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The Manifesto of Kongoland | 2019 By-Election

About me

Greetings comrades! I am Kongoland, and I will be running in the upcoming MGA by-election. I am relatively new to Nationstates, having first set up under this nation earlier this year. I quickly settled on The Leftist Assembly as a region. Whilst this was initially primarily due to the "Unity in diversity!" regional motto making the region seem very inclusive, I quickly became engaged with other factors, such as the organised participation in events such as N-Day, and, of course, the electoral process. This region has much to offer, and I love that. Generally, I plan to work to further this inclusive nature, so that others will be able to share the great experience that I have had here so far.

My platform

If I am elected, I will vote based on a number of guiding principles. As earlier stated, diversity and inclusivity would be at the forefront, as these are ideas which I believe are essential in modern left-wing politics. Anti-authoritarian and pro-democratic beliefs would also likely play a role in my voting, as I believe, ultimately, that people of all nations and regions across the whole world should be entitled to have their voices heard. I would of course be supporting of regional events, as it ties into the idea of participating in something greater, and is something that this region excels in. Finally, I would always try to vote for more transparency within the General Assembly so that more people can get involved in campaigning and expressing their opinions.

To conclude

As a MGA, I would work to vote for a more democratic, transparent institution in which all nations in The Leftist Assembly can have more of a voice. I would include and value a diverse range of nations, and fight relentlessly against bigotry and hatred. It is imperative that people make the most of what we have here, so that real progress can be made if need be. That is all for now, but if you have any questions regarding specific policy, then feel free to send me a telegram.

"By the people, for the people."