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Twelve Titans for Chief Justice: Fairness, Access, Justice

Twelve Titans
✶ Fairness ✶ Access ✶ Justice ✶


November 29th - December 1st, Vote Twelve Titans for Chief Justice of the High Court

Trust the Court to Someone who Knows What They're Doing

The Chief Justice of the High Court is one of the most important roles in the region and they must be held to the highest standard. They protect the region from threats both foreign and domestic while defending the rights of the People. They must be an expert in the Law, have the highest ethics, have superb communications skills, and be very active. There is only one candidate for Chief Justice who is up to the task, and that is Twelve Titans.

Who else to elect other than the guy who literally made the Judicial System? If that isn't enough, over my 6 years of experience on NS, I have served in nearly every kind of regional government position. I have served in the Executive in several regions as President/Prime Minister, as well as holding numerous cabinet positions including Minister of RP. The point: I know how regional government works. I have also presided over legislatures before, too, and I've written dozens of bills. In fact, here in our General Assembly, I have written 2 Resolutions and 5 more proposals. In fact, I wrote the only Resolutions in NWI history that weren't written by Karteria or Achipel. And one of those was the famed Judicial Resolution, which created this Judicial System and is why we're voting today.

Oh, also, I have served as CJ already - twice, in fact - in two other regions. Who better to get the High Court up and running than the guy who already has experience doing just that?

See for yourself the work that I have done, and the work that I will do, and join me in my campaign to create a High Court based around Fairness, Access, and Justice.

What I Have Done:

What I Will Do:

  • I literally wrote the resolution that created the Judicial
    System in the first place.

  • I have extensive experience in all branches of

  • I've done this before. Check out the Court I built in
    another region. I don't mess around.

  • I've written dozens of bills over my career. In the NWI
    I've written 2 Resolutions and 5 Proposals, I've
    amended the Constitution, I've fought for freedom and
    liberty, and I have kept government power in check.

  • Create a highly-accessible system of dispatches so that
    everyone can find Court information.

  • Establish very detailed Court procedures to ensure
    maximum fairness and expedience.

  • Publish the most extensive Court Records as allowed
    by Law to provide maximum transparency.

  • Uphold the rights of all who go before the Court.

  • Ensure everyone has access to justice.

  • Uphold both the letter and spirit of the
    Constitution and our body of Laws.

✶ ✶ ✶
Vote for Fairness. Vote For Access. Vote For Justice. Vote For Twelve Titans