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"Future for the Federation": Sneak Peak of MUFNGA Congw. Mona Louise Catherine Jones' Laws and Goals

UFN Parliament, Pineda, Fatima City

Mona Louise Cathy is now Preparing to Make Laws and Address her Goal to the Federation and The Union. She Wanted to Reach the Future of her Nation and her Union.

- Cassen-am-Main Resettlement Apartment
A. Buildings 1-6
B. Amenities (Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Playground and Meditation Church)
C. Services (Garbage Collection, Police, Fire Department, Clinic and Educational Services)
- UFN Highway 3 Project (Kashinju-Heartlake Expressway)

- Teenage Consent Act (UFN)
- Responsible Parenting Bill (Fatiman Federation)
- Anti-Palo Bill (Fatiman Federation)
- SOGIE Bill (Fatiman Federation)

Getting to Know: Mona Louise Elise Jones and Herbert Wojciech Pfläzer

Ramsey City, Rasmussen

A Original Lookalike of Lady Louise Windsor from Childhood to Her 20s and Prince William while as Teenager. She was Appeared on Television in 1979 he was Appeared on Television Also in 1981. Then they Appeared on Music Industry until Mona Louise was Member of Fatimanian Teenage Girl Band, Popsicle in 1984 where Alice Desnilla (Joined 1983), Andrea Magsaysay (Joined 1983) and Rosé Alleyné Spartoff (Joined 1985) are the Members. While Herbert was Joined the Boy Band Group, Middle End Boys in 1985 where Fernando Desnilla Senior (Joined 1984) and Julio Lonares (Joined 1984) are the Members.

The Couples are Famous for Covering Especially for you by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan in Gaelic, gu sònraichte dhutsa. While Mona Louise was Famous in 1988 for her Song, tha i airson dannsa còmhla rium and in 1995, Too Many Walls which it is also famous in 2003 due to Advertisement by McDs.

The Couples don't want to join Politics, Because it was an Overall Stress and they have a fear to Alopecia. So, they could focus on Music Industry and Showbiz. Because her Older Daughter, Mona Louise Second wants to Join Politics, then her mother allowed her to Join Politics, its up on her mind.

Mona Louise's Wife, Herbert has Business where he Owned The Rabbit Bus Group. While for her, She has a Music Shop in Ramsey beside the Sweet Plaza where Many Chocolates, Candies and Lumpiang Halva with Chocolate Coating and Sprinkles are Sold Here. While for her Older Daughter, She had a Wooden Craft Store in Rasmussen City and Fatima City where she sold Wooden Household Items and Wooden Toys like Wooden Railway Sets and Martyoshka Dolls.

"Mona Louise Catherine is Finally Pregnant", How Mona Louise Catherine get Pregnant Faster said by her Mother, Mona Louise Elise Jones-Pfläzer

Ramsey City, Rasmussen

Today, Mona Louise Elise Jones-Pfläzer said that her Oldest Daughter, Mona Louise Catherine Jones-Dela Cruz is now Pregnant. Because she was dreaming to build a Family by Building their Family Tree and Putting some names thag they should do next after pregnancy. It was Planned on December 31 2019 and It was Sucessfull.

Mona Louise Elise Explains why she was Pregnant too Fast, First that she said is "Our Family is Firestonian-Edeltian, Firestonian-Ramseyian and Firestonian-Fatiman, Firestonian Girls aged 11-19 thinks she could get a Period and try not to have Sex because they could be Pregnant if you aren't Affected by the Teenage Pregnancy Stigma. Once when the Girl turned a Woman at 20, She could learn first until she turned 22 and get a Wife. Once she Got a Wife, they must Live for 4 Months, Draw the Planned Family Tree and If the Husbaund demands Having Sex with her Wife to Get Pregnant. If her Fertilization Fails, The she will do it again. If her Fertilization Complete, then she was Excited to get a Child. After 9 Months, The Child could get out of the Womb and the Woman could give Birth to her Child. After the Child Birth in 2 Months, The Child is now Ready to be Baptized. At 1, The Child must Learn Basic Things that Parents do on their Babies, like Singing, Counting and Drawing, like that. At 7, She must Learn about Repreductive System and Making a Family until she turned 14 so the Child must know how a girl Get Pregnant. Plus, She or He must Know about Prevention on STDs and How to Wear Condoms or Know about Contraceptives. Until she/he turned 22 and Repeat that their Parents do. That's how my Mother Explained to me while I was 14." Second, "After Many Decades, Teenages could now do this because they wanted to get a Family. Because we have now Pornography, Then Teenage Pregnancy Cases Increased in Firestone. In 1987, 20,000 Planned Teenage Pregnancy was first recorded in Firestone until 1991 where a hundred thousand unplanned teenage pregnancy increases. Kind of Alerting to our Parents and It's now in our Culture. My 1st Youngest Daughter, Ellaine was Stricken by this Stigma and First to be Recorded as the Only Youngest Parents in Fatimania. It's many decades since 1900 that Fatimanians didn't got Pregnant under 19 because they are aware of Teenage pregnancy. They get Pregnant at only 22. The Teens must be aware of this."

Meet the Rasmussenian Youngest Politcian and Rosé Alleynné Spartoff-Canetté's Doppelganger: Congresswoman Catherine Alice Abbott

Rasmussen City

Since 2019 Fatimanian Non-Presidential General Elections, Team Abbott was decisive victory to Defeat Governor Zach Lozantesz's Team.

Catherine (b. August 19 2000) was Known to be Doppelganger of Singer-Actress Rosé Alleynné Spartoff-Canetté, Who was in the Fatiman Teenage Music Group, Popsicle (Popsicél in Fatiman, Popsijkel in Indoesh, Popischel in Rasmussenian), where Alice Desnilla, Andrea Magsaysay and Mona Louise Elise Jones are Known in the Group.

Catherine has a Romantic Relationships with Natalia's Only Son, Danny Epstiol Mariacapastol-Crimieliyev since 2017, Which she had to be Pregnant at age of 20 but to be Married on New Years Eve, where she was Now part of Mariacapastol-Crimieliyev.

Meet the Only Fatimania's Youngest Mother: About Ellaine Jones

Ramsey City, Rasmussen

As you Remembered Last Year, The Teenage Couples, Dan Philip Michelston and Elizabeth Alice Madeline "Elaine" Jones are declared now as Young Parents of Rasmussen. It was a Controversial "Colonization" of "Firestonian Teenage Pregnancy" on Fatimania by UFN Population Commission (UnitedFatimaPopCom, UFPC).

Ellaine Jones is born at November 13 2006 in Ramsey City, She is the 2nd Daughter of Mona Louise Elise Jones and Herbert Wojciech Pfläzer after Mona Louise Catherine Jones-Dela Cruz as the 1st Daughter and Before James Kenneth David Jones as The only Brother and Stella Marjel Costantinëla Jones-Pfläzer as 3rd Daughter. Her Family is Firestonian-Edeltian, Firestonian-Rasmussen, Firestonian-Ramseyian and Firestonian-Fatimanian.

Dan Kenneth Michelston is Born at October 4 2006 at Municipality of Topekäsch, He was the only Brother along with their Only Daughter, Sally. His Family is Firestonian-Ramseyian.

Both Learning at University of Santo Thomas - Ramsey Angelicum Campus as High School and they are Freshman last year. They are Expelled after the Pregnancy and Transferred to Our Lady of Fatima University in Fatima City.

