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Refugia Regional Map

Refugia Regional Map
Last Updated February 6, 2021

An’eth’ara, na lethall’en!

This is the official post for our regional map, from now until whatever unforeseeable end eventually becomes us. For as long as we inhabit our current corporeal forms, we can look upon the following set of images as proof that not only were we here in this time and place together, but that we did it while residing in large quantities. Refuge Isle has prepared for us three images of the map, which will automatically change when there are updates. These images show not only the state locations and names, but also culture groups and religions for those nations.

Want to join this cool map club? If you're a Member State in Refugia (World Assembly with 7+ days of residency), all you have to do is telegram the form at the bottom of the page to Sylh Alanor. While map updates will happen monthly, they may happen more frequently if time allows for it. The most recent update is listed at the top of this dispatch and will be changed every time something is changed. Furthermore, the Councillor of Culture will make a post in the RMB alerting everyone to the updates when they occur. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me over the RMB, telegram, or Discord. I will respond as soon as I am able.

Sule tael tasalal, dar'eth shiral.
Sylh Alanor

Refugia Map Application

Culture Group:
Desired Location on the Map:
Desired Location of Capital:
Size of Nation:

  • Nations may only apply for a placement on the map if they are a Member State.

  • Describe nation size as clearly as possible, including borders and map landmarks.

  • Nation size will be considered relative to its time residing in the region, with some considerations made for nations with large populations. New nations will be expected to start small.

  • Nations that Cease to Exist, will be removed from the map.

  • Nations may expand with growth or war.

  • Capital Location can be left blank if you don't care to specify.

  • Colour can be listed as a colour or hex code.