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Welcome to, the official homepage of the New West Indies. From this factbook, you may navigate anywhere within the vast network of dispatches and factbooks designed to keep you educated, informed, enlightened, and interested in the fascinating place that is the New West Indies!

The New West Indies as a region is proud of its numerous talents, its intricate roleplay, its democratic government, and the warm-heartedness of this community. The smiles, the dedication, the excitement are what keeps our region going, and we hope that you will find here a pleasant community and potential abode, may it be for a few visiting minutes or years of wonderful moments. is more than a series of dispatches. It is your gateway to the services your government offers, your point of connection that allows you access to dozens of factbooks and unlimited information. On behalf of the Department of Administration and the Government of the New West Indies, we hope that you will enjoy navigating with, and will be more than happy to receive feedback and reported errors by telegram. Click on the following images to start your adventure.

Enjoy your visit!

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Published: November 17, 2019
Last Updated: November 19, 2019

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