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The Encyclopedia Alexzonya

The Encyclopedia Alexzonya is a joint project of the Alexzonyan Foreign Affairs Advisory and the University of Alexzonya system. Originally organized as an electronic encyclopedia initiative with a focus on history, policy, and foreign affairs, the project quickly came to the attention of the Foreign Affairs Advisory. The Advisory is always seeking tools to expand knowledge of Alexzonya and her perspectives to the galaxy at large, and saw potential for the distribution of the Encyclopedia Alexzonya outside of the GRA's internal networks. The result of the collaboration has since outgrown its roots due to a dedicated effort by University and Advisory personnel to update and expand the collections to include entries on galactic affairs and foreign nations. The objective, now, of the Encyclopedia Alexzonya is to become a go-to source of knowledge of foreign affairs, from the mundane to the details. Entries can also be contributed by outsiders to these agencies, and will be baked into new builds after review. To allow local access, Encyclopedia repositories are housed at most Alexzonyan embassies (with connection points at consulates as well), where they are connected to the local data networks for public access. These repositories are updated periodically when new builds of the encyclopedia are released; a large undertaking that requires an intricate dance of logistics to rolls out consistently. Still, the GRA's government views the effort as a necessary cost to maintaining so useful an information and public relations tool.