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The North Star - Issue XIII, November 2019

NPA Bulletin
by Robespierre, Minister of Defense


Minister of Defense (MoD): General LinkRobespierre
Deputy Ministers of Defense (DMoDs):
Colonel LinkKoopa and Colonel LinkTrondstorm

Troops from the Legio Pacifica of the New Pacific Order arrive at the North Pacific Army's military base stationed on the outskirts of Magicality City in preparation for the East Pacific's liberation effort

Lieutenant LinkAgadir was Linkpromoted to Captain
Private First Class LinkGorundu was Linkpromoted to Corporal
Private LinkGreater Saint-Paul was Linkpromoted to Private First Class
Corporal Rom was Linkpromoted to Sergeant
Warrant Officer (DMoD) LinkTrondstorm was Linkpromoted to Lieutenant

Phew! Finally, the waifu uprising has been laid to rest! … If you’ll remember back to the North Star’s last installment of the NPA Bulletin (TNS Issue XII) then you might recall how we had a bit of an epidemic going on for a while there. I have no shame in admitting that at one point they even managed to corrupt yours truly with cuteness, but luckily I’ve since come to my senses and so have most of the other soldiers for the most part. Nonetheless, you still have menaces like Gorundu and Koopa lurking in the shadows; not to mention that mega-nerd Bobberino. They’re always preying on potato peelers in the hopes that they’ll lure them to the animator’s lab >_>

Anyhow, so goes another month of fun in the North Pacific Army! The flavour of this month’s activities? Righteous liberations and coup fighting! (Plus supporting our allies from abroad, that too!) On the fifteenth (15th) of October’s major update troops from the Legio Pacifica of the New Pacific Order, the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization, the South Pacific Special Forces, the Rejected Realms Army, the Europeian Republican Navy, and the East Pacific Sovereign Army all participated in a large-scale joint operation that would later see the East Pacific liberated from the clutches of the tyrannical Fedelegate. The operation was lead by moi with backup triggering assistance from General Zazumo and Colonel Bobberino. All and all, this endeavour was a huge success on the part of our organization and on the part of our allies.

Next up, we have … more defending?! On the twenty-first (21st) of October's minor update, the North Pacific Army, along with the Rejected Realms Army and the South Pacific Special Forces, conducted a set detag operations in which eight regions were hit with two teams. A total of eighteen soldiers participated with twelve of them being from the North’s barracks. We made up for it though, because on the twenty-fourth (24th) of October's major update we embarked on a raiding excursion that saw our soldiers accompanied by the Sekhmet Legion of Osiris. I promise I'm not turning the NPA fenda

With the Ministry of Defense being at its midterm, one can only await what slew of incoming announcements may be coming in the next week. At present, the newly-seated Delegate of the East Pacific, Marrabuk, has distanced himself from transitional Delegate/Vizier Aelitia by a margin of twenty endorsements. In a short address given before the Officer Corps late last night, the Minister of Defense promised to begin withdrawing transitional troops from the East Pacific in the coming days. The High Command is currently monitoring the differential in endorsements for the two East Pacificans so as to ensure that the removal of NPA intervention from the region is sustainable, as forum records currently reflect that approximately thirty-five members deployed to aid TEP sovereignty.

Lastly, as I’m sure many have already noticed: McMasterdonia was seated as Delegate of the North Pacific twenty days ago! In spectacular fashion, the North Pacific Army was able to make their jump on the East Pacific in the same twenty-four-hour time span as they propelled the Delegate-Elect of the North Pacific over the threshold to overtake outgoing Delegate El Fiji Grande. Both Delegacy transitions were strongly aided by the North Pacific’s finest, but we can’t take all the credit in these endeavours because hadn’t it been for fantastic native populations none of this would have been possible. As always, thank you to our natives.

Whether it was upholding treaty obligations, hosting joint operations, liberating GCRs, conducting training missions, teaching upcoming officers how to trigger, or raiding all the livelong day - one thing remains as true a statement as ever: The North Pacific Army is versatile, agile, and hopefully here in the next few days mobile as well ;) Cheers!

