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Refugia Update, 7/11/2019

Refugia Update - 7/11/2019

An’eth’ara, na lethall’en!

Welcome to the first of an irregular series of updates and newsletters sent to your regional homepage by none other than me, your Councillor of Annoyances and too much enthusiasm! I’ll be collecting stories and interesting events from around Refugia and sharing them from time to time, once I have enough to fill an entire dispatch. Here we go!


Z-Day was a world event that saw the undead spring up in every nation, in every region of the world. Fortunately, we were given plenty of forewarning and were able to begin researching a cure (or training our military for extermination forces) immediately. Once the hordes were upon us, several world governments chose to embrace their new undead overlords, becoming first fodder, then extra forces. The zombies existed for approximately thirty-three hours before magically disappearing, along with the piles of dead they left in their wake.

Top researchers from Refuge Isle, Ortharion, Chacapoya, and myself, as well as several of their lesser known associates within the region began researching a cure within moments of the initial outbreak. Refuge Isle also cut off our travel gates to other regions so that we could focus on our own infestation without worrying about outside interference. Once a cure had been developed, they did the only reasonable thing: they strapped vials of cure on the top of ICBMs and let fly. With Ortharion calling targets and leading strategic operations, Refugia was cleared of all zombies within five hours, with only 67 million casualties (thanks Kuviran). Given that the number of infected never rose above 3.3 billion, that means Refugia was, at its worst point, 12% infected.

This was a colossal achievement; because the countries of our region came together so selflessly and worked together toward a common goal, we were able to rebuild quickly and turn our efforts outward. Refuge Isle sent a task force of researchers and cure bombadiers to assist in Arctic’s efforts to cleanse its nations of the infestation, while Refuge Isle and I worked in conjunction to assist our allies in New West Indies and Canada. It would be impossible to give a solid number of zombies cured by Refugian cure missiles, but I would estimate our impact outside of our own regional borders to be in the realm of 200 billion cures delivered.

Though Refugia (and our closest allies) was able to overcome this trial due to unprecedented teamwork, the best context is to look at the final tallies for the world. The population of the world at the start of Z-Day was 682.1 trillion. At the end of the event, 107.9 trillion survivors remained, a mere 15.8%. The infected numbered 181.5 trillion, while 392.7 trillion people, 57% of the global population slightly more than a day prior, were dead.

Good job, everyone <3

Regional Goings-On

Ortharion reports to us that, after outlawing all firearms, his population has become ferociously accurate with crossbows. If you are in need of a crossbow, contact Ortharion! He has the best in the business. Ortharion, malkonsenti eadvon ved a buiodu ni, asu ni budd tu beit!

LinkCalamity Refuge, the long-sleeping unknown land beneath the waves of the Sea of Culture has resurfaced suddenly and violently. In doing so, it has displaced enough water to flood many other services, such as the Calamity Refuge Discord server, which is itself now in a state of decline. Arch-Administrator McGrath, who has been the leader of Refuge Isle, has taken up her rightful spot at the head of this land to lead it back to its once-known greatness. If you are interested in coming to our island, you can report to immigration services by clicking the "Register" button, and a simplebot will be around to take your vitals and information. Once you have been declared a new resident, you can see our many wonderful attractions, such as our roleplaying section, where Sylh Alanor leads a team of LARPers, the new political and diplomatic headquarters for Refugia, and many open common areas where you can discuss with your fellow Refugi the goings-on of the day.

Map Update!

Our regional map has had a new addition! Chacapoya was teleported to Refugia through unknowable and grand arcane means, and has begun settling into the area. They have been gifted their own travel gate to the Refugian mainland and Refuge Isle for diplomacy purposes, and are entitled full privileges. All inquiries about the status of Chacapoya, its secrets (foreign and domestic), and the contents of its lint catcher should be directed toward the national secret order of leaders known only as “The Council”, located in Chacapoya City on the map below.

As a reminder, any member nation of Refugia can apply to be put on this map, just by filling out the application located here and sending it to me in a telegram, forum private message, or by taking a blade of grass from your backyard, topping it with a single tear, and closing it into a book you own but have never read.

Sule tael tasalal, dar'eth shiral.
Sylh Alanor