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Iron Junta Code

-The Iron Junta is an alliance and a defensive pact between all member nations, founded by Novum Pax Britannica and Sonrisas.

-If war is declared on one nation, it will be treated like a declaration against all member states.

-The adding or removing of members requires the consent of all member nations. However, if a reply is not received within two days, it will be considered an abstention and the motion will continue without their vote.

-Under dire circumstances, the Junta leader, currently Novum Pax Britannica, can kick a nation without consulting the rest of the Junta. However, this requires an explanation, and if deemed to be unnecessary or an abuse of power, than a vote can be called to remove the leader from their position, needing a simple majority to do so.

-All member nations, regardless of their internal policies, agree to work together in matters on a regional scale.