On August 3 2018, She Gave birth to Madeline and Stayed at His Granparent's Home in Rasmussen. But they aren't welcomed here because his grandma has punishments for them. But after 6 Months of Maltreatment, They are escaped from their grandparents home and Returned to Her Home Safely, but the Unwanted Argument with her Older Sister, Mona Louise Catherine was Prepared for her. For more than 4 months of Argument, She Really Apologized for Her Sister Mona Louise Catherine because it's her fault ever. But her Mother Storytells about the Teenage Pregnancy in Firestonian Culture. And she thought that pregnancy is now in the Firestonian Culture.

After 1 Year, She Return for Learning and She did an Christmas Nativity Roleplay last Christmas 2019. She hopes to continue her Roleplaying Life and her education after pregnancy. Roleplaying is her Favorite Career on her Life.

From a Wood Carver and Entrepeneur to a Poltician and Businesswoman: How Mona Louise Catherine Jones-Dela Cruz II become an Billionaire like her Parents

Ramsey City, Rasmussen

On 2014, Mona Louise Jones was Learning as BS Accountancy in Our Lady of Fatima University Fatima City Campus and Looking for a Job that trains their Skills for Wooden Art. Then her classmate told that there is an Hiring Season at an Wood Workshop in Marijol which the classes is started from September 21, tomorrow and Ends at October 25. So, she Enrolled and she tried her Best to make an Wooden Homeward and Later She Started Building Wooden Toys.

In 2015, She was Married to an Former DZBB Anchor-Reporter and Incumbent Canumay East
2nd District Congressman Norman Carlo Dela Cruz and she Continued Learning until she Graduated. While for her Husband, He Learns at Morning and He Works at Afternoon and Towards Night.

In 2016, Norman Carlo Graduated at FEU-MRC as Journalist while for Mona Louise was Graduated at OLFU-FCMC as Accountant. After their Graduation, The Couples had a Plan to Have Business in Alcala, where Norman's Godparents, Jeannie and Ricky was Born and Lived here for 4 Decades (1950-1988). So, their Business is Really Success and no Problems Found for 3 Years. Meanwhile for Her Oldest Sister, Eloisa was Gave Birth to her Female Child, Isabella at August 3 2016.

After 3 Years, Norman already stopped Working at DZBB his Preparation to Ran as Congressman in their District while for Mona Louise, She Continued her Business with her Workers as her Preparation for Ran as Congresswoman. They are Both Won in the Elections but they are farther because Mona Louise was an Congresswoman in the 2nd District of Rasmussen and Norman was an Congressman in 2nd District of Canumay East. But their Savings just increasing due to salaries that caused their family is become billionaire and later, Mona Louise Gave Birth to Madeline in January 25 2017, Which that is their success to their family.

Pinewood Builders Engineering Introduces FSNCF Class 493 "Tube" and Lancet Maglev Series similar to NSB BM73 Design

Pinewood City, Province of Canumay East

Recently after the Christmas Day, Multinational Conglomerate Pinewood Builders Engineering Corporation Introduces its Sci-fi Style on Train Design, Spacious Seats with LED Touchscreen and Headsets, Fast Internet Connection powered by Pinewood Zynergia Wi-Max Modem, Convenient Restrooms, and Modern Kitchen with Ceramic Cooker, Exhaust and Computerized Fridge and Microwave, Plus Robotic Food Trolley if your Food has Prepared for your Order. That's why Pinewood Builders Introduced Lancet Series where FSNCF Class 493 to be delivered on March 5 2020, While for the maglev will be Tested for 6 Months and to be commenced Operations in 2021.

The Trainset is Based on NSB BM73 Series and Modernize it with High-Tech era Technology like we mentioned it again, The Train has so many features including Spacious Seats with LED Touchscreen and Headsets, Fast Internet Connection powered by Pinewood Zynergia Wi-Max Modem, Convenient Restrooms, and Modern Kitchen with Ceramic Cooker, Exhaust and Computerized Fridge and Microwave, Plus Robotic Food Trolley if your Food has Prepared for your Order. Engineered, Programmed and Built by 3 Divisions, PB XYLEM Technologies for Building the Train, PB Zynergia Innovation for Wimax Installment and Pinewood Builders Quality Assurance for Programming the Train. The Test Run will Begin at January 10 until Ferbruary 14 2020.

The Showroom was Located in Pinewood Builders Headquarters in Pinewood Business District, Pinewood City in the Province of Canumay East. Travelling via SFEX or McCArtney Highway is More than 4-Hour Journey but when you Take the Train, it takes 2 Hours. But Lets Going back to the Headuqarters, The Showroom was Very Exciting for People even Students and Professors to see its Innovation of the in.

Lastly, We've forget to Mention that has 24/7 CCTV Camera for Extra Security. Well, that's it.

Meet the Doppelganger: 7 Things you didn't know about Mona Louise Catherine Jones-Dela Cruz II

Ramsey City, Rasmussen

Mona Louise Jones II was Born in June 20 1994, and she was totally Look Alike her Mother while she was a Teenage and her 20s. Here's the 7 that you must know about her:

1. Unlike Lady Louise Windsor, Known to be Mona Louise's First Doppelganger, Lady Louise Windsor was Diagnosed Esotropia, While for her Mother and She, They aren't Diagnosed with Esotropia.
2. Unlike Mainland Queen of Firestone, Queen Patricia has Teenage Pregnancy Stigma. While for the Jones, Pfläzers and Dela Cruzes, No one who was victimized by the Teenage Pregnancy Stigma and only Ellaine Jones was Pregnant and Gave Birth to Madeline in 2018, Last Year.
3. She was an Businesswoman and Entrepeneur who Owned an Wooden Railway Toys Workshop in Alcala, East Canumay and has 2 Shops in SM Premier Fatima Town in Fatima City and the first branch was in Leicester Building, Aschoktzische Plaza in Rasmussen City
4. She was an Singer-Actress who Suddenly Appear at Overtime Series and Many Drama and Children's Series.
5. She was an Congresswoman in the Second District of Rasmussen (Includes Kashinju, Cassen-am-Main and Alpen) while the 1st District (Includes Berliner-Topekäsch, Ramsey City and Linnechester) was Carl Abbot's 3rd Daughter, Catherine Alice Abbott.
6. She was Married to Canumay East 2st District Congressman Norman Carlo Dela Cruz in 2015 and Gave Birth to Madeline in 2017. Altrough, she has planned to have a baby by September 2020 which Her Pregnancy Starts at January 2020.
7. She was an UFN General Assembly Member since 2018 and to be appointed as Majority Floor Leader of the Assembly in 2020.

Mariela Adamczyk Fights Against Edeltian Teenage Pregnancy Stigma

Atmos City, Atmos Voivodeship

Since 1992 where Mariela isn't already born in earth, Teenage Pregnancy Rises on ages 10-12 which it is Increased for Unknown Reasons. But Franciszek's Deceased Brother, Stanislaw Adamczyk said the cause was puberty and lack of sexual education, which the cases of Teenage Pregnancy increases on 2010, 2018-2019 and to be Decreased on 2020.

Mariela Discovered the Case after heard it on the news last year, that causes to Mariela to be aware on contraception and sexual education. Which she could represent on JWHF7 where her money amounted US$450/LSZ 500 to help the Foundation where they are supported to her, Raban Rouge (Red Ribbon). Meanwhile, Now she is an Ambassador of Red Ribbon Foundation.

Getting to Know about Senator Alice Desnilla

Fatima City

Current Senator Alice Desnilla is Famous for her Songs and Radio Programs. Here's top 4 to know about Alice Desnilla.

