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EDA 002: Amend "Deputy Secretary"

| Executive Decree Amendment 002 |

November 7, 2019

To the esteemed Secretariat and the nations of the New West Indies,

As the demands for a strong regional government continues to grow, it is necessary to clarify any extraneous circumstances and vulnerable situations.

Therefore, it seems necessary to establish the position "Deputy Secretary," which will not only assist Secretaries when necessary, but lessen uncertainty when the Secretariat is faced with impeachment or dismissal.

The following administrative orders shall be enacted, effective July 10th, 2019 immediately.

Administrative Orders

Section One: General Purpose
  1. The "Deputy Secretary" position shall be established, qualifying as a "subordinate" in accordance with GAR#11.

    1. A Deputy Secretary shall be a general assistant to their Secretary (or the Secretary-General when applicable) in their respective department; tasks for the Deputy shall be determined by their superior.

    2. Secretaries are not required to appoint a Deputy Secretary but are encouraged to do so if their workload is overbearing.

Section Two: Dismissal

  1. Upon dismissal, abdication, or impeachment of a Secretary, the Deputy Secretary of that department shall immediately assume the respective secretarial position.

      If there is no Deputy Secretary, the next highest employee shall be appointed
      If there are multiple employees without a clear distinction of superiority, the Secretary-General shall decide which employee best suits the promotion
    1. If there are no employees within the department is no Deputy Secretary, the Secretary-General shall appoint a new Secretary at their discretion, potentially considering former Secretaries, former candidates, and experienced members of the region.

      1. Citizens with the following positions may not concurrently become a Deputy Secretary:

        1. Founder;

        2. Secretary-General;

        3. President of the General Assembly; or

        4. Any other leader of a government branch not contemplated by this decree.


    Secretary-General of the New West Indies