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Sliver Feather

Head of the Council of Sages
Sliver Feather

Portrait by one of his students of him deep in thought
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"Balance is needed in all things. Science and magic. Faith and skepticism. Optimism and pessimism." Ė Sliver Feather
More quotes may be found here.
Sliver Feather is a chozo member of the Armada. He has been part of the Armada for centuries and former member of the Council of Ten and current leader of the Council of Sages.

Life Before the Armada
Like many born in the Chozo empire, Sliver Feather decided to walk the path of the warrior. As a member of the legendary Chozo Warrors, he helped conquer several planets in the name of the empire such as Ceon, Xalvara, Yara, Viunus 5, and more. He was eventually assigned to help teach the next generation of Chozo warriors how to fight.
Sliver took to his new mentor role with gusto and found that he quite enjoyed teaching. He was very effective in his teachings and quite many of his students enjoyed how he was willing to personize his training to their needs. He remained a mentor even after his required time was completed and began studying in his spare time so he could become a full-time teacher after he retired from the warriors.

Life in the Armada
While returning from a battle across the galaxy, his ship broke down and he was stranded. Fortunately, a ship of the Armada of the Zravvisk was nearby. Sliver was quickly rescued and welcomed to the Dragua II as a guest of honor because of the close Chozo-Zravvisk alliance. With no spare ships to take him home, it was decided that he would stay with the Armada until they reached Chozo space.

Sliver fit in well with the Armadaís culture and quite enjoyed his time in the Armada. This is not surprising considering how close of allies the zravvisk and the chozo were. Fully immersed in the culture of the Armada, he spent much of his time comparing the culture of his hosts and his own culture, especially that of the warriors. He also spent time in religious debates with the shrinekeepers comparing the spirituality of their two people. Though many also agree that he also spent much of his time searching through the vast collection of the Archives and though zravvisk private collections to see all the wonderful things they had collected all over the galaxy over the years.

Time quickly passed by and before long the Armada had returned to chozo space.Though he could return home, Sliver felt a coldness in his heart whenever he considered saying goodbye to the Armada. He had met so many new people and came across so many new experiences in the Armada, his heart longed to stay longer and learn more about its honorable people. He decided to stay in the Armada longer, and asked his government for permission to resign as a chozo warrior and formally join the Armada. The chozo government seeing that this would likely only strengthen ties with their best ally agreed immediately.

Quickly inducted into the Armada's auxiliary forces, he became both a teacher and shrine keeper.
Reign and Ideology
Policies and Proposed Reforms
Policies Sliver enacted as a member of the Council of Ten are:

  • Restructuring of the Armadaís legal code: After millennia of ill-advised laws and poor book keeping, Armada law is just a mess. There are countless laws that all relate to the same thing and contradict each other, are too ambiguous to be useful, written with assumptions that were lost, or refer to old laws that were lost. The old code is unsalvageable and should be replaced with a simpler code of laws and set up guidelines to improve future laws.

  • Intervene for the Chozo Loyalists:
    Both sides of the civil war of my species have asked the Armada to honor its long alliance with the Chozo Empire. I have no doubt that we will join the war on of the sides, Iíve been part of the Armada to know that the zravvisk are not fair-weather friends. However, only one of the sides is the legitimate government that the alliance was sworn to and that is the loyalists.

Reforms Sliver Feather has suggested as part of the Council of Sages are:

  • Reorganization of the Archives:
    The archives have countless millennia of knowledge and culture lost inside them. Each section has it own standards if any and they are so disorganized as a whole that it is impossible to estimate what percentage of the works we still have access to. In countless cases we have the only surviving works in the galaxy and donít even know we have it. We need to reorganize the archives to finally have access to all that lost culture and knowledge. While previous attempts at reorganization have made the problem worse, we need to get it under control to stop losing every other piece we put in there.

  • Untangling the Fleet and Ship Legal Codes:
    While the Armada laws are sorted, laws on the fleet and ship level are still a mess. Many are too ambiguous or contradict another law. Passing guidelines for them to follow will go a long way of sorting things out on the local level.

