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Judicial Platform

My Platform and My Plan for the Courts.

If elected, I will...
1. Lobby for a specific Discord for the court so that we can hold our proceedings in a place which allows the justices privately.

2. Establish a program to train interested citizens for the bar.

3. Promise to appoint officials from a variety of parties with an aim of making our court system multi-partisan.

4. Create a detailed schedule of proceedings when they come up and establish the precedent that cases are dealt with in detail as soon as possible.

5. Work with the Government on cases and work to create links which recognize that all three branches are indeed separate and equal.

6. Also work to ensure that even though the primary language of our proceedings is English to establish a civil service program which utilizes interested citizens' expertise in foreign languages to ensure fairness in our proceedings.

7. Create a system whereby our detailed decisions can be disseminated to the wider region.