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National Federation Factbook - Topic Portals

Topic Portals

This is a miscellaneous page within the National Federation Factbook, containing an index of articles relevant to certain topics.

Overview Portal

"Let's take the 30,000 foot view, shall we?
This portal contains articles relevant to a general overview of the Federation.

  • Overview - A broad overview of most aspects of the Federation.

  • Military - A broad overview of the Federation's military.

  • FAQ - A list of assorted questions frequently asked about the Federation. Under indefinite expansion.

Technology Portal

"Technology is the ever-evolving sword and shield of mankind."
This portal contains articles relevant to the technology and infrastructure of the Federation.

Diplomacy Portal

"Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions."
This portal contains articles relevant to relations between other nations and the Federation.

Fiction Portal

"Who's to say what's the truth and what's not?"
This portal contains fiction taking place within the world of the Federation, both canon and non-canon.

  • Federation News Service - A largely-canon news service covering events across the Federation and Luna.

  • Coming soon: Drive - Nobody expected this prototype to work. After all, the last sixty-four had failed miserably. But it did work... and it changed everything.

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