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Vice Admiral Alexander Jackson

Vice Admiral
Alexander Jackson

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Rhine Capitalism

"The blood of tyrants is a wonderful fertilizer for the tree of liberty." – Alexander Jackson
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The Armada’s resident firebrand. A former vice-admiral of the now conquered Xenibar Republic, he is a strong believer in the ideas of democracy and egalitarianism. This has caused no shortage of tension with the autocratic/oligarchic Armada when he and the Xenibar Remnants first joined. Now their mutual respect has ended the threat of those tensions turning into a civil war. He is a well-known agitator for making sure the auxiliaries’ concerns are heard at the highest levels and modernizing the structures of the Armada’s military and government. He is currently serving on the Auxiliary Council and is known as its informal leader.

Life Before the Armada
Born in the Xenibar Republic to a family known for its long military service, it was unsurprising that he joined the navy. He did well in the naval academy and soon gained his own command. For most of his service the only threat to the republic was pirates attacking their trade routes. Nevertheless, he proved skilled in space warfare and eventually found himself promoted to the rank of vice admiral.
Reign and Ideology
Proposed Reforms
Since joining the Armada Jackson has proposed the following reforms.
  • Official recognition of the Auxiliary Armored Corps
    As of now the Auxiliary Armored Corps is a militia that is limited to only those that can afford to buy a tank or those willing to crew it. Making it an official fighting force like the Auxiliary Fighter or Auxiliary Marine Corps and giving them government support will expand it and make them more effective.

  • Restructuring of the Auxiliary Marines
    It is no secret that the Auxiliary Marine Corps is the most pathetic arm of the Armada and the butt of a lot of jokes. Under this reform former professional marines such as the Xenibar marines will design a training program to instill discipline and a willingness to fight in the marines. Furthermore, Armada law will be amended so training pay will not count for auxiliary marines unless they are undertaking the program or have completed it. Lastly new tactics pioneered by the Xenibar marines will be thought to all marines to make them effective in places zravvisk warriors have trouble squeezing though.

  • Abolish dueling for promotions
    While traditional, the zravvisk system to organize their hierarchy means that those that are good at dueling make it to the top instead of those that are more skilled at the job but worse at dueling. Furthermore, the current system makes it next to impossible for an auxiliary to have any meaningful position when a zravvisk warrior can complete for it as well. Replacing it with elections for the Council of Ten and a standard military hierarchy for battleships would go a long way to make sure those skilled can make it to the top.

  • Stop the perpetual neutrality
    As long as an empire stops short of genocide, they can do whatever despicable thing they want to the people in their borders and the Armada will not lift a finger to stop them. The Armada is strong enough to go head to head with the fleets of the great powers of the galaxy. Its time to use some of that power to make the galaxy a better place instead of just vaporizing the occasional pirate. We should ally with other nations that believe in sapient rights and strike at slavers and oppressors.

  • Expand the power of the Auxiliary Council
    Like how the Council of Sages determines the curriculum of the Armada, the Auxiliary Council should manage the Auxiliary Corps and regulations for auxiliaries considering the vast differences of them and the zravvisk especially when it comes to durability.

  • Ban looting
    Looting is a barbaric relic of times long past and makes the Armada weak to counter attacks, in the days everyone uses to loot.

  • Move the Capital to Ridley’s Rest
    With a stationary capital, diplomacy and trade will be so much easier with other nations. Also with the detangling of civil and military administrations further democratic reforms can be passed without harming military ability.

Jackson’s reforms have a mixed bag of support, while most of his military reforms enjoy popular support and are likely to come into law, his society reforms run against millennia of tradition. One example of this is his suggested ban on looting which enjoys next to zero support outside of his fleet and has been voted down by members of the Auxiliary Council when they were collecting suggestions to send to the Council of Ten.
Political Opinions

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Democracy, republicanism, capitalism, egalitarianism, freedom of religion, atheism, free speech, free trade, strong military

  • Neutral: Constitutional monarchy, Religion

  • Anti: Authoritarianism, totalitarianism, theocracy, empires, conquest

Personal Life

Combat Ability
Being a vice admiral, Jackson obviously has mastery in commanding void combat. His flotilla's raids, caused Imperial fleets no end of troubles despite being out numbered. While he does have standard issue armor and a smg, he is not very suited for a fire fight. He is well aware that his job is to command troops, not get into fights. He does do some smg drills with his marines to keep up his marksmanship, but it is so that he can defend himself well enough that he buys enough time to run away or for one of his troops to rescue him.

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