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Article for SNN | 2nd Edition


AI startup company begins mass production of humanoid robots

---(Silicon Canyon, Toshavo) - AI startup, NovaVita has unveiled the world's first "android humanoid." The eerily realistic imitations of humans was presented a the Varshava Tech Expo; the largest gathering of technology exhibitions in the country.

The three androids presented, "Leo," "Fiona," and "Alex" performed their high-tech capabilities to an astonished crowd. They were told to do various tasks, such as speaking different languages, singing, throwing and catching objects with pin-point accuracy and even dancing.

The company was founded by Valery Gavin in 2016 as a robotics designer and manufacturer. The company gained international attention when their AI chatbot, Lana, publicly passed the Turing test in 2018.

With high demand, the company launched the chatbot as a virtual personal assistant for people's homes. NovaVita, now quickly becoming the leading AI development company has impressed investors and tech companies alike and have been given millions for further research. The company is currently valued at a whopping 30 billion in 2019.

According to Mr. Gavin, their intelligent androids can look after your house, mind your children, organize appointments, speak 300 languages, cook over 7,000 dishes and can even be used a sexual partner. The androids do not require charging and is equipped with a quantum battery that make the bot autonomous for 100+ years.

With an increasingly automated and AI-run world, the robotics industry has exploded in the last five years and are well on their way to become the next blue-chip corporations. However many criticize this level of automation and AI development; and have been warned by numerous pundits about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

It is clear we are now a the precipice of the greatest technological shift in Strangerealean history, with lasting impacts and implications. Are we, as a civilization getting ready to pass the promethean flame? Perhaps it is time to look at ourselves if our advanced technology have made us playing the gods.

But until then, the world stands quiet, staring at the next evolution of our species.

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