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LazArt Contest December 2019

Hello Lazarus! Welcome to LazART!
As Vice Director of Internal Management, I'd like to invite you to participate in this year's last LazART contest.

This month's prompt is to take a beautiful screenshot that is worthy of region-wide admiration.

To clarify this: Fire up any videogame you like, find the perfect motive or moment and press that screenshot button!

Then send your screenshot to me via telegram or message Leonism#9218 on Discord (where you can directly upload images from your computer) and I'll stick it on top!

Since taking screenshots requires just the use of a single key in most cases, we ask you to step up your effort be really picky about what you screenshot. It should either look really awesome or depict a funny scene. Please refrain from depicting pornographic or (very) gory scenes.

This screenshot of a beautiful sunset from our LazWorld Minecraft server should be easily surpassed in awesomeness by your contributions...

Cookie Clicker by Fluffiness (Editors Note: Obviously a reference to the cookie-cravings of Tubbius...)

The Nexus at Coldarra by Perchan (taken in World Of Warcraft

Doggy Temple by The Illusian Empire

Payday 2 by Metal cybersnake

No Man's Sky by Roboponainia

Giant Nirnroot Infest Solstheim (Actual Size!) by Lugmeltistan

City of Heroes, starring Tubbius of Treadwellia

Greedfall by Hraban

The Imperium of Leonism