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AoR Learning Development Program

The AoR Learning Development Program will be a program based around school and learning new things as you are never too young or too old to learn something new!

1. Uses

Some uses for this program will be that people who don't know about a certain subject for example WW1 and/or 2 very well, can take a History class in the program by enrolling themselves in by telling the "Dean" which program you want to attend. People can learn new things here and/or refresh their memory if they forgot.

2. Admin

There will be _ positions in this program.
- Dean (in charge of all students registration and also the voice between the rest of AoR and the University so he/she/they tell the rest of AoR what's happening in the University and other major announcements and events.)
- Teachers (The teachers will...teach. They will be in charge of teaching lessons to the students. There will be as many teachers as need be.)

3. Format

After students have signed up for a course to take, the Dean will announce the start date of the courses and the teacher will begin teaching. Teachers may use words, pictures, videos, and any other sort of visual representation to get their message across. It will be up to the teacher. It will take place on a new channel in the AoR discord. Each classroom will have their own channel. Classes will last approximately one month or so, but it may change in discretion of all of the teachers. During the last day of classes, the teacher is required to give you a short Test/Quiz to make sure that people were paying attention and understood the topic. Students will have to get 50% or more in order to pass the class. The Test/Quiz will only be around 10 questions long depending on the teacher. If a student fails the Test/Quiz, then he/she/they may have to re-take the Test/Quiz or perhaps the entire course at the extreme worst.

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