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Executive Decree 014: Election Information

| Executive Decree 014 |

March 29, 2019

To the nations of the New West Indies,

Regional elections are an integral part of our region's activities and structure, as they decide the members of the Secretariat and General Assembly Presidency. However, there is no law governing how candidates and their potential platforms shall be displayed to the region, which is crucial to maintain integrity and transparency.

Thus, a regional election dispatch shall be established and maintained by the Secretary of Administration. This maintenance is beneficial for all nations involved; all candidates in elections will be better-known by citizens, and citizens will be well-aware of their options for different government positions.

The following administrative orders shall be enacted, effective immediately.

Administrative Orders

Section One: Establishment
  1. A "Regional Election" dispatch or dispatches herein referred to as "said dispatch(es)" or "the dispatch(es)" shall be established and maintained by the Department of Administration.

    1. Regional Elections shall include:

      1. Election of the Secretary-General;

      2. Election of the General Assembly President; and

      3. Any other elected official as determined via future General Assembly resolutions.

    2. Said dispatch will be pinned to the World Factbook Entry no later than the first day of an election's nomination period.

      1. If an election has no nomination period, the dispatch will be pinned no later than five days before its voting period.

Section Two: Documentation Requirements

  1. The dispatch will contain all relevant election information, which will at the very least include:

    1. The length of each position's term;

    2. An election calendar detailing the start dates for each position's voting period;

    3. The length of each position's voting period;

    4. All declared candidates and their platforms (if applicable); and

    5. Any running mate(s) or potential cabinet members (if applicable).


    Secretary of Administration