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TNP Elections: November 2019

TNP Elections: November 2019

Part of the TNP Election Series by the Independent Pollster

About the Election
The Election is a regularly scheduled election to elect all three Justice of the Court of The North Pacific. Nominations have closed on the 4th of November 2019, at 0608 UTC. Voting has since begun on 6th November 2019 at 1255 UTC, and will end on Link11th November 2019 at 1255 UTC

Relevant pages
The link to the Candidacy Declarations Page can be found Linkhere.
The link to the Voting Page can be found Linkhere.

Election Candidates

Among the 5 candidates, only Lord Lore is the incumbent candidate. Lord Lore is also a member of TNP's Security Council. Zyvetskistaahn is also a former Justice in the Court. Angshire is a relative newcomer who has been active in the government, being part of many Ministries, a member of the External Affair Oversight Committee, and an active member of the RP community (roleplaying on the RMB). Lady Raven Wing has run for posts in the judiciary multiple times, with the run for Attorney General in September 2019, and her last campaign for Justice back in May 2019. They are also a Deputy Minister of Defence. Bobberino, the former Minister of Defence and also a current Deputy Minister for WA Affairs in the government, is the other candidate in the election.

(As in you can see in the various campaign threads, not much is being pushed forward, given the relative passive nature of the court (unlike the legislative/executive elections). As a result, there isn't a real suummary we can give, and we won't try to fake one. You can have a quick read of their threads and our background summary as above.)

Election Results

Updated as at 1200 UTC, 11th November 2019

59 voters voted during the election. As follows are the results: (Each voter could vote up to 3 candidates)
Lord Lore - 40 (67.80%)
Bobberino - 17 (28.81%)
Lady Raven Wing - 35 (59.32%)
Angshire - 20 (33.90%)
Zyvetskistaahn - 44 (74.58%)
Abstain - 1

As a result, the elected Justices are: Lord Lore, Lady Raven Wing and Zyvetskistaahn.

The citizens also opted not to reopen nominations, as 44 citizens voted against (74.58%) as compared to the 15 votes for a reopen.

Full details of the vote list and counting for our unofficial tally can be found Linkhere. (Credits to PotatoFarmers for supplying the counting template.)

The unofficial tally as above is pending confirmation by the Electoral Commission. DO NOT ASSUME THIS IS THE FINAL RESULTS.

Edit at 1330 UTC: The Linkofficial results was announced. After clarifying, we realised we made an error in transfering the results for the Reopen Nominations Vote. The number of 'No' votes is 44, not 43 as we previously mentioned. We have corrected the mistake and apologise for the error.

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