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Tempest Alpha is in its alpha stage!

To add a claim land, TG Lungha

1) No secondary nations
2) No more land will be added to the map*
3) Claims on ice (White colored areas of the map) are not allowed
4) Please be aware that as more nations join starting claims will get smaller
5) You feel like expanding your land? No problem tag me in RP post/factbooks about it, make it detailed and reasonable and your claims may be accepted and added. "Huzzah for colonization and imperialism!"
6) Pixel Limits on claims So entire continents aren't claimed and because I keep getting asked
6.1 New claims with any amount of coastline shall be limited to 35,000 pixels
6.2 New claims with no access to the ocean will receive a bonus 10,000 pixels, equaling a total of 45,000 pixels. Land-locked nations are fun to play too.
*Note: Ice is impassible on foot or wheeled vehicles. Territories surrounded by ice are essentially glaciers, reference Greenland for worldbuilding options and remember to wear sunscreen while skiing.

Requirements for Removal:
1) Nation has ceased to exist,
2) Nation has left the region
3) Nation is banned

Map will be updated periodically at a first come first serve basis please be aware that someone may have already claimed that juicy spot you've been working towards.

Tempest Alpha

Map 7

1. Army size:

Armies will only be allowed to be a certain size to ensure the RP remains at least a little bit sane.
*You will need two variables for the equation.

*1. A flat 3%-=============================
*2. Your Roleplay Population (Not the population NS gives you,
the population your nation on the map has) - -

The formula to calculate your nations allowed military size is simple and fast:
- AM=RP*0.03

AM=Allowed Military size
RP=Roleplay Population

Note I:This means allowed in total, not at one time, so no refilling when you lose some.

Note II: Just because you can use 3% of your population does not mean you should.
Remember that this is your whole force, not just fighting men but also support and logistics.

2. Wars and Voiding:

You can only declare war on another person or do something if both agree to it. If you are attacked against your will or if during an ongoing rp people do things that you do not want, you are able to void their actions, aka rendering their actions non-existent.

3. Sovereignty:

No-one can decide matters in someone else's nation for them, you cannot decide how other nation's citizens behave, how they feel or what they do. Neither can you decide if there are rebels in someone else's nation, nor that there are citizens of x nation in that or your nation without that persons consent. Only the nation's owner gets to decide what happens in that nation. (Exceptions are things like peace treaties where one side gets to occupy a nation and gets to torture/enslave the people)

4. Restrictions On Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Weapons of Mass Destruction, go for it, excessive use will result in map changes and permanent marks for decreased population for nations, meaning future decrease in overall military. As with all good things moderation is key.

4.1 Nuclear guidelines (permanent)
A nuclear incident occurs once per conflict, let it be one warhead by a single nation or bombs dropped by a coalition or alliance. The first incident of a nuclear incident will result in a 10% decrease in population. The second incident will result in a 25% total decrease in population. And a third will result in a 60% decrease in population. Nukes are fun but be wary the cost of mutually assured destruction.
4.2 Biological weapons (impermanent)
A nation defending against biological agents must determine the effectiveness of the biological agent ranging from a 10-20% decrease in population that will recover fully after two map updates.

5. General Weaponry Restrictions
There are several types of weapons that endanger the fun and safety of RP and which will thus be disallowed for usage
These weapons include:
Spaceships/stations with weapons and/or military personnel on them.

Orbital Weapons, Long Range Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, ICBMs
Lasers, Plasma and other similar weaponry can only be utilized like regular firearms.
*Note: If a weapon not on the list but it is weirdly powerful decide amongst yourselves to best determine if the weapon is voidable.

A big round of applause to Friently for creating the original RP treaty. If you want to know more about the original go to their NS page.