1. She has Aspergers after having loud tantrums and speech impairment. But Thankfully, She Finally speak at 8.

2. Alice Desnilla Joined on the Fatimanian Music Industry where her Songs are top 10 until she quit singing on 1994.

3. She was an Radio Anchor who Hosts Alice Desnilla sa Super Radyo DZBB, Super Balita sa Umaga Nationwide and Alice Desnilla Live! on Super Radyo DZBB. While Interfatima24 on Interfatima DXUF.

The Female Ted Bundy: Firestonian Female Teen Serial Killer Louise Evans

Stapleton City

After 40 Years, 2 Victim-Survivors, John Corwell and Elizabeth Hannes speaks out about Louise Evans, The "Female Rapist".

Louise Evans was born in Carolina County in Neighborhood of Stapleton City, Through her Family's House was Neighboring Female Brothels so Her Father was forced to leave her mother's/wife's house but he was killed after getting a stab from her wife/mother.

Her Mom, Eleonore Evans has Formerly an Marijuana and Ecstasy Addict where her Androphilia and Ephebophilia was Begun later Transferred to her Child, Louise.

While Louise was in High School, She Began taking off uniform to be raped by her teacher who has later caught by her Adopted Father and Starting her Habit to Rape Men. Her First Crime was Attempting to Rape and Kill her Adopted Father. She had Comitted 23 Crimes a Day which she starting rape women. Some Police Departments Thought that she is an "Female Rapist who rapes men and also women". She was Imprisoned back at Docklands but she was escaped after 2 months in jail.

In December 11, Nations360's Documentary about Louise Evans will now premiered on RTV2 and RTV IRL.

Privatisation of FFNCF: DB's Turn to Operate Rasmussenian Railways/Rasmusseniche Bahn

Rasmussen City, Rasmussen Krai

DB Awarded 5,000 Euros for Operating RB which is an Replacement for FFNCF into Private Hands. DB will Not Officialy Operate High Speed Intercity Services due to Rasmussen being Small. And Only Non-HST Services will be Allowed.

ALP-46A is only the High Speed Intercity Train to Enter in Service from Rasmussen-Alpen-Kashinju Service. While ALP-46 is Operated for Sleeping Services.

According to Deutsche Bahn, That they will use also German Fleet that was used on Germany and United States, They are Also waiting for approval by the Government of Rasmussen Krai to use ALP-45DP as using in Double-Section Both Electric and Diesel Freight/Passenger Operations in Rasmussen. As well Using Siemens ACS-64 Electric Locomotives for High Speed Inter-Regional Services and Arrow III Electric Multiple Units for Local Use. Due to Fatiman Strict Trading Policies, Deutsche Bahn will Officially Postponed It's German Train Exportation to Rasmusseniche Bahn.

The Company, Rasmusseniche Bahn will Officially Purchased 22 ALP-44 Locomotives Use for Rasmussen-Dijzon Services, And for Rescue Locomotive for Failed ALP-46A and ALP-46 Locomotives.

The Formation of RB Causing Rasmusseniche P-Bahn to Cease in Existence, Bringing Back the Use of Ex-CNR Passenger Cars to be Officially Used in Long-Distance and Some Intercity Services.

The Grand Opening of RB was Begun on April 27, With Bow Cutting and Putting 3 Trains into Services, All Fleet. within It's New Headquarters near the Rasmussen Hauptbahnhof, With it's Depot for RB Regional, RB Intercity and RB Cargo.

Continental Freight Collision at Novokrassiysk, Wellington: Killing 2 Crew, 1 Injured and 600 on Ground

Novokrassiysk, Wellington

An Doncaster, South Stapelton and Shufflington Railroad (DSSSR) Class 66 Continental Intermodal Freight En-Route to Netherlands with 2 Crew, Engineer Igor Vashilev and Inspector Henry Adam Collided with Windsor Pacific Class 37 lifting Oil to Fatima City from Providence, Shufflington, and Kean, Dicenstonville and Shufflington Railroad Class 20 Passenger Train lifting 3 Carriages to Kean, Ashford from Shufflington City via Windsor City and Dicenstonville, Wellington. Killing 3 on Freight Trains and 26 on Passenger Train.

DSSR 66 2451 Departed Stapelton South Port en-route to Netherlands, 2 Crews are Managed to Handle the Intermodal Train which Prepared for PKP Cargo TRAXX Thunderbird Method due to 66 2451 Suffering from Engine Problems. Later Delayed due to Upcoming Locomotive Replacement which it is Class 66 4311 prepared from Thunderbird. And Soon, Departed Stapelton South Port.

Kean, Dicenstonville and Shufflington Railroad (KDSR)'s Pere Marquette Limited Service Departed Shufflington City for Kean, Ashford. Lifted by 2 Class 20 Locomotives, One at Front and Another at Back and 4 Mark 3 Carriages.

WP 37 2592 Departed from Providence, Shufflington for Fatima City. Lifting 32 Oil Wagons. And Preparing for Cargo Freight to Casterdavid Intermodal Depot at Dilimania.

The Cause of Derailment was SPAD and Wrong Side of Tracks Causing 3 Trains to Collide. Some Neighbours Noticed an Car Collision-Like Sound was Heard on Afternoon even Explosions and Smell some Crude Oil causing Spilling around the Tracks. And Survivng Passengers Running to their Houses for Help. Later Called 999 for Emergency where Firefighters and Ambulances Respond on the Train Collision.

Protests in Capitalinsk on Canton Voivodeship, Started by the Partia Socjalistyczna Edeltija, Fascist Riots Begins

Capitalinsk, Canton Voivodeship

During the Argument between the Adamczykisists and Bolivarianists, Partia Socjalistyczna Edeltija has Protested in Capitalinsk to Bring Back it's Forrmal Independence and It's Democracy Rights. While Fascists Strikes against the Socialist Protesters and Starting to Getting into War. While Edeltian Police and Edeltian Land Forces Respond Into Riots in Capitalinsk.

Some Police said that Fascist Faction in Edeltia, Edeltian Home Army is an Falanga-Fascist Faction that Operates in Northwest Edeltia, Seeking to End Adamczyksim and Anarcho-Capitalism, Also Combats Communism and Socialism in order to Form the Old Rosistance, Known as the Axis Robloxia which is an Country being Occupied by Nazis since 1935 until the End of World War II in Europe, Having 34,000 Militants.

Last Night, The Energy Company, WECO FEZE (Western Edeltian Electric Company, Firma Elektryczna Zachodnia Edeltia) Starting it's First Blackout at 6:00 PM in Canton Voivodeship in order to Fascist Factions Return Home or Facing Air Force Bombings after Armed Forces of Edeltia Requires to Start the Bombing Operation in Capitalinsk, Causing Many Civilians to Evacuate Yesterday Afternoon during the Airlift Operation to Rescue Citizens of Capitalinsk to Safety in Gdyoogod.

Previously Morning, Socialist Protesters Equipped with Shields to Prevent being Hit by Rocks from the Fascist Faction, But the Faction Opens Fire Causing Killing 26 Protesters while 5 are Injured, Protesters are Trying to Kill Fascists with Captured Arms and Some Swords, As Well Bullet Proof Vests, Killing 600 Fascists. While Army Killed Both 9,000 Socialists and 5,000 Fascists.

Recently, Franciszek Adamczyk Creates an Statement about the Riots in Capitalinsk becoming an War. Due to Huge Deployment of Fascists, He Also Calls the Hudson Bay Company and Firestonian Imperial Army to Respond into Battle of Capitalinsk, As Well Calling Union Units to Finnish the Battle Quickly.

