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by The Don't You Forget About Me of Eripolis. . 434 reads.

The Bar's embassy closure and TNP's conspiracy

Our embassy with The Bar on the corner of every region is closing soon. Reminds me of a particular region, The North Pacific.
Many of TNP's members have virulent hatred towards me because, apparently, I'm trying to undermine their "glorious, supreme, and infallible" region. Either that or they needed something to hate just because, and I drew the short straw. That joke I made on the TNP RMB was just that, a joke. Now with The Bar withdrawing, TNP's behind it. They coerced The Bar into closing embassies with us, either they would do that or TNP invades them and destroys them. New Jermany wasn't going to be able to fend off a region of upwards of 8,000 nations. The situation could have been resolved with a simple "could you tone down the roleplay a little bit" and I would have complied in full, but Lake of fur took it too far.
When I liken TNP to a cancer, it's not me exaggerating. It really is a cancer, taking over otherwise innocent regions both to grow itself and to supposedly fight the "threat" that I apparently pose. TNP's ultimate goal is to run me off of this website entirely. If you really wanted me gone why don't you report me already? Stop putting it off then.