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by The King of the Ferns of Doge Land. . 18 reads.

(B100) 763 CE interview with a regular Doge Landian citizen, named Bepshon

Interviewer: "How would you describe the current crime here in Doge Land City?"

Bepshon: "Bad. My entire life I've only ever known Doge Land as this rundown 3rd-world country while there's other countries out there where people like us could thrive."

Interviewer: "Okay... What do you think the government reforms will do for Doge Land?"

Bepshon: "Nothing. If it caused this while it's happening, the end result must be worse. There might be a light at the end of this tunnel, but the government reforms won't reach it. I think it will be another 2000 years before we're stable again. If it took us 1000 to become unstable, it might as well take twice as long to become stable again."

Interviewer: "Interesting. Do you think the new government would start a war when the reforms are over?"

Bepshon: "Definitely not. It would probably be too poor to sustain a proper military force in the first place."

Interviewer: "Hm... What would you do if the Imperializers rised again and attacked Doge Land?"

Bepshon: "Move to the nations in northern Kalrania. They're definitely more safe and far away from the Imperializers' capital."

Interviewer: "Huh. Thank you, that'll be all."

Bepshon: "No problem."

The King of the Ferns of Doge Land