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Postthanksgiving Report

Grrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeetings, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Wirrabuks! This is your friendly neighborhood Lerasi here for a quick-ish announcement. It is Thanksgiving Day in America (or as everyone else likes to call it: Thursday), so I would like to extend to you an official Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! This is from me personally, as well as me professionally, because the Ministry of Culture's latest event actually closes today, and we'll be going over the results. At the very very end, I'll link a teaser to the next event I have planned.

Starting off with this, you'll see that it kinda died off. The first round went GREAT, the second round was crahlp, the second round missed one, and the third round just didn't really happen. Down below I will reveal the private list of Dispatch Scavenging that I had done to organize the event.

Yellow Shirts Revolution maps:
The story begins
Selfie for Tinder
It's Trollce Time
World Cup Rivalries
States and roads map.
Cthulhu Jungle Fire
The Karatol-Advenran Commission
Harrassi the Lerassi
The Animalistic Abomination
Opinion News (Pt.1)
Freedom tastes like TEP
The NWO Dossier
The Rouge Fort [WIP]
Naming your colony...
Treaty of Vastar
The Royal Compromise
St.Wood Pigeon's Crusades.
The Neko Massacre of 2423
Rise of Sygarius
Battle Lines in TEP
King Fruit
The Aikrikkine
The Unity act
The Center Cannot Hold
The Ribbter Amendment
Euricanis Officialy Becomes Communist.
TEP RMB Regulars
Regarding the Events of October 14, 2019
The High Military Council
The Hall of Concord
The East Pacific Soccer League
just sayin'
Today in TEP
TEP Ministry Introductions
The Pacific Declaration
Operation Rue
Lerasi's flag
Marsupial Trials
Constitution of Lily

If someone manages to telegram Lerasi (me) all of these in one (broken up messages don't count, you must have them all), then I'll allow you to pitch me an event that you want us to do. I reserve the right to refuse it if it's a joke submission, but you can keep pitching until I accept. This pitch can be anything from a simple idea idea to a full blown event dispatch. We need the ideas, since no one responded to the survey that I had Charity send out. Speaking of which, I'll include that after I announce the winners.

Now, on to the winners. Real quick we'll overview what everyone found, then rank the highest scoring in each round and finally, the winner. This winner receives bragging rights and the same prize as the Remainder Hunter. So without further ado, Round One.

The TAMDEG/TAMDEZ Archive — Virgolia
I'm Fine, I Lied, I'm Dying Inside — Kampf Empire
The Eastasian War — Terreich und Preussen
Timeline of the CE — Euricanis
Penguinism WIP — Virgolia
The Groίer Constitution — Virgolia
SafeHaven Alliance — Atlia Sonis
The COIA overview, WIP — Kampf Empire
Songs of TEPendence Day — Virgolia

This round obviously goes to Virgolia, who kicked off my event with rapid-fire telegrams placing themselves in the lead. I really thought Virgolia was going to take this one, but a drop-out in the Official Round Two led quickly to a new clear winner.

NS Linguism Poll Results — Wiranath
War plans — Wiranath
2733 — Euricanis
1337 new posts — BearStackof2015
The Kirib (Currency). — NOT FOUND
The Schφn Deal — Wiranath
My Map Version 2.0 — Wiranath
Prime Minister Luxandous — Wiranath
‘Por honor y Repϊblica! — Wiranath
HonorBound — Wiranath

Wiranath, having missed out on Round One, dominated the second round quickly, setting himself up quickly for a monopoly he would later exploit.

Valism(WIP) — Wiranath
You will never guess... — NOT FOUND
TEP Stellaris Event — Wiranath
(RP) Overview — NOT FOUND
You are Fake News — NOT FOUND
haha im so funi — NOT FOUND
Globe Valsora — Wiranath
Hellscape League — Wiranath
City of Arp (Valsora) — Wiranath
Walker Vons — NOT FOUND

In Round Three, Wiranath was the only one to participate which secured the Lion's victory in the long run. It saddens me that this event wasn't longer, but we still managed to have a little bit of fun. Be sure to congratulate our winner, Wiranath, as they worked diligently to win this contest.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

In Solidarity,


Still Lerasi, just with a few other announcements. We still have an Alternate History Event and a TEP Stellaris Event still ready for submissions (telegram Lerasi). Additionally, we have a survey that you should fill out and telegram Lerasi with to help improve our events here at Culture and a lil' sneak peak at what we're doing in December, although I might fetch another RO to send out an announcement for that one. Always remember to join the WA and endorse our Delequine Marrabuk, and to apply for citizenship here:

Have a good day.

1. What games, contests, or events have you enjoyed in the past and want to see again?

2. What games, contests, or events have you came up with that you want to see in the future?

3. What would you improve about our games, contests, or events to make them better?

4. What are some games, contests, or events that you feel we should have for holiday events (Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.)?

The East Pacific Christmas Celebration
|| Home || Writing Contest || Art Contest || Animation Contest || Meme Contest || Flag Contest || Guessing Game ||

Greetings, people of the East! Not too long ago, it was Halloween, and our Spooktober Event inspired me to spice up the holiday season a little and make a Christmas Celebration. Here we will have all sorts of events and contests over the duration of December and maybe even dragging into early January. The events and contests are found at the directory at the top of this page, and will lead you to where I give a short explanation for each event and the rules. Unless it is said otherwise in a specific event dispatch, all events will begin on December 1st and end on January 1st. This date may change depending on how we do within the currently allotted time, so stay tuned. The entries in the contests will be displayed on a voting forum on the East Pacific Regional Forums to be voted upon by every citizen. The winners will be announced some time after January 1st.

Read dispatch