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Welcome to the Valsoran Archives

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Welcome to the Valsoran Archive

The Valsoran Archive is a documenting service provided to all nations residing in Valsora. Aiming to document all events in an easy-to-navigate directory. We cover events of significant importance. Such as, but not limited to:
-Military Engagements
-Terrorist/Insurgent Attacks & Organizations
-International Summits
-Eras of significant diplomatic tension

Questions & Answers

Q. I declared war on a nation, why isn't my event covered yet?

A. Like everything, I need time to create your event and code a dispatch plus the creation of all images needed. I may take a while to log on due to IRL stuff, but I'll catch up to it eventually.

Also, be sure to tag/mention Valsoran Archives in ALL posts about that event. I will be quoting each individual post in its own separate dispatch to make those following your event read your posts significantly easier.

Q. Wait, but why is the information wrong about my event?

A. I make mistakes sometimes. If you do spot anything incorrect, be sure to telegram me about it.

Q. Who the hell actually are you?

A. I'm The United Bilingual Tea Kingdom of Gorbastan.

Q. Why didn't you cover my latest event?

A. I can only do so much as a single person. Your event may unfortunately not be of interest to myself or others.

Q. Do you cover anything outside of Valsora?

A. No, I do not. The Valsoran Archives cover In-Character events in the Valsoran community. This also means that nations roleplaying elsewhere, such as in outer space are not covered. However, Valsoran nations roleplaying scientific breakthroughs in space may be covered.