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The history of Elena

Elena was created by the lowly males of Dominated Males to please the Matriarchy of Eastern European Nations and the ruler of the Matriarchy HRH Matriarch Elena Temnikova. The Dominated Males soon realised how they are inferior to women and how inferior they are compared HRH Matriarch Elena Temnikova the ruler of the Matriarchy of Eastern European Nations. They willingly surrendered their freedoms and their rights to serve HRH Matriarch Elena Temnikova forever. They were afraid that their low status would make HRH Matriarch Elena Temnikova and deny their humble and shameful request, but HRH Matriarch Elena Temnikova was merciful and accepted them as her slaves for an eternity.

On the orders of the Matriarch the region of Elena was created to please to commands of the Matriarch. The region is obviously the property of the Matriarch, the slaves are merely in charge as puppets so she, the glorious Matriarch, is the rightful ruler.

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