Regional Assembly Highlights September 2019

by Kaschovia, Legislative Correspondent

Regional Assembly Highlights, October 2019

Speaker: LinkGorundu
Deputy Speakers: LinkYukkira, LinkDarcania


The proposals that passed through the Regional Assembly in the month of October were the 'Emergency Flag Bill', and the 'Peace Terms Acceptance Amendment'.

LinkEmergency Flag Bill by Darcania

Summary: Due to Tinypic™ shutting down, our flag and coat of arms ended up becoming Linkthis image. Deputy Speaker Darcania immediately proposed reverting the images back to their previous conditions.

Results: 34 ayes, 3 nays, and 1 abstention.

Status: Passed

LinkPeace Terms Acceptance Amendment by IkeaRike

Summary: An amendment to Section 6.4, Clause 18 of the Legal Code, this bill clarifies conditions around the recognition of all terms, formal or otherwise, rather than just treaties, that can end a war, and establishing a voting requirement for ending wars through a simple majority vote in the Regional Assembly.

Results: 22 ayes, 9 nays, and 4 abstention.

Status: Passed

Current Business

The proposals discussed for the month of October were the 'Lessening Repeating Work (L.R.W.) Bill', and 'Criminalising Espionage in Our Partner Regions'.

LinkThe Lessening Repeating Work (L.R.W.) Bill by Praetor

Summary: An amendment to the way that elections are run in the North Pacific. This bill introduces some grammatical fixes to the election laws, changes the method of election for Court Justices to a preferential voting system instead of first past the post, and includes methods for dealing with candidates that either become ineligible or withdraw during the voting period. This bill additionally deals with instances of ties at the end of the voting period.

Status: In Discussion

LinkCriminalising Espionage in Our Partner Regions by St George

Summary: An amendment to Section 1.2 of the Legal Code, criminalises espionage in all of our partner regions through the rewording of several clauses, so that alliances ratified by the Regional Assembly, and non-aggression pacts, are included.

Status: In Discussion

LinkClarifying Vagueness in Peace Terms Amendment by Dinoium

Summary: As the title suggests, this proposal aims to amend both a grammatical error, and a vagueness in wording of the Peace Terms Amendment bill passed by the Regional Assembly.

Status: In Discussion

World Assembly Digest

by Brendog, World Assembly Correspondent

General Assembly
Improving the world one resolution at a time

Repeal "Preventing Desertification"

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For
Final Vote (World): For - 11,639 (86.6%); Against - 1,797 (13.4%)
Final Vote (TNP): For - 465 (90.0%); Against - 51 (10.0%)
Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 39.5%

Recommendation: The target resolution was an attempt to address the damaging consequences of desertification with a call to action on member states to confront the phenomenon within their nation and a grant of authority to the WA Environmental Council to oversee such efforts. Based on the proposed repeal and our previous arguments found during the voting period of the original proposal, we find the measures urged by this proposal both weak and fair ineffective. Various aspects of desertification and the contributing factors therein are generally ignored and vaguely defined when addressed. The duties granted to the WAEC are fundamentally insufficient to address the alleged magnitude of the issue. This has unfortunately created a resolution that is fiscally unproductive and blocks stronger potential legislation on the subject.

Seeing that this proposed repeal is an ends of means for paving the way for new and improved legislation on this topic, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this repeal resolution.

Ban on Sterilisation of Minors Etc

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For
Final Vote (World): For - 10,312 (76.7%); Against - 3,139 (23.3%)
Final Vote (TNP): For - 440 (84.5%); Against - 81 (15.5%)
Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 41.3%

Recommendation: This proposal is intended to fill a gap that was highlighted in previous legislation attempts at addressing the rights those who are seeking surgery to alter their sexual identity. This issue boils down to legal guardians having full authority on the sterilisation of their minors they are legally responsible for. This surgery, by nature, is totally irreversible and therefore requires a high level of scrutiny when making this very sensitive medical decision. As such, this proposal will aim to prevent dangerous and/or coerced surgery that the minor does not want or need. This will reduce possible abuse and give rights to those minors who would otherwise be helpless in this situation should it involve parental/guardian bad actors.

