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Census Results: Zombie Apocalypse Aftermath Survey

Census Results: Zombie Apocalypse Aftermath Survey

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What were the results from the Zombie Apocalypse Aftermath survey?

We are pleased to release the results of the Zombie Day Aftermath Survey. We received 95 results from this survey.

General comments: 3 participants did not participate in the Zombie Apocalypse 2019 but did participate in this survey!

General comments:

Honestly, I find it a little hard to believe that we’ve had so many of them. But. Here we are. Over 50% of the survey participants have indicated that 2019 was there first year.

General comments: Naturally we’d expect that most of the participants would choose the cure…. and our expectations were correct! Only 5 of the survey participants chose to embrace the zombies and four chose to exterminate.. 3 did not make a decision.

General comments:

Overall this is about what we should have expected too. Slightly less fired cure missiles than those who chose the cure. 18.9% used TZES and 11.6% exported zombies. 9.5% did nothing.

General comments:

I count this as an absolute victory. 44.2% rated the government results as 5/5. 27.4% rated it a 4/5 and 21.1% rated it 3/5.

General comments:

69.5% did not participate in the vote but still apparently accepted the results of curing. 30.5% did participate in the vote. That’s democracy for you.

General comments:

58.9% indicated they’d already decided to cure and the government’s recommendation made no impact. This is an intriguing result. I do wonder if the result of the referendum had been to embrace or cure, if we’d have seen a similarly large number of curers or what the impact would be. Anyway… only 9.5% indicated that the recommendation made a big difference in convincing them to go with the cure.

General comments:

Another excellent result. Nearly all of the participants in the survey rated the telegrams as satisfactory (3 out of 5) or higher. 36.8% rated the telegrams 5/5.

General comments:

The dispatch that was developed a couple of years ago and is maintained each year continues to be a huge winner. 52.6% rated it 5 out of 5. Overall over 95% rated the dispatch as satisfactory or higher.

General comments:

The government is likely to be very pleased with this result. 45.3% rated the coordination of curing efforts as 5 out of 5.

General comments:

A fairly even spread of results here. 22.1% indicate they were always following the recommendations on the RMB. 28.4% say they were usually following the recommendations but otherwise acting on their own. Otherwise there is a fairly even spread of results for the other options. Relatively few were entirely acting against the recommendations.

General comments:

64.2% indicated that they did use the zombie observation post during the apocalypse. But 35.8% did not use it at all. This fits with the understanding of the office of the Surgeon General and the Delegate at the time, which is why the RMB posts targeting particular nations that were linked were usually more effective than simply linking to the observation post.

General comments:

A good result for the zombie observation post with 37.9% rating it 5 out of 5. Overall just under 85% rated the observation post as satisfactory or higher.

General comments:

42.1% of participants found the instructions for the zombie apocalypse dispatch and were able to use the post. 10.5% found the instructions through the region wide telegrams. 17.9% indicated they figured it out on their own. 25.3% of participants were not aware of the zombie observation post. It is possible this is simply a result of how we phrased the use of the forum links i.e. as targets and we did not emphasise the name of the ‘zombie observation post’.

How would you suggest that the government improve planning coordination for next year’s Zombie apocalypse?

There were 41 responses to this question and key themes have been summarised below:

  • The response was pretty much perfect and there is nothing the government could do to improve it.

  • The Zombie Observation Post is unreliable and needs to be ditched or fix.

  • Suggestions of embracing the zombies, killing the zombies, or taking a different approach to the standard curing.

  • Requests for there to be more telegrams, more RMB posts and more discord pings, as well as requests for there to be less telegrams and less pings.

  • Suggestions of a timer for when the event starts (this occurs in the News post anyway)

  • More visible buttons for the use of the Zombie observation post rather than URL manipulation to get the desired results.

  • Other feedback requested more Darcania and McM as well as commendations of the Surgeon Generals work.

General comments:

Over 90% rated the apocalypse as satisfactory or higher.. But the real winner here is that 54.7% said they would give it a five out of five rating!

What in particular did you like/dislike about Zombie apocalypse 2019

There were 53 responses. Feedback summarised below:

  • Participants loved the ejections and particularly the ejection of Zazumo.

  • The leadership was given a 5 star rating and general comments were made in support of the approach taken by the leadership.

  • A lot of comments surrounding the team work and activity that it generated - participants loved the idea of working together with a very large number of nations to achieve a particular goal.

  • A couple of comments by survey participants that this was their first time interacting with other nations and particularly on discord - this was viewed favourably.

  • One person suggested that they disliked that you could be banished from the region for exterminating the zombies or for embracing the zombies. They suggested we should remove those options from the Zombie Day if we aren’t going to allow them to pick that option. Note: we cannot change the options available in Z day this is set by the game itself.

  • Some said they found it stressful, insomnia inducing and distracting from their homework.

  • A few comments that NationStates needs to change it up - even though we handled this well, that Zombie day risks becoming stale and boring.

Do you have any suggestions for region-wide events similar to the Zombie Apocalypse that the government could organise?

32 responses to this question. I have summarised the responses below:

  • Most comments here were that they either had no suggestions or were suggesting we change our choice for Z-day.

  • Others suggested we could organise a war between supernatural forces, other health crises, or a world war.

Naturally there are limitations to what we can do as a Government compared to what NationStates can do. Nevertheless if you do have ideas for such an event, do contact the Minister of Culture Prydania.

Thank you to all who participated in this survey! The Zombie Day awards will be released very soon.