An Group of Haley Davidson Motocycles as Part of Hells Angels was Crashed and Exploded after Being Shoot by the Fascist Artillery, Killing All of 60 Hells Angels Members. Causing Fascists Planning to Invade the North America and Kill All of Hells Angels Members including the Founder that could Easy to Invade Europe Quickly by Making Naval Stations in Atlantic Coast.

Trump Calls the President of Edeltia, Franciszek Adamczyk for an Meeting in order to joint operation with the US Armed Forces.

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8:30 PM - 10:00 PM | Super Kalusugan (With Dra. Marilou de Leon DMD and Dra. Louise Dela Cruz MSc) (Every Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays)

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Quotes from Notable RTV Actors or RTV IRL Users.

Angelica Magsaysay

Back to 2010. Life Seems Better while i am 9, I Wished to God that i Grow Up, Learn Better, Get a Better Job and Create a New Family. Today, It's Well Still for me that i can Achieve when i am now 28. #AngelicaForever #RTVIRL


Catherine Nilacarpastol

What is Life? When i was 11, I Am Dreaming of my Dream Job, Accountant because i know my Mother was an Accountant. It's Seems Good for me more than My Sister's Dream Job is Nurse which it's hard for me while for her is very fine. Well Still. #RTVIRL


Liliana Adamczyk

Since i was 11, I Created an Speech on my School, It Feels like i was going to be Famous Instantly because i Created an Speech. Well Still, Because I Have a Lovelife Relationships and My Parents dosen't Interrupt or Destruct our Lovelife. And Once, Well Still! #RTVIRL #RTVEdeltija


Diana Adamczyk

When my Mom Divorced from my Mother, I've Experienced my Changes like i'll get a Boyfriend like that and Buying Groceries sometimes if My Mom Needs Groceries. I've Experienced my Saddest Times because My Mother Silently Divorced without being Angry and Both of Couples Crying because of My Mom's Mother has being Died in 2017 so they divorced. Now, I Will Changed my Life and I've Meet my Cousins for the First Time. My Mom is just an Single Parent but the Can Do it while she is in my side. Well Still! #RTVIRL


News from Northern/Southern Firestone, Docklands, Western Siberia, European Russia, European Continent, Atlantic Coast of North America, Atlantic Coast of South America and Southeast Asia.

Dmitri Medvedev Visits Fatiman Settlement in Krasnoyarsk
Belzheshka-Lechinskaya, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia

Russian Prime Minister visited Fatiman Minority in Small Town of Belzheshka-Lechinskaya, Where 5,000 Fatimans Settled in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia since 1995.

The Concerns about the Settlement made by the Prime Minister is the Security and Lack of Medical Facilities, Where 200 People Died here due to Lack of Medical Facilities and Fatimans Petitioned the Government of Russia to build Medical, Police, Fire and Rescue Departments as well Building the Tramway and Small Railway Station Located in Streets of Hemady and Magnolia in 2009. So, Russian Prime Minister Visited the Fatiman Settlement and Look at their Homes as well Talking to them what is happening on their family and themselves. Later, An Small Concert for Prime Minister was Prepared and Begun on Afternoon, With Dmitri's Speech to Fatimans who Living in this Settlement.

Trash Problem in Philippines: How Fatiman Federation can Solve Canada's Trash Exportation to Philippines to Brought Nearly into Enviromental Crisis
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Fatiman Federation Prime Minister Veinamin Zaytsev States that Canadian Trash Exportation Problem in Philippines will be Solved by Bringing the Trash Back to Canada or Bringing to Fatiman Federation for Further Recycle Use or Burning It.

"The Fatiman Government will Solve the Issue on Philippines about Canadian Trash Exportation Jointly with Our Lady of Fatima University for Recycling Project Use and DEANR for Enviromental Watch during this Situation will Brought to Lingunan Dumpsite, Located in Canumay East.

Our Newest Policy will Works on Canadian Trash Exportation to Fatiman Federation which Limits the Trash Exportation to 15 Thousand Cargo Containers per Week as Counted, And The Container Boxes with Filling of Garbage must Include the Sticker of DEANR with Red and Green Color Classification. These Colors Means has no Toxic Particles or Chemicals Included in the Garbage and Has Toxic Particles or Chemicals Included in the Garbage. This Stickers would Apply after 15 Hours to Inspection while Pre-Exportation Procedure.

After the Inspection, The Cargo Containers must Separated from Other Goods if The Garbage was Includes Toxic Patricles or Chemicals inside the Garbage. if Not, Same Procedure but Before, It has must to be Ready for Decontamination which we Use Disinfection Spray Solution from an backpack-type sprayer. Same Procedure to Containers Contained Garbage with Toxic Particles or Chemical filled in the Garbage While Disinfecting at Fatiman Intermodal Inspection Facilities near the Westbound Big Bayou Tunnel which it is Located in Alaska, United States.

The Container will be Sent by Train Only due to Heavy Policies about Prohibiting Exporting Garbage via Water that can cause Pollution whatever if Ship was Sinking or Cargo was Fallen from an Ship due to Wrong Position to Put the Cargo Container.

After Entering the American-Victorian Border in the Tunnel, It was also to be Inspected by the Fatiman Customs and DEANR before Entering the Fatiman Federation, After Entering the Fatiman Federation, The Trip will be Continue to Lingunan to Dispose Garbages or Fatima City for OLFU's Recylcing Program."

Recent Stories on Nations60

"The Blockade", How Edeltia Blocked the Robloxian Border

Recently, Edeltia Struck in an Terrorist Attack in Transgensitia made by the Ex-Jihadist Militants and Grey Wolves, An Organization in Turkey and Operated Worldwide. The Bombing was Started in January 15 2019, Hopefully, President's Family wasn't there in Transgensitia.

The Idea in order to Stop Entering Terrorists is Block the Border with Gas Trailers and Container Vans, Which may Contain Automatic Sensor C4 Bombs in Order to Detect Early Attacks. But First Technique is the Chip and the Light Sensor where Signal Waves Passes to it, Then if Detects Person Trespassing in an International Border, The Data will check if they are Bringing Passport or Valid Identification Card, Then Scans if there is any Weapons including Bombs and Guns that could be Entered and Last is Detection of any Electric Devices and Hack it in order to check if there is an Sensitive Jihadist and Salafism Content. And if was all Illegal, It will be Bombed. it couldn't be Hackable by Terrorists and Hackers.

In January 27 2019, An Robloxian Army Tank was Stolen by the Jihadists, Trying to Destroy the Container Van but Edeltian Intelligence Agency Set up an Landmine before Approaching the Bridge around the Isetean Bridge. And Edeltian Army was on Preparation for an Attack. An Secret Video that Shows during the Attack made by the Terrorists was Detonated by Edeltian Intelligence-Planted Landmine Bomb. Terrorists are Injured and Captured by the Secret Police.

Today, It was Still Blocked until Further Notice by the President in Order to Stop the Attacks, Signing an Friday Agreement with Robloxia and the Union of Fatimanic Nations to Make Monitoring Groups in Edeltian-Robloxian Border. Even Firestonian-Edeltian Border.

"The Coxly Stampede", Why Tons of People Died on an Stampede in Guadalajara Islands

In an Official Concert of Mag Time Bigtime, Hosted by Adam Kowalczyk which it is 10th Anniversary of the Game Variety Show, Which it is called to be "Fatiman Wowowin" which it is Similar to Willie Revillame's Wowowin in Philippines.

On Hemady Grandstand, Coxly in Czerlynoszeł, Fans Starting to Shout because they can Get 5000 Estanas if they Won in the Games. Even Patalbugan was part of the 10th Anniversary. Then after, An False Bomb Threat that Causes Stampede Spread on his Show that Could kill 8,000 People on Grandstand, Then Rescue and Police came into an Action of Stampede.

