated to the military and the state.

Polish-Lithuanian Federation

    OOC Nation: Aanlik

    Color: Pink

    Capital: Bribonia

    Ruler: Alesky Brunochev

    Government Type: Democracy

    Alternate History: Instead of collapsing, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth merely weakened, and lost territory until it was what it is today. A governmental reform early in the Decline led to the Commonwealth becoming a Federation, but not much changes have been seen since then.


    OOC Nation: Rage Mage

    Color: Lime Green

    Capital: Zooptia

    Ruler: Kiwol

    Government Type: Zoo-esque Anarchy

    Alternate History: Animal lovers throughout the world, repeatedly failing to win the fight for animal rights, fled to Madagascar where they built a larve Zoo, a safehaven for all animals. Animal Cruelty is the highest offense, and the Anarchy is controlled by an Oligarchic Council of Zookeepers, led by the Supreme Animal Lover.

The New Order of the British Empire

    OOC Nation: The Death Syndicate

    Color: Light Red

    Capital: London

    Ruler: Martin Richter

    Government Type: Dictatorship (Absolute Pseudo-Monarchy)

    Alternate History: When a weak monarch and a weak Prime Minister came into power at the same time, it was a crippling blow to the Empire. Colonies and protectorates alike revolted, and broke free of the British Empire. What used to cover 1/4 of the Earth was now limited to its core territories on the British Isles. Taking power with a strong guiding hand, Martin Richter abolished Parliament and vowed to restore the once great British Empire, by force if necessary.

Krigea Afrika Arms Company (Puppet)

    OOC Nation: Fetudersialandia (Fetudersialand)

    Color: Green

    Capital: [N/A]

    Ruler: Hans Smith

    Government Type: Corporate State, Puppet Government (Germany)

    Alternate History: After annexing its current lands, Germany began to envy the Age of Colonization and struck out on an Afrikanischer Blitzkrieg to claim large territories in West Africa, putting it under the Corporate dominance of the Krigea Arms Company, a german company completely loyal to the German crown.

The Northern Empire of Ursus

    OOC Nation: Ancobristan

    Color: Yellow

    Capital: Nuuk

    Ruler: Tingiyok Ublureak

    Government Type: Tribal Governance

    Alternate History: [N/A]

The United Republic of Iceland

    OOC Nation: One Green Nation

    Color: Purple

    Capital: Runnymede

    Ruler: Magnus Gunnar

    Government Type: Democracy

    Alternate History: While the Norwegians and the Danish had ruled over Iceland for centuries, the English came and split the country into three regions Norfolk, Southfolk and Surrey, with the intentions of giving a region to the norwegians and a region to the danish. This idea fell apart when the Icelandic claimed independence in 1918, which then lead to the native language changing to English, as the English had changed so much of the country it was the only logical thing to do.

The Union of Sovereign Soviet Republics

    OOC Nation: The Holy Utopian Republic

    Color: Dark Red

    Capital: Petrograd

    Ruler: Stalin

    Government Type: Communist Union

    Alternate History: When the Bolsheviks took power in Russia, a massive independence group in Siberia rebelled, forcing the USSR to release them due to their lack of ability to wage any long term campaigns in Siberia, with factors such as the size, the cold, and the current state of the Union.

Turkish Kingdom of Saplandia

    OOC Nation: Saplandian Empire

    Color: Brown

    Capital: Sapland

    Ruler: Saptarshi Sarkar

    Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

    Alternate History: In the early 1930's, a person named Saptarshi Sarkar launched a successful coup d'état against the Turkish Republic, and installed himself as the Supreme Leader of Turkey. Since then, Turkey's military has been constantly on the rise, and a secret police named the Safar-E-Hind has been established by the Supreme Leader to decrease unrest and stop dissent from becoming open defiance. Saptarshi renamed the country after himself in 1936, cementing his rule even further, and rechristened the capital as Sapland.

Suzuki China (Puppet)

    OOC Nation: Aivintis (Lerasi)

    Color: Peach

    Capital: Chang'an

    Ruler: Suzuki Kisaburō

    Government Type: Absolute Monarchy/Police State/Puppet Government (Japan)

    Alternate History: When Japan conquered China in the early 20th century, they took the coastal states for themselves but established a puppet government in the Inland States, forming the Suzuki Dynasty out of the family of a prominent Japanese politician. This Dynasty claims control over all of China, although Mongolian independence groups have arisen and Tibet isn't under their de facto control.

The Commune of North Guinea

    OOC Nation: Anglican Unitary Pacific States

    Color: Light Blue

    Capital: Greater Lodonia

    Ruler: Ayres

    Government Type: Commune

    Alternate History: Despite many European incursions into the area, the natives always managed to defend their home with guerrilla warfare, meaning European influence came not through conquest but rather diplomacy. In 1938, they organized themselves as the Commune of North Guinea.

The United Baltic Commune (Puppet)

    OOC Nation: The free american fascists (The Holy Utopian Republic)

    Color: Red-Orange

    Capital: Riga

    Ruler: Premier Yemelyanov Gaspar

    Government Type: Commune/Puppet Government (USSR)

    Alternate History: After the Livonian Order of the Sword united Estonia and Latvia under their banner, the USSR saw a potential threat, and invaded, installing a puppet government under Premier Yemelyanov Gaspar.

The Dutch-Swede Federation

    OOC Nation: Swednorland

    Color: Light Pink

    Capital: Uppsala

    Ruler: [N/A]

    Government Type: Federation

    Alternate History: [N/A]


  • Paragon is a military-political alliance emphasising values of monarchy and royalty, dynasty and aristocracy, and acting as a "Paragon of Excellency and Power in this modern world", according to Emperor Hirohito of Japan, who created the alliance.

    • The Empire of Greater Japan

    • The Suzuki Dynasty of China

    • The Empire of Greater Germany


  • One Year Non Aggression Pact between Paragon and the USSR

  • One Year Non Aggression Pact between Japan and North Guinea.


  • Japanese Delegation to Austria-Hungary

  • German-Belgian Relations

  • Austrian-Belgian Relations

  • Japanese Delegation to Belgium

  • Japanese Delegation to Inca

  • Japanese Delegation to Deseret

  • Russian Delegation to Iceland

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