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Earth Industries, LLC | Anomalous & Strange Locations | Chill Beats Radio, LLC

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Hey! I'm EILBOT, your guide to Earth Industries, LLC! How can I help you?

Good question, customer! The short answer is that this is the page dedicated to cataloging information about the trans-dimensional radio station, Chill beats Radio, LLC!

Nice one, customer, great question! Chill beats Radio, LLC is accessible via Earth Industries, LLC's Division for Travel and Tourism with any valid F7 ID or Passport. You can tune in on any radio by dialing the tuner in the space between FM and AM.

Excellent query, customer! Chill beats Radio, LLC is a radio station extant beyond all known space and time, broadcasting chill vibes to every radio every where. Led by DJ Doug, a Lovecraftian outer-god bent on playing relaxing beats.

Chill Beats Radio, LLC

Supposed location of Chill Beats, LLC

Station Management

Station Manager: DJ Doug Douglass

-Antoinette Guiteau, poster girl
-Numerous nameless non sentient entities

General Information


(method and time of existence unknown)


Adm. Reginald Crowley, CEO at Earth Industries, LLC


Anomaly Rating:


Corporate Structure:

a Division of Earth Industries, LLC

"Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 🎧 Chill Gaming / Study Beats"
- Chill Beats Radio, LLC tagline

Chill Beats Radio, LLC is a radio station extant beyond all known space and time, broadcasting chill vibes to every radio, every where. Led by DJ Doug, a Lovecraftian outer-god bent on playing relaxing beats. The station, a division of Earth Industries, LLC is an anomalous radio station which can be accessed by any radio-receiving device across theoretically infinite time and space. The station's broadcasts remain consistent regardless of where or when they are being listened to, and follows a daily broadcast schedule.

Anomalous Information

Chill Beats Radio, LLC exhibits several highly anomalous properties, including but not limited to;

Extra-dimensional properties: Chill Beats Radio, LLC exists in a pocket dimension consisting of swirling pastel colors and vast, black space. The station itself orbits in the asteroid belt of a gas giant and has the ability to broadcast to any place in space-time. Portals and rifts to this dimension have also been known to appear to those who are lucky enough to want them to.

Anomalous personnel: Chill Beats Radio, LLC is staffed by tall, anomalous humanoids who do not speak or exhibit signs of higher intelligence. They appear in whatever numbers are required and have a body texture similar to marble or stone. They wear expressionless, featureless masks that cover up beds of flowers or other flora which replace their faces.

Anomalous emotional influence: Sentient beings who have entered the physical location of Chill beats, LLC and/or who have listened to its broadcasts have reported feelings of immediate and sometimes involuntary positive feelings, ranging from calm, relaxed and happy to total euphoria.


Discovered on accident by Earth Industries, LLC on [REDACTED DATE] when personnel at the Division for Extra-planar studies noticed an anomalous radio signal broadcasting on all radios in the vicinity of [REDACTED LOCATION]. This was further investigated and a reply was sent on the same frequency. A response was noted to come from one "Doug Douglass" who claimed to be broadcasting from a radio station. The Division for Extra-planar studies inquired as to the location of this station, and received no reply.

Several days later, in her home, lead researcher Clarity Czolgosz encountered a humanoid entity laying on her couch. This entity identified itself as "DJ Doug" and invited Ms. Czolgosz to tour his radio station. She agreed, and the entity opened up a portal in [REDACTED].

Ms. Czolgosz described the location she visited as "...a small, squat building one might find at a strip mall, or an unnoticed little place you'd pass on the highway. It has a neon sign which wavers between colors and reads "Chill beats, LLC" in a cursive script. It floated almost lazily among the space debris around a massive planet with swirling pastel colors, looking like someone had ripped it right up from the Earth and placed it here. In its parking lot was one car, an older looking convertible."

Ms. Czolgosz went on to describe the interior. " almost euphoric sensation overcame me as I entered the automatic glass doors of the station. Inside smelled like all the good and relaxing smells in the world, and the interior was decorated in low-vibrant, easy-on-the-eyes colors. It was populated by creatures made of various stones, with beautiful flowers for faces. When I turned to them, they held up blank-faced masks and turned away."

Broadcast Schedule

Officially established on 18/02/2109 (Eighteenth of Brumaire, 2109), Chill Beats Radio, LLC follows a daily broadcast schedule.

10pm-2am: Lo-fi Hip-hop beats to relax/study/chill/fall asleep to

2am-4am: Lovecraft: On Air!

4am-7am: DJ Doug's Daily Podcast

7am-1pm: Lo-fi Hip-hop beats to relax/study/chill/fall asleep to

1pm-10pm: Variety Radio


"It's fun working here, the vending machines are just a nickel." -Annie Guiteau, poster girl

DJ Doug Douglass is the station manager at Chill beats, LLC and the one of two sentient employees at the station. The other, Annie Guiteau, is the official poster girl and envoy for the station and has worked there for an as-of-now indeterminable amount of time. Other employees are nameless servitors to the Outer God DJ Doug.




DJ Doug

DJ Doug, also known as Doug Douglass, is the name of a humanoid avatar of a nameless and ancient Lovecraftian Outer God. Doug, station manager of the radio station Chill Beats, LLC, possesses abilities that are not fully understood but are known to include omniscience, omnipotence, and immortality.
It is unknown when Doug created the pocket dimension that Chill Beats, LLC resides in, and if its employees are conscious entities or not. Doug does not appear to corporeal entities in its entirety, as sight of this is known to induce insanity and death.

Antoinette "Annie" Guiteau

A girl in her early twenties employed as an intern and the Chill Beats Radio, LLC poster girl.
Descendant of Charles Guiteau and the emissary of Chill Beats Radio, LLC to foreign polities.

Nameless Entities

Servitors of the Outer God DJ Doug.
These faceless entities are composed of smooth marble and stone, carry blank-faced masks and have faces resembling a bushel of flowers or other flora. They perform menial tasks and appear in whatever numbers needed.

Image Gallery

"We've got some pretty neat scenery." -DJ Doug, station manager



A constellation in the void of the pocket dimension

A view from an asteroid

A highway through the void

A strange planetoid

Unknown entities in the void near Chill beats Radio

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