Similar to Wowowee Stampede, The Show Gathered 40,000 People, It has to Celebrate 2nd Year Anniversary of the Show. The Audience awating to have prizes like Jeepneys, Lada Vesta, Toyota Vios, and a 1 Million Estanas. Before the Show, 40,000 People Picking Tickets from the Show Organizers, The Queue was Silent and Not Pushing Toward, While an False Bomb Threat was Spreading to Whole City was an Hack where Texts that North Korean Missile will Hit Guadalajara Islands, Many People having Panic around the Island while others Concerning, The Stampede Begins and the Rescue including The Red Cross of Guadalajara and City Rescue has Responded. More than 5,000 People Killed and 700 Injured.

"Supersonic Trains", Which is the Fastest? Comparing Between the Fatimanian-Made 90s Tubroproptrain and Soviet and Fatiman-Made Speedster codename "Bessie"

In Late 1960s, Union of Fatiman Socialist Republics Looking for an Partner to Research High Speed Rail just after Production of Budd Metroliners and Shinkansen Trains, Even UAC Turbotrains and ANF/Rohr Tubroliner in Late 1970s. And Soviet Union Accepted the Agreement to Research and Build an Experimental Single Car High Speed Train Powered by Turbo-Propellers or Fan Engines. and Completed in 1965 Codenaming "Bessie" and "Bessie Longhorn" ("Бесси" и "Бесси Лонгхорн"), Due to Yellow Livery Wearing them and Using the Nathan P5 Horn in 1976 after the Last Modification made by FAUR and Leszczesny Works. It has Many Records in the Past which Accelerates 500 Miles per Hour (810 Km/h) and Only Experimental Use and Not Used on Passenger or Freight Use due to High Risk of Being Derailed. Reporting 3 Derailments while testing the Train.

In 1992, Just after the Collapse of Soviet Union, Union of Fatiman Socialist Republics Contracted Bombardier, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas to Create an Tubroprop Train which Similar to Bessie which using Noisy Fan Engine. Cooperation with Our Lady of Fatima University, Developing the Controls of the Train and Researching to Improve the Air Breaks. And Many Records until Today which it is Still Part of the High-Speed to the Future Program.

Bessie had Noisy Fan Engine which it is Possibly from Moped Engine or Peel P50's Engine. While the Turboproptrain is Using 1 Propelled Engine. Turboprop Train Reaches 1000 Miles per Hour (868 Knots and 1150 Kilometer per Hour) and Bessie Reached 500 Miles per Hour (434 Knots, 810 Km/h). The Turboproptrain Used Nathan K5LA Horns while Bessie is Nathan P5 Horns.

An 2 Crew must be Worn Ear Muffs to Prevent Damaging the Ears while Turboproptrain is Very Silent and some Strict Safety Measures.

Demographics 2030: Behind 2 Queens who Succeeded to Queen Patricia

Back to February 20 2019, The Full Scale and Worst Nights in Stapelton City which where Firestonian Revolutionary Monarchists Started an Coup Against Hesskin Empire in order to get into Independence. Later in February 21, Hesskins Officialy Withdrawn from Firestone. But Later the Appointed Queen, Queen Alice Louise (now Princess Louise Marie II of Stapelton) delcared Military Dictatorship in order to Invade Russia and Docklands. After 9 Days of Dictatorship, President Franciszek Adamczyk Created Strategic Transition Creation Treaty, Requires Firestone must be Divided into North and South, Declaring Northern Firestone Independence from Firestonian Empire. Also, The Treaty Requires Canton Oblast must Gained to Edeltia, Withdrawal of Cantonian Troops, Docklands will Give back Pretenia, Reduction of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and Nuclear Missiles, Limitation of Launching of Nuclear Missiles to Allies or Enemies of the Members of UFN who Signed this Treaty and Firestone will be Transitioned to Democracy and Become Federal Constitutional Monarchy, To be Ruled by Queen Marie of Stepford IV. 2 Days after Queen Marie Reigned, Muslims in the Nation Protested against Jazira. So, The Queen Declared Unwanted War on Jazira because they're seems to be Jihadist Target and Using WMDs against Jaziri Citizens. So, American Pere Housh, Slavarnian and Alonace Respond into Firestonian Invasion while Union of Fatimanic Nations watching the Conflict until Another Declaration of War against American Pere Housh, Slavarnian and Alonace due to President Kai Sinclair's Acussing Firestonian Empire as Rouge State. Full Scale Invasion of Firestonian Troops into Enemies while UFN Member States Declaring War to Firestonian Empire or Declare Support to the Union against Firestonian Empire. While 1 Nation joined the Union side and violate the demarcation line causing Firestonians Support Acting Leader of Firestonian Empire, Queen Patricia. Leading to Coup causing Firestonian Empire Transitioned into Democracy. When the Queen Patricia Won, The Firestonian Empire is Transitioned into Democracy and Turning the Empire into Dual Monarchy because of Colonial Queen Creation. Today February 21 is Declared as Firestonian-Hesskin Peace Day by the Colonial Queen of the Firestonian Empire.

Demographics 2030: Liliana Adamczyk becoming to be Young Poltician, Willing to be President in Future

The Daughter of Edeltian President Franciszek Adamczyk, Liliana becoming to be Young Poltician if she's 20 and Willing to be President in Future if Franciszek Adamczyk Retired in Presidency.

The Family of Adamczyk was in Favour of Anarcho-capitalism without Fearing of Dictatorship or Whatever Protests. There is something Called Adamczykism, Similar to Kirchnerism but Adamczykism is an Anarcho-capitalism, Formerly Anarcho-communism while Nataniel Adamczyk Risen in power as Leader of Edeltian FSR from 1957 to 1988.

Liliana created an Student Organization based in Gdyoogod and Named "College Anarcho-Capitalists National Committee". It's Mother Party of Green-Red Rose Green-Social Democracy Party (Commonly Known as Edeltian Anarcho-Capitalist Party, Also Known as GRRGSDP and Green-Red Party for Short). It had 22,000 Members from Each Universities including Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) where Liliana Learned as HuMMS, School of Saint Anthony Atmos (SSAA), Edeltian State University (ESU) (including Atmos State University and Eastern State University), University of Edeltia (UE) and Edeltian Patriotic University (EPU).

Liliana said that she will be Politican at age of 20 and Willing to be President in Future if Franciszek Retires in Presidency. And Her Goals is Anarcho-Capitalism, Creating Article 62 or "Universal Healthcare on Public Hospitals", Creating Article 63 or "Citizen Health Card Law", Creating Article 64 or "Minimum Wage Increase Law", Improving the Country and Also Improving the Economy. Like European Countries, Edeltian is an Eurasian Country situated in Eastern Siberia.

Edeltia is one of the First Anarcho-Capitalist Country in Eastern Siberia after Firestonian Empire, Northern Firestone and Independent State of Kellingston, Making Edeltia as Powerful Country.

Demographics 2030: Adamczykism vs. Bolivarianism in Edeltia, How Franciszek Adamczyk and Leon Nowakowski argues about Comparing Socialism and Anarcho-Capitalism, Disputing Help with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for Franciszek and Nicholas Maduro for Leon

Recently, Partia Socjalistyczna Edeltija Currently Protests against Adamczyk after the Argue against Leon Nowakowski for his Presidency in 2025.

Currently, Liliana Adamczyk is Dreaming to be President in 2025 as in Edeltian Anarcho-Capitalist Party, While Nadia Kinski for Liberal Party of Edeltia, Wiktoria Aporatew for Edeltian People's Party and Leon Nowakowski for Marxist-Bolivarianist Partia Socjalistyczna Edeltija.

