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Interview with Teresa Casamigos, Olympic Medalist

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ROCKY: Good morning, Los Mescaleros! Waking up to another gorgeous day here at Margarita Beach, not a cloud in the sky, just thankful to be alive another day in Great Tequila Island. Hi I’m Rocky Reyes and this is Tequila Sunrise on Radio R4, 99.5FM, Great Tequila Island’s Favorite Rock! Check us out on MyFace Live, WhoTube, and Twitcher. Or ask your Smart Speaker to play “Tequila Sunrise” every weekday from 6-10am. Be sure to like and subscribe and follow us or whatever you do to keep current with what’s going on. Let us know what’s on your mind, and give us your permission to repost your compliments and selfies on our website at www.TequilaSunrise/R4.GTI. Okay. Like a piping hot cup of coconut Kona, we are here to keep you alive on your morning commute. Let’s see what we’ve got on the agenda for today…

ELENA: Well, Rocky, we have a special guest on the line this morning. All the way from Central in Shuell, we’ll have Olympic track and field silver-medalist Teresa Casamigos up in just a moment for our first segment.

ROCKY, AZUCENA, TREY: All right! Cool! Awesome!

ROCKY: All that, plus traffic with Elena, weather with Azucena, and sports with Tray. We’ll be right back with Olympic runner Teresa Casamigos after this commercial break.

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ROCKY: All right then, this segment of the show brought to you by Tequilan Airlines, half the fun is getting there indeed. So Elena, do we have our very special guest on the line?

ELENA: We’ve got her.

ROCKY: Let’s welcome Teresa Casamigos, Silver Medalist in the Women’s 800 meters, and hometown favorite calling in from the Olympic Village in Shuell. Teresa, bienvenida y qué tal!

TERESA: Thank you. Thank you. I’m happy to be with you.

ELENA: What time is it in Shuell right now?

TERESA: You know what? I don’t even know. I’ve been up for so long already. It’s like the middle the afternoon here.

ROCKY: Congratulations on your silver medal. We’re all so proud of you. What was it like, running the 800 meters?

TERESA: Yes. Thank you. Oh my God, I still can’t believe it. You know, all I can tell you is I kept thinking about just getting to the finish line and doing my best. I was so surprised when they told me I came in second overall.

TREY: You’re the first woman from The Island to ever medal in the 800 Meters! How does that feel?

TERESA: I just heard that too. I’m so… Still in shock. Oh my my. Wow. Well, we have an amazing team of coaches and trainers here. And of course my team mates inspire me to do my best every day. They are just the best. We’re getting to be so close here. So, feels great!

AZUCENA: Teresa, what’s it like at the Olympic Village? How’re you getting along?

TERESA: Well, I gotta tell you. Everyone is treating us so well. Of course we are bunking with the delegations from Gardavasque, Ecclesiastical Dominions, and The Lavender Country, so it feels like we are one big messy family.

ROCKY: This is your first time traveling off the Island, right?

TERESA: Oh yeah. You know back home in Great Tequila Island, we meet a lot of people from other countries who come for vacation or conventions or whatever. And I used to tend bar in Los Mescaleros, so, like, I had plenty of customers from places Laeral or Trive, and I had considered myself, like, knowledgeable you know?

ROCKY: Right.

TERESA: But then, yesterday I met this athlete, a member of the fencing team from Kerlile who accidentally got on the wrong bus with us. And I was like, “Where are you from?” And she was like, “I’m from Kerlile. Long live the Matriarchy.” And I was like, “What?” She was so confident and full of a sense of wonder. And so I gave her a shot of tequila, you know for good luck, right?”

ROCKY, ELENA, AZUCENA, TREY: Oh no! Ha ha! What? Oh my God! Are you serious? You didn’t!

ROCKY: So I don’t even know… Where is Kerlile?

ELENA: If I’m not mistaken, Kerlile is next to Lauchenoiria, right?

TERESA: I don’t even know for sure. I just know by about the fourth shot, she was definitely ready to loosen up and have some fun for a change. So… I hope I don’t get her in trouble… so I’m not gonna say her name. So anyway, by the third or fourth shot, she was telling me all about Kerlile, and I was telling her all about Great Tequila Island.

ROCKY: Tell us something about Kerlile.

TERESA: Well, for one thing, it’s like this matriarchal society where the women are in charge of everything, but they are not usually allowed to travel very much, because it’s illegal to emigrate from Kerlile. She mentioned that even though women are in total control, she doesn’t feel like she has freedom of choice to live how she wants.

AZUCENA: Oh interesting.

TERESA: Yeah. So she had a lot of like deep emotions to share talking about her country. And like it even got me emotional. She started crying, and then I was crying. She was already drunk off of just four or five shots. I was almost like this close to kissing her at one point, but then she got like sick to her stomach and we had to call her coach. I think we told the coach, she got dehydrated, so she wouldn’t get her in trouble. But yeah.

ROCKY: You’re listening to Tequila Sunrise on Radio R4, FM99.5. We’ll be right back with our interview with Teresa Casamigos, Great Tequila Island’s first medalist at the 2019 Shuell Olympic Games after this commercial break.

To be continued...