  • Construction of a University Ship:
    For most of the Armadaís existence it has behind other nations in science, usually only discovering new principals or technology by reverse engineering it. While the Armada has finally caught up with the galaxy, we need to keep it that way. Part of the issue comes from the fact that while practical education is abundant on every ship, finding training in more specialized theoretical fields is hard to find. Most ships donít have someone trained in those fields and must petition the Council of Sages to find that specialized training. We then must determine if there are any teachers of it in the Armada and locate them. If we can centralize where this specialist training can be learned, it will enhance learning. Furthermore, putting several disciplines in close contact will increase cross discipline discussion and advance our understanding of the universe.

  • Use the Galactic Federation Seat:
    The wheels of the galaxy are turns and the Armada cannot remain isolated from the galaxy. The search for Ridley has been fruitless on our own and the Armada has a long history of working with collations. We also have the guarantied seat on the Galactic Federation, giving us a good starting point to work with other nations to advance our goals. While claiming our seat also means weíd have to adapt our laws to comply with the Federationís resolutions, the benefits of helping bring peace to the galaxy and extra protection for our protectorate outweigh the small loss in autonomy.

Political Opinions

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Balance, education, armed pacifism, freedom of religion, spiritually, open mindedness, moderatism

  • Neutral: Democracy, monarchy, oligarchy,

  • Anti:Tyranny, wars of conquest, xenophobia

Personal Life
Sliver has no family. Though he is known to have very close relationships with almost all of his students. So much that a common joke in the Armada is that as soon as you become his student, he becomes your unofficial adoptive grandfather. Such a statement isnít inaccurate as he remembers almost of his students names and spends most of his free time not mediating to check up on current and former students of his.

Combat Ablitly

Picture of Sliver during the conquest of Xalvara post engagement in
an old model X power suit. He is known to use the Model XV-L now.

As one of the legendary Chozo warriors, he is no slouch in combat, as evidenced by him being the only auxiliary in history to hold a seat on the Council of Ten and held onto it for a good century. While he is in his twilight years and has slowed down since his prime, only a fool would underestimate a warrior that has as many centuries of experience as he does.

He is very rarely without a weapon as his ever-present walking staff has both a glaive and blaster hidden away in it. If the situation escalates past the point where those hidden weapons are useful, he can summon his Chozo power suit at will. While his suit is aged and requires maintenance, it is still some the best equipment in the galaxy by far.

What I think his stats would be based off of Valentine Z's stats here

Name: Sliver
Class: Tank
HP: 6,000
Magazine Size: ∞
Damage on hit: 1,000
Rate of fire: 3 shots a second
DPS: 3,000

Primary: Plasma beam. Semi-automatic arm cannon that fires beams that pierce through enemies damaging enemies behind them. Holding the fire button will begin charging the beam, release it after a second to do triple damage.

Secondary: Ice beam. Switch your arm cannon to a semi-automatic ice beam. Does no damage but can freeze enemies locking them in place and increasing the damage they take from melee attacks and missiles. Can be charged to increase chances of freezing and time an enemy spends frozen.

Chozo Power Suit(Passive): Fallen units drop health packs and allows double jump. Immune to environmental temperature damage and gravity effects.
Missile: Fires a homing missile. Deals 1,250 damage and recharges in 7 seconds.

Super Missile: Fires a high damage missile. Deals 3,500 damage and recharges in 15 seconds.

Speed Booster: Charge in a straight line at high speed until you hit a wall. Hold the primary fire to stop in place and hold the speed booster for up to 3 seconds, release to launch yourself in the direction youíre looking. Deals 800 damage and recharges in 12 seconds.

Cannon Overcharge(ultimate): Changes the plasma beam to 10 RoF and become full auto. Lose 600 hp per second while firing. Automatically ends at 1hp.

Chrono Dilution(ultimate): Slows time for surroundings. Sliver and his projectiles are unaffected by this. Lose 600 hp per second while active. Automatically ends at 1hp.

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