The Issues for Socialism in Edeltia is Citizens doesn't Favor of Socialism due to Famine in Northwest Edeltia including Jageodlian Voivodeship, Canton Voivodeship, Kratow Voivodeship and Zapomnisz Voivodeship. And Turning Edeltia into Venezuelan-Based Government.

Their Favour of Anarcho-Capitalism was Increasing Levels of the Economy, Good Government and Not Shorting the Production of Crude Oil. Even the Not Shorting of Precious Snack in Edeltia, Peanut Brittle.

The First Issue for the Argument is Calling for Help to Cristina Kirchner and Nicholas Maduro, Why Calling the World Leaders of South America? Because Trump and Andrés Manuel López Obrador Disagreed to Help them due to Border Wall? Why not Calling the Vietnamese and Philippine Leaders so they could Handle the Argument. And That's Not how Aiding into a Nation Works. There is something Called Proposed Alliance for that.

The Second Issue for the Argument is The Next Leader, Same to the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections Fraud and 1986 Philippine Presidential Elections Fraud where Corazon Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos Disputed. What if Liliana and Leon Argue Together? Will Leon Told the Land Forces of Edeltia to Make an Coup to Remove her in Presidency or Making an Armed Wing of the Partia Socjalistyczna Edeltija? The Issue will Continue if Liliana Adamczyk Appointed as President after Elections. But if not where Leon dosen't win in the elections and Kinski Wins, The Problem will Turned into Rebellion which it is Based on Communist Rebellion in Philippines and FARC Conflict in Columbia.

The Last Issue for the Argument is The Economy, What Happens to Exactly Economy? Will Turn into Turmoil and The Protests Begun like in Venezuela? Yes, If Leon Ascended into Presidency. Not if Liliana, Nadia or Wiktora Ascended into Throne.

Edeltia will Make it's First Problems after Long Time of No Problems at Exact Year after Edeltian Invasion of Japan due to Responsible for Making Arab JRA and Removing the First Federal Republic, Until Election Comes in 2025. There is an Chance to win for Liliana Adamczyk.

Demographics 2030: 2019 Dilimanian Local Elections, Debate with Emily Santiago, Denis Lacuna and Armand Bagatsing

Previously, The Dilimanian Government Announced that There will be an Presidential and General Elections where 3 Presidents including Emily Santiago, Denis Lacuna and Armand Bagatsing, 4 Prime Ministers, 10 Senators, 60 Secretariats and 50 Consortium Councillors will run for Seats.

In Local Television, RTV Diliman had Held an Debates for the Presidents who Ran for Elections, The Journalists including Abi Avesco, Hammond Gerry and Kate Cerson questioned 3 Presidential Candidates.

Abi: First Question, Whatever if you Become an President, You will Improve Rail Transportation in the Confederation?

Emily: "Yes, The Current Problem in the Confederation's Rail Transportation is the Lack of Modernization in Locomotives and Multiple Units. Where the Fleet of SNFD was Outdated and Suffering from low reliability, So we need an Replacement or Modernization based on the Locomotive's Problem or Recent Locomotive's Requirements to Make the Air Clean where it is Required as part of UFN's Article 6 or Environment Protection Act."

Denis: "Yes, The Rail Transportation will be Modernized and Expanding to the Annexed Strčtristina. Officialy, My Plan is Buy Locomotives, Multiple Units and Coaches from United Kingdom than United States."

Armand: "No, That's Useless if we Improved the Rail Transportation. Similar to Now-Defunct FFNCF or Fatiman Railways had Purchasing more Trains and Not Replacing Them, Then it got into a Privatisation Previously where The FFNCF is Split into Government-Owned National Railways and Into Private Companies like DB."

Hammond: Second Question, You will Allow the Confederation to be Fully Member of UFN?

Emily: "Yes, This could Improve Economy, Sovereignty and Security where The Confederation will Make it's Draft Laws to Whole UFN Unless it's Allowed just like Northern Firestone."

Denis: "Yes, The Confederation will Allow to be an Fully Member of UFN because It will be an Change like Canadian Victoria, Robloxia and Edeltia."

Armand: "No, The Confederation must Join Commonwealth of Independent Nations because we can Ally with Russia and Help them to Destroy Ukrainians."

Hammond: Sorry Armand, Your Answer isn't Appropriate to votes who will vote you. Next Question, What is your Ideology to be Used in the Nation?

Emily: "Federalism and Anarcho-Capitalism, This could Also Improve the Economy of the Confederacy like Edeltia did too. It is Good to be an Anarcho-Capitalism since The Confederation was Created and Capitalism was Default and Can't Beat Communism, But Anarcho-Capitalism could Beat Communists and Just an Variant of Capitalism."

Denis: "Federalism, We Like just Default Capitalism than Anarcho-Capitalism, It's Anarchism but The Confederacy would Achieve Good Economy."

Armand: "Communism and Marxism–Leninism, We are Imitating Cuba and Vietnam, Also Laos and China. It will be Little Bit Improve the Economy but these Ideologies are Political Powers."

Kate: Fourth Question, Would you End Union and Confederacy with the Fatiman Federation?

Emily: "Probably Yes, But the Confederation's Relations to the Fatiman Federation will Continue, And Most of the Dilimanian People must do Freedom of Speech to Prevent the Increase of Anti-Fatiman Sentiment and Anti-Dilimanian Sentiment in Both Nations."

Denis: "Yes, Because if Confederacy ended Union with the Fatiman Federation, There will be an Big Changes like Economy, Sovereignty of Member States and Human Rights."

Armand: "Yes, The Confederacy will End their Personal Union to the Fatiman Federation, And Support Russia and China because it will be an big change."

Hammond: Last Question, What is your Idea to Improve the Confederacy?

Emily: "My Idea Is to Help Families who Affected by the Deliberation like i did as Mayor in Bletorvik and Finding an Relocation with No Violence, Points of Transport and Peace of Mind. I Will Improve the Freedom of Speech and Other Freedoms on their People shall Never Overlooked, Tourism will be Better because The Confederation Annexed East of Dilimania or Called Strčtristina where the Former Strč Republic was Founded. There will be an Large Nation will Have it's Tourists hold and Fun in their Destinations like Diliman, Lesser and Meadow Cashapitana, Bosso Bosso, Vapriosso, Eden Garden, South Fontana and Scout Borromeo. There will be Works for Tourism, And Their Future will Better. For Education, The Our Lady of Fatima University will Built 4 Campuses on Eastern Region or Strčtristina. Tuition-Free from Kinder to College on Public Schools and State Universities, Free Books and Free School Supplies, And Also Free Allowance for College. For Health, Free Emergency Coverage, Free Dialysis, Free Maintenance Medicines, Free Vaccination, Free Check-Up and Free HIV Treatment. For Homeless, They will Give an House on an Relocation, Free Allowance for Homeless Citizens with ID, Free Job Fairs and Family Reuniting whatever if they are found. That's It."

Hammond: There is no more time for Armand Bagatsing and Denis Lacuna, Because Emily Santiago has Longest Answer on Last Question. All Last Answers will be Posted on Social Media of RTV Diliman. Thank you Everyone for Watching the Debate.

However, Emily has only the Best Presidential Candidate because Emily has Many Changes like Healthcare and Others.