In conclusion, it is great to be able to work with and support Imperium Anglorum as a WALL ally in assisting this proposal in passing. Therefore, in accordance with the reasoning displayed above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

Responsible Land Mangement

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For
Final Vote (World): For - 11,351 (76.9%); Against - 3,409 (23.1%)
Final Vote (TNP): For - 481 (91.5%); Against - 61 (8.5%)
Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 42.8%

Recommendation: This proposal aims to minimize environmentally harmful practices and effects that may lead to desertification. This is achieved through the establishment of a committee that tasks with testing, reporting, and educating member nations so as to how to most effectively deal with the various environmental hazards present in their local region(s). The proposal further targets a few specific scenarios that narrow the scope of the resolution somewhat. While not ideal, this proposal is harmless in application and will work to provide a net gain in environmental awareness and quality to WA member nations.

In accordance with this reasoning, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

Financial and Economic Education

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For
Final Vote (World): For - 11,435 (84.0%); Against - 2,185 (16.0%)
Final Vote (TNP): For - 482 (91.5%); Against - 45 (8.5%)
Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 42.0%

Recommendation: The GA proposal "Financial and Economic Education" aims to increase general awareness of important topics such as financial mathematics, currency, and economics, all of which are pivotal concepts that are greatly beneficial to learn. This goal of increasing knowledge among the populace is to be achieved by mandating WA member nations to educate its citizens on these important financial and economic concepts. This acquired knowledge of said concepts can make it significantly easier for those transitioning into adulthood to manage their life and get adjusted to adult living.

Seeing how this proposal is completely beneficial to the greater WA community, the Ministry of WA Affairs recommends a vote For this proposal.

Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For
Final Vote (World): For - 13,316 (91.4%); Against - 1,246 (8.6%)
Final Vote (TNP): For - 483 (85.5%); Against - 82 (14.5%)
Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 44.9%

Recommendation: The GA Proposal “Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools” aims to promote and provide for the furthering of the teaching of the natural sciences. While this goal is admirable, the proposal falls victim to vague language, incorrect definitions, and troublesome clauses that leave open the possibility of abuse. The definition of 'natural science' becomes an issue because the sciences that are listed refer to various physical and natural sciences instead of exclusively natural sciences as the definition would suggest. This defined science also has zero requirements to be peer-reviewed or validated so as to maintain scientific uniformity across WA member nations. The proposal goes on to refer to the term 'Natural Science' only once before abandoning it after clause 2 for the more general term of 'science' for the remainder of the proposal. Furthermore, Clause 6 allows for religious influence over the aforementioned sciences which further undermines the purpose of this proposal by allowing flawed religious historical beliefs to influence the teaching and understand of natural science which is crucial for a functional, modern society.

In hoping of a redraft or another proposal to cover this important topic, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.

Security Council
Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary

Repeal "Condemn The Black Hawks"

Status: Failed | Delegate's Vote: Against
Final Vote (World): For - 2,206 (17.6%); Against - 10,271 (82.4%)
Final Vote (TNP): For - 50 (9.7%); Against - 463 (90.3%)
Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 40.1%

Recommendation: This is the third time that the Security Council has voted upon a repeal of the original condemn The Black Hawks resolution. Raider groups consider condemnations such as this to be a badge of honour, a recognition of the role they play as the villains within the context of military-based gameplay. The original resolution (SC #52) is both of historical significance and is a snapshot in time of The Black Hawk’s early contribution to NationStates. It would be very difficult and unlikely that this resolution, if it were to be repealed, would be replaced by a more detailed resolution that covered that early history of The Black Hawks and their influence on the multiverse.

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs believes that little has changed since the last repeal attempt of this resolution. The Black Hawks are deserving of both of their condemnations and continue to be a real threat to founderless regions. Therefore the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.

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