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European Affairs (Even though this is Komahina.): Chapter 3: Z-Day is Zombie Day

Chapter 1:
Written in the POV of Diamonds from Cardverse
Twice upon multiple times, there were a people. This time, it is my people. In the United States of Europe, there lives many NationStates. I, for one, have lived here all my life. For once, I disappeared. But, I came back, and besides, that is another tale for another time.
At current times, the Nation most frequent in interstate affairs is doing what he does best: avoiding breaking laws in technicality, yet insulting the higher-ups. Although, as all we are concerned, the only ones in existence are the ones who pop in for a chat.
“Why must Eurofounder dismiss all new foriegn inquiries?!” Laver questions rhetorically.
Poliet, Eurofounder’s delegated officer, cocks a brow. “The latest was from the Contradictory Nations of Europe but better. They’re so much of a halarity that their name is specifically lower cased! You cannot possibly be suggesting we have an embassy with them!”
Laver laughs. ”You know me well , kind sir. I merely meant the embassies in general.”
“Ah, but be careful with your words,” Poliet concluded, passing away into the shadows.
“He’s gone,” Laver whispered jokingly.
“Whom do speak of?” the lady Miharr whispered back.
“The po-po Poliet.” I curtsy alone, for none else would humour such courtliness with me. “I heard one refer to police as such.
As Narrator, I won’t be able to observe everything, so there may be some clips not fully understood. Anyhow, Miharr is my fellow artist and grammar nazi. We also just so happen to come from the same United States, are bi, and democratic socialists.
“Have you heard of what Sverige has been reporting to the revolutionaries?” I give Miharr a nudge. “How funny; I saw you there once. I, for one, have no idea what that was about. However, as a revolutionary, I saw reports of the extreme sort on Laver, Rivierenland, Scarlett, and mayhap others.”
“Oh,” Scarlett begins. “Well, all is well.”
“All those Swedes and their appalling shenanigans,” Laver curses.
“I’ll have to ask of it, then,” I conclude.
“I don’t surmise I’ve anything to do with this,” Rivierenland says.
“You likely haven’t anything to do with such,” Corthaen reassures.
“Eh, I’m going to get us some Iwakuian cookies,” I say, making my way out.
“I’ll come along and assist,” Scarlett joins me. “And I trust you mean biscuits?”
“Yes,” Potus adds. “The more cookies the better!”
In the hallway, I answer her, “Yes. In fact, I did.” With that, I spell us away to Iwaku’s markets.
The place’s full name is in fact “The Glorious Nations of Iwaku”, and there is in fact an “Iwaku” and “Glorious Nations of Iwaku.” There is a girl who always seems to be playing piano and another who eats Nations who have ceased to exist. We grab some adorable treats and head back home.
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Chapter 2:

Chapter 1: page=dispatch/id=1259782

When we got back, everyone had begun on a new subject: N-day. It's when everyone has the decision to join a faction or not. I personally, have never participated in it before. After N-Day comes Z-Day, when, last year, around 500 quadrillion citizens died because of the zombies.
Europe had a faction last year, but this time, it seems be that we're joining Forest's. It just so happens that I found Forest via another nation there before I found that Forest has an embassy with Europe.
Europe's faction's called "European Defence Forces", which thoroughly reminds me a NationStates roleplay Discord where my nation's specialties were Defensive and Learned. Strategic Specialists in N-Day, after all, receive 50% more shield.
Forest's faction, the one we're in now, is called "Canopy". I don't want to participate, though I did get the Canopy Discord. (If anyone"s on that, I did say I'm a military specialist on it.) Therefore, I'll just be on the sidelines and not join a faction.
It seems be that Scarlett was targeted, but that nation was already destroyed when I went to look. Canopy has been in third place on all the times I've looked. A nation is destroyed when it reaches 100% radiation. The radiation would, of course, result in the zombies of Z-Day. Outer Sparta, too was targeted once. I wonder what it's be like if no one used any nukes on N-Day?
Laver made a dispatch (page=dispatch/id=1263089) for N-Day, with a list of people and their specialties. He's a Strategic Specialist while Scarlett's a Economic Specialist. Miharr's a Military Specialist like me. Economic Specialists can hold 200 Production rather than the 50 the rest of us get. Strategic Specialists can make shield more efficiently. As a military Specialist, the same amount of production can be used to make 2/3 more nukes than shields.
When I first saw Scarlett's Nuke page, it said that someone had already targeted her. A whole bunch of people in Canopy were shielding nukes, though. This one time, Laver shielded Scarlett's incoming nukes. True couple moment right there. OwO.
Miharr didn't join a faction either, so I suppose we were both watching from the sidelines.
N-Day was 5pm to 5pm EST on September 6&7 this year. The first one was actually in March. This was N-Day 4 and Z-Day will be Z-Day 8.
Now that it's over, people are congratulating each other on it. Canopy got second place, even though we thought we were goint to stay in third. UPPERCUTS started up strong, with first place like they had before, but got in last because Horseman of the Apocalypse nuked them too much. Horseman is now in first.
There was a point September 6th night when we had to shield other Canopy members' Nukes because they were called off. It seemes to me not a single one that showed up on Canopy wasn't shielded down.
There were some people talking about how Z-Day was better than N-Day. Poliet thinks so, and I saw a few others in Iwaku. I suppose we'll see.

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Z-day's the one that affects all the stats. There's a percentage radiation for N-Day, but Z-Day gets Survivors, Zombies, Deaths, and Infected. Those are the only region-wide stats other than Nations, and, of course, the N-Day Radiation.
Of course, Z-Day happens around Halloween. It actually lasts more than just a day. (36 hours.) On the Zombie Control page, you can see the exact population of your nation! (Yes, I was very excited to see that.)
The funny thing is, now people are saying N-Day's better, while they said that Z-day was back during N-Day. Now, we may need a poll on this. I don't have a preference and am too into the other aspects of NationStates. After Z-Day this year, I have to say I prefer it to N-Day, even though it's not as voluntary. I got to be lazy, but at the same time, I get to do more. The countdown also reminded me of when trading cards just came out. Unlike the cards, though, clicking the button resets the timer. Ai, was it hard only curing 1 million each time with Komahina. Speaking of Komahina, I'm having a lot of fun with the nation. I'm planning on changing its flag every week, but I should probably find more. (I found more and will probably change it once a few days before the weekly schedule.)
At the very end of Z-Day, I had been waiting to shoot a cure missile. I went, "I wasted 20 seconds of my life!"
Overall, it was a lot of fun. Even if I did lose some sleep and a mini-book in the process. (Latter non-related;former very much so.) I do believe it was my first time posting on TNP's RMB. Hopefully, I'll be remembered as the "At your service" girl.
I did make sure some of my friends were fully cured. However, no hard feelings if it didn't happen to you. For the most part, I cured whoever I just so happened to see on the board, and of course, those who asked for it.
Tusen takk to everyone who helped in the cure against zombies. There may always be more zombies than survivors, but we wouldn't get what we could done if everyone who participated didn't.
I Managed to get top 5% in survivors in Leranditale and top 10% in Diamonds from Cardverse. I didn't really like the fact that many of the nations had killing squads, though it may be better than zombie empires? Perhaps, the empires make too quick a fight? I can't be sure. Anyways, it isn't plausible to expect everyone to join the cure. We got what we could, and at least more people survived by percentage (and count) than last year.
Overall, Z-Day 8 was a success. I hope we have a good time next year.