Look Inside of Sunnyside Daycare in Rozlyn, How Hannah Riley Founded the Daycare and Acquired by OLFU

Sunnyside Daycare is an Child Daycare and Therapy Center in Le Sud Ouest Districte in Rozlyn, Founded by Hannah Riley in 1995 as Daycare and As Therapy Center in 2000 after Acquired by Our Lady of Fatima University after Hannah Talked to University President, Mariela Coseteng.

Hannah was an Kinder Teacher on Ateneo de Indosejiku, Later an Grade 4 Teacher in Same School and a College Teacher in Our Lady of Fatima University while her Wife, Johann proposed an Daycare for Children to Educate and Play like Mariela Coseteng's Pedagogy (Daycare) in Lechinsk where Carl Balita Inspired to the Mariela's Concept. In 2000, Hannah Talked to her Best Friend and OLFU University President Mariela Coseteng to Talk about Future of the Daycare. But Mariela Sparked that she will Manage the Daycare by Acquiring, After being Managed by OLFU, Students goes here for One-Time job, Mostly from Education, Physical and Nurse Courses to Cope Special Children and Teach Normal inside the Daycare.

Inside the Daycare, The Daycare had 9 Rooms and Later 10 including the Butterfly Room, Caterpillar Room, Lounge, Office, Sandbox, Bathrooms, Garden, Garbage Chute and Puzzle Room. Butterfly and Caterpillar Rooms are for Normal Children while Puzzle Room is for Children who need Special Needs.

Demographics 2030: Malnutrition in Noveau Sebruo in Canadian Victoria, Why Trudeau can't Control this Situation and Help Canadians who Struck in Malnutrition

In Faraday, Noveau Sebruo, Eateries where Closed due to Famine caused by Rough Weathers and Republic of Sebruo's Threat to Invade Noveau Sebruo, Each 40% where Dying because of Malnutrition or Hunger. So, Austin Family who Lives in City that was Affected by Famine is Afraid of Loosing Food on their House, They Prepared Canned Foods, Emergency Rations, Medikit and Foods that where Purchased in Fast Food Chain Restaurant.

Riley Austin was Learning far from Fatima City, She just Rides an Train coming from Adamson City to her School in Our Lady of Fatima University, She achieved that Farther from her Home and her School, Her Parents Planting Vegetables and Fruits to Survive in Famine, That ways because Austin Family is Middle where Costs of 300,000 Canadian Dollars inside the Bank.

Today, The Canadian Government is to Help Malnourished People in the Said Province, They will Feed 50% People per Day.

Demographics 2030: Governor Carl Abbott's Daughter, Louise Abbott-Rogers Ran as Rasmussen City Congresswoman on 2020 Elections

Rasmussen Governor and Ram Carl Abbott's Daughter, Louise Carla Abbott-Rogers Revealed her Plans to Ran as Congresswoman of the Lone District of Rasmussen City on Elections 2020. Carl Said that she has experienced politics for the first time, Along with her Running Mate and Sister, Catharina Abbott-Varnes which Running for Mayor of Rasmussen City.

About Us

Since 1927, RTV Achieved at All Times, With it's Broadcasting Experts and Friendly Actors/Actresses from Fatiman Federation and Over the World.

Today, The Network is Improving in Order to Get more Viewers and Making RTV Realistic. With it's Good Economy and Rating in the Programs.

Our Goal is to Achieve Fatimans and Other Nationalities of Fatiman Federation Including the Indoeshes, The Ramseyians, The Linneschesterins and The Rasmussenians to Make Fatiman Federation Good at Media, With it's Good and Friendly Employees and Artists.

RTV is only the Best Television and Radio Network in the Fatiman Federation better than It's Competitors. We Want RTV Make Better and Nourish in it's way to Better Programming.

- Irene Manalaysay,
Former CEO of RTV


Firestonian Anti-Speeding PSA, Become Shocking and Shared in Facebook

Stepford, Hesskin Colony of Firestone
This is an Archive from an Old Website of RTV.

Firestone Department of Transportation Released an Comercial about Brutal Incident that Hit Camp Site of Girlguiding FS, It is Shared in Facebook to Fatimans, Robloxians, Victorian Canadians and Edeltians. It is had 2 Versions of the Commercial.

The Story was Rainbows, Brownies and Guides are Ready to out for an Camping, While the Female Teacher of Girlguiding Rushes because she's late for her class in Another Guides Session. Then the Car was Out of Control due to Speeding and Hits into Broken Brick Walls and Rainbows, Brownies and Guides ran but 4 Students hit by an car and 1 died inside the Car. After is the Empty Classroom and Man Saying in voice: "Do not Speed, You may Loose your Life. Be Safe and Smart on Driving. Stop Speeding, Follow Speed Limits".

Our Lady of Fatima University Released an Commercial in 1989 and 2000 that Similar to this but not Same Script, According to the Former Professor. An Car Crashing into an Column of Fatima Metro/City (An Rapid Transit in Fatima City) Line 1. Then an Student does an Unsafe Jaywalking and Hit by an Car, Then the Collision Spreads.

Fatiman Federation and Edeltia Banned this Ad for now due to Brutal Incident.

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Televise, Nieuws Indosejiken

Trash-probleem in Filippijnen: hoe de Fatimaanse federatie Canada's afval-export naar Filipijnen kan oplossen om bijna in de buitenwereld te komen
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Fatimanian Federation Premier Veinamin Zaytsev verklaart dat het Canadese afvaltransportprobleem in de Filipijnen zal worden opgelost door de prullenbak terug te brengen naar Canada of naar de Fatiman Federation te komen voor verder recyclen of verbranden.

"De Fatimaanse overheid lost de kwestie over Filippijnen op over Canadese afvaltransporten samen met de Our Lady of Fatima University voor Recycling Projectgebruik en DEANR voor milieubewaking tijdens deze situatie zal worden gebracht naar Lingunan Dumpsite, gelegen in Canumay-Oost.

Ons nieuwste beleid is van toepassing op de export van Canadese afval naar de federatie Fatimanian, die de afvaluitvoer beperkt tot 15.000 vrachtcontainers per week zoals geteld, en de containerdozen met restafval moeten de sticker van DEANR met rode en groene kleurclassificatie bevatten. Deze kleuren hebben geen giftige deeltjes of chemicaliën die in de vuilnis zitten en hebben giftige deeltjes of chemicaliën die deel uitmaken van de vuilnisbak. Deze stickers zouden na 15 uur op inspectie van toepassing zijn tijdens de pre-exportprocedure.

Na de inspectie moeten de ladingcontainers gescheiden zijn van andere goederen als de vuilnis toxische patrijzen of chemicaliën in de vuilnisbak bevat. zo niet, dezelfde procedure maar daarvoor moet het klaar zijn voor decontaminatie waarvan we de desinfectiesprayoplossing gebruiken van een sproeier van het rugzaktype. Dezelfde procedure voor containers bevat afval met toxische deeltjes of chemische stoffen die tijdens het desinfecteren bij de intermodale inspectie-faciliteiten van Fatimanian in de buurt van de Westbound Big Bayou-tunnel zijn geplaatst en zijn gelegen in Alaska, Verenigde Staten.

De container wordt alleen per trein verzonden als gevolg van zwaar beleid voor het verbieden van het exporteren van afval via water dat verontreiniging kan veroorzaken, ongeacht of het schip aan het zinken was of de lading van een schip was gevallen door een verkeerde positie om de ladingcontainer te plaatsen.

Na het betreden van de Amerikaans-Victoriaanse grens in de tunnel, moest het ook worden geïnspecteerd door de Fatimanian Customs en DEANR voor het betreden van de Fatimanian Federation, na het betreden van de Fatimanian Federation, De reis zal doorgaan naar Lingunan om Garbages of Fatima City weg te gooien voor OLFU's Recylcing-programma."

