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The Western Isles Climate Response Council

The Western Isles Climate Response Council
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...TWI Climate Response Council...

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Abbreviation: TWICRC, CRC
Type: Independent Multinational Organisation
Established: March 25, 2017
Document: Kirsdoff Protocol
Headquarters: Narara, Ainslie
Leader: Lídia Biel of Corindia
Purpose: Advocacy, Education, Government Assistance
Official language: English

The Western Isles Climate Response Council is an independent, non-partisan and apolitical intergovernmental organisation established by the Kirsdoff Protocol to research alternative energy sources and assist nations in meeting their targets and in endeavouring to create a sustainable future for all citizens regardless of their nationality. It is an authoritative voice which undergoes activities of policy advocacy, infrastructure facilitation as well as more general awareness and education programs. The Council is currently led by Lídia Biel, a Corindia-born woman who has held the post since the creation of the council.

The organisation’s notably impersonal approach to communications has given rise to erroneous theories, with one at the forefront being that the Council is a hoax created by a false summit that never really occured. However, there is Linkclear and undeniable evidence that these summits did happen in Ainslie.

Some conspiracies depict this Council as being a hoax created by a summit that never really existed in Ainslie.

The organisation is funded by member-states who dedicate a small amount of funds to be contributed to the cause of the council. Members include:

  • Ainslie, represented by (Founding) Councillor Tim Darlen

  • Athara Magarat, represented by (Founding) Councillor Rim Garbuja

  • Corindia, represented by (Founding) Councillor Guillem Roderic

  • Verdon, represented by (Founding) Councillor Bernat de Aro

  • Serpens Land, represented by Councillor Rosalynne Wade

  • Reathwood, represented by Councillor Estrid Ward

  • Wachoviaa (Wachovia), represented by Councillor Cain Thornton

  • Essena, represented by Councillor Henrietta Quinn

  • Dormill and Stiura, represented by Councillor Faye Beck

  • Eurania, represented by Councillor Anastasia Kang

  • Littolyo, represented by Councillor Ralph Handel

  • Nurbaria, represented by Councillor Erik Jan Gunnarsen

  • Trigel, represented by Councillor Politino Kanovskyi

  • Hyukai, represented by Councillor Perski Derver

Projects that the organisation has undertaken or is in the process of undertaking are listed below:

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