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The Final Act (ACTIVE)



With the passage of the constitution and the absence of any established regional staff, some of the clauses are impossible to carry out