Tyfoon Hannah Hits Winstaad om middernacht, andere steden in Zuid-Fatimania bereidt zich voor op tyfoon
Winstaad, Zuidwestelijke Provincie

Op middernacht van 12.00 uur, sterke wind en bliksemschichten op Winstaad, waren veel bewoners bang vanwege bliksemschichten die ze bij hun huizen konden slaan. Anderen zijn Fleed naar andere steden in het noorden en midden van Fatimania om te bezoeken en bij hun familieleden te blijven.

Volgens DEANR Weather Division, That Typhoon Hitted Center of Winstaad Voorbereiding om Zuid van Lechinsk en Springfield, winkelcentra en overheidsinstellingen te treffen, zelfs scholen zijn gesloten vanwege Typhoon Occured en Heavy Flooding. We hebben een vrouwelijke werknemer ontmoet die werkt in een warenhuis die naar zijn werk gaat zonder de aankondiging te horen van de provinciale overheid van de provincie Zuidwest. Ze zei dat ze geen televisie, radio of internet heeft. Dus besloot ze te werken terwijl ze zwaar regende en de werkplek te controleren indien gesloten.

Ondertussen zijn in Marijol en Fatima City lichte regenen opgetreden, terwijl het stadsbestuur geen werk en klasseopschorting aankondigde vanwege het regenen van licht. Wat dan ook als Rain regen wordt, kondigt het stadsbestuur aan dat ze werken en klassen zullen schorsen. 2 steden.

Demografie 2030 in Indosejiken: Adamczykisme vs. Bolivarianisme in Edeltia, Hoe Franciszek Adamczyk en Leon Nowakowski debatteren over het vergelijken van socialisme en anarcho-kapitalisme, betwisten van hulp met Cristina Fernández de Kirchner voor Franciszek en Nicholas Maduro voor Leon

Onlangs protesteerde Partia Socjalistyczna Edeltija momenteel tegen Adamczyk na de strijd tegen Leon Nowakowski voor zijn voorzitterschap in 2025.

Momenteel droomt Liliana Adamczyk ervan president te zijn in 2025, net als in de Edeltiaanse Anarcho-kapitalistische Partij, terwijl Nadia Kinski voor de Liberale Partij van Edeltia, Wiktoria Aporatew voor de Volkspartij voor Edelen en Leon Nowakowski voor de marxistisch-bolivariër Partia Socjalistyczna Edeltija.

De kwesties voor het socialisme in Edeltia is de burger niet de gunst van het socialisme te wijten aan hongersnood in het noordwesten van Edeltia inclusief woiwodschap Jageodlian, het woiwodschap Canton, het woiwodschap Kratow en het woiwodschap Zapomnisz. En Edeltia veranderen in een Venezolaanse regering.

Hun gunst van het anarcho-kapitalisme was het toenemende niveau van de economie, een goede regering en het niet kortsluiten van de productie van ruwe olie. Zelfs de niet-kortsluiting van kostbare snack in Edeltia, brosse pinda.

De eerste kwestie voor het argument is het verzoeken om hulp aan Cristina Kirchner en Nicholas Maduro, waarom de wereldleiders van Zuid-Amerika worden genoemd? Omdat Trump en Andrés Manuel López Obrador het oneens waren om hen te helpen vanwege Border Wall? Waarom de Vietnamese en Filippijnse leiders niet bellen zodat ze het argument konden afhandelen. En dat is niet hoe Aiding into a Nation Works werkt. Daar is iets voor genaamd Alliance genaamd.

De tweede kwestie voor het argument is The Next Leader, hetzelfde als de 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections Fraud en 1986 Philippine Presidential Elections Fraud waarin Corazon Aquino en Ferdinand Marcos betwistten. Wat als Liliana en Leon samen debatteren? Zal Leon de landstrijdkrachten van Edeltia uitleggen om een ​​coup te maken om haar te verwijderen tijdens het presidentschap of om een ​​gewapende vleugel van de partia Socjalistyczna Edeltija te maken? Het probleem blijft bestaan ​​als Liliana Adamczyk is benoemd tot president na de verkiezingen. Maar zo niet waar Leon niet wint tijdens de verkiezingen en Kinski wint, zal het probleem veranderen in rebellie, gebaseerd op de communistische opstand in de Filippijnen en FARC Conflict in Columbia.

De laatste kwestie voor het argument is de economie, wat gebeurt er met precies de economie? Zal veranderen in onrust en de protesten begonnen zoals in Venezuela? Ja, als Leon opsteeg als voorzitter. Niet als Liliana, Nadia of Wiktora op troon kwamen.

Edeltia zal zijn eerste problemen maken na jaren van geen problemen op exact een jaar na de invasie van Edeltian door Japan als verantwoordelijke voor het maken van Arabische JRA en het verwijderen van de eerste federale republiek, totdat de verkiezingen in 2025 komen. Er is een kans om te winnen voor Liliana Adamczyk.

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Get Updates on World Hit Festival from RTV Fun!

Official Channel of World Hit Festival 46

Lenoid Crimieliyev Joins WHF46 with his Song "Je hebt een speeltje in mij!"

The Special Series of Le FatimanienChanson (The Orchestra) where Only Orchestra Tune is Allowed, So the 70s Singer and Comedian also Brother of Natalia, Lenoid Crimieliyev with his Indoesh Song called "Je hebt een speeltje in mij!" in Dutch.

According to the Announcement from the World Hit Festival Overseer Fabio McAlpine, That World Hit Festival 46 will be an Largest Season of World Hit Festival Series, Due to Complicated Schedules of Fatiman Federation's Long Time Participation in World Hit Festival 42 at Altan, Kalosia, Fatiman Federation will not Ask to Participate Robloxia into World Hit Festival due to People didn't Understand Robloxian Properly. While Edeltian and Other Fatimanic Languages like Fatiman, Indoesh, Ramseyian, Rasmussenian, Edeltian, Firestonian, Eden-Edeltian, Eden-Firestonian and Firestonian Gaelic. And Also this Song Contest Don't Allow Plagiarized Songs, So Lenoid Decided to Change the Title from You Got a Friend and Me to Je hebt een speeltje in mij! in Other Language.

Lenoid was Fluent in 4 Languages, Fatiman, Indoesh, Russian and Filipino but he is Primarily in Fatiman and Indoesh, While he is Still Learning about Dutch in order to Join WorldVision Song Contest.

Natalia Said, That Lenoid will Keep Great at this Contest because he was an Original 70s Singer and Also an Comedian. His Song was Composed to 1981 Film, Kindertheater.

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Fatiman Federation (Indo States) | WHF49
Angelica Magsaysay - Jamais N'Dêixar Cesterin Flané

Translation of Title: Never Stop Following You
Language: Fatiman
Music: Andrea Magsaysay (Piano), Cedric Umali (Drums) and Angelina Magsaysay (Synth)
Lyrics: Andrea Magsaysay
Tune: LinkSonia - You'll Never Stop Me Loving You

Broadcaster: RTV (Radio Television Fatimania)
Trigramme: Fatiman Federation, FET

Fatiman Federation (Indo States) | WHF50
Angelica Magsaysay - Cherish Life

Translation of Title:
Language: English
Music: Andrea Magsaysay (Piano), Cedric Umali (Drums) and Angelina Magsaysay (Synth)
Lyrics: Andrea Magsaysay
Tune: LinkSonia - Listen to your Heart

Broadcaster: RTV (Radio Television Fatimania)
Trigramme: Fatiman Federation, FET

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