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Back Country Policy

The Leader wanted to build his new "Back Country" nation (the name was on the deed and treaties) into something better. For now it was socialist, but he could see bringing in some companies once he got things rolling. He didn't want a lot of inequality, though, as a junior teller in his previous life, he'd seen how destructive it was (in fact, it was why he'd bothered to collect all that incriminating evidence). Welfare and police were actually pretty good in BC, and employment was high; Even incomes weren't bad. They sorely needed some education, though, and scientific advancement.

The Leader wanted a reasonable military, say 2% GDP, and nukes. A good environment was important, because he had a healthy rain forest and his strongest industry was agriculture. He had no great desire to be a big gambling center, that was the old biddy's plan.

Foreign policy-wise, BC would be engaged but non-interventionist. It was hard to believe that anyone would go kill people just for him, though, so he didn't plan on invading. He also had no great desire to have a secret police, either, since that just made all his customers jumpy at the bank. For the moment, his big goals were to reduce the size of the government, and increase education. The rest would come in time.