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FAQ and Pet Peeves (OOC)

Due to the WIP nature of the factbook and the propensity of people to jump to conclusions, I'm going to have an OOC page to explain what this country is about along with any questions you have about it. I'm also going to call out behaviors and general tendencies I have noticed here that grate on me.

Also, here's my SPECIAL Stats for the Fallout RP.


  • Is this the CSA?
    No, it's not. They're two completely separate governments. The Fallout version is at least 200 years ahead. The flag is something the CSA would never adopt, since the whole point of the Confederate battle flag was to be DIFFERENT from the Star-Spangled Banner, in order to identify units during battle. There is no way that the actual Confederacy would adopt some combination of the Star-Spangled Banner. The borders of the RCAS also are the exact opposite of what Southerners wanted at the time. They seceded to AVOID having to deal with Northern free states. Ironically, the RCAS, in the Fallout lore, abolished slavery and reunited the nation.

  • Is there slavery?
    No. This is a country hellbent of removing racial minorities from the nation. What would they enslave? Whites? They also are a modern industrial economy. Hell, they have robots and automated industry. Slavery isn't even a possibility in such circumstances. In fact, the RCAS abolished slavery early in its history, during the beginnings of the Risorgimento.

  • Why you called them the 'Confederate American SU' then?
    SU stands for states and UNIONS by the way. It's 'States and Syndicates' now, but it was too late to change my official NationStates name. Basically, the RCAS IS a confederacy of states and labor unions. As in, it's their government structure. The RCAS does support state's rights and Southern regionalism, but they are ironically anti-secessionist. Basically, the RCAS is supposed to be based on the platform of the 19th century Democratic Party taken to the extreme. This includes both Northern working-class (often immigrant) voters and Southerners. Think more Andrew Jackson than Calhoun.

  • So, why does Confederate battle flag even feature in the flag then?
    Pickett wanted a symbol for the values of the Democratic Party which he held dear. (And, having a donkey flag would be stupid.) Like OTL, the Confederate flag has evolved past its Southern sectionalist origins. And yes, I am going to say that the retards who reee at certain state flags need to pull the stick out of their ass. The flag also aesthetically is pretty nice. The inverted colors were done purposely to avoid the secessionist implications of the original Confederate flag.

  • I don't care if he wants to secede from the Union or not! He's racist! RACIST!
    Yes? And, this is from a site which regularly hosts fascist regimes, narcissistic autocrats who oppress and enslave large swaths of the universe, and even subtly/overtly racialist regimes for other races. Honestly, a huge part of what made me interested in making this nation, besides creating a mod based on it, was the idea of forcing doctrinaire leftists to make choices. Where they CAN'T achieve their intersectional fantasies and have to make a choice in terms of which tenet of leftism they want to sacrifice for the other. Would you tolerate what is essentially a syndicalist's utopia if it were a white supremacist regime? Basically, the thing I wish for the most in the world is to eliminate ideological binaries. Why are we living in a world where it's in vogue to believe gender is infinite yet ideology is boxed into a binary?

  • Why so many contradictory ideas, lol?
    They're hardly contradictory. Working-class whites in America, historically, have voted in favor of policies that are roughly white nationalist. As in, immigration from Europe was tolerated due to the working-class being compromised of European immigrants, yet immigration from non-white countries or even intranational migration in the case of blacks was viciously opposed. For democracy and an ethnostate, Athens was essentially an ethnostate which locked citizenship from metics permanently. Yet, it is the original democracy. Nationalism is fundamentally based on a theory of national/popular sovereignty. No one called the black nationalism of the Black Panthers dictatorial or anti-democratic, so why not the same standards for white nationalism? If anything, white nationalism in America lends itself to majoritarian views of democracy, due to whites being a majority group. There is a reason why I'm trying to achieve the NationStates classification of 'Tyranny of the Majority'. Really, the RCAS pretty much has a roughly Jacksonian/Jeffersonian ideology but applied to an industrial nation.

  • Why does Pickett oppose Nazism when he's a white nationalist? Why does he want equality for ghouls?
    The Nazis were NOT white nationalists. This doesn't mean that they weren't racist. It was just that the race that the Nazis proclaimed to be superior was more specific. They believed in GERMANIC supremacy and nationalism. As in, Germanic peoples were superior over both Latin and Slavic peoples. (I haven't heard much in terms of Nazi opinions of Celtic nations, probably due to the geopolitics of the time.) That and most 19th century white supremacists in the United States considered Jews to be white. Irish people were also considered white from the start, despite internet myths to the contrary. Discrimination against 'ethnic' whites was done for a more specific form of nationalism. The 'Know-Nothing' nationalism that posited that America was an Anglo-Saxon nation, NOT a white nation. It is easy to forget about this in an age where religious denominations and white ethnic groups, even among the more hardcore of extremists, are tolerant of each other. So yes, Pickett hated the Nazis, as the Nazis saw America, with it's mixed white population, as a mongrel nation.

    Similar reasoning applies for Pickett and ghouls. Except, being a ghoul is not the same as being a different race. Nonferal ghouls keep the memories and personality of their past human selves. Being a ghoul in Fallout is more like having an incredibly severe form of cancer than actually being a different race. If anything, Pickett would find more commonality with ghouls who have their roots in Pre-War America due to cultural similarities. Of course, he treats ghouls who were blacks or Asians in the same way he does to their non-ghoul counterparts.

    Pickett is hardly a puritan and even despises it. Hispanics surprisingly find a lot of tolerance under the RCAS, with any Hispanics who are sufficiently assimilated being considered white. Non-Fallout Pickett doesn't have the same vitriolic hatred of Asians as his Fallout counterpart, since the Great War never happens. Ironically, his pan-white nationalism combined with his libertarian viewpoints on various social issues makes him a lot more tolerant than a good majority of the factions in the Wasteland, including the faction ran by a black woman who treats 'wastelanders' as peons at best. Subverting expectations is always my thing.

  • Why is Pickett such a weirdo. He wears a DRESS! Why does he even keep the beard?!
    That's answered in his factbook. Go ahead. Though, I do admit that the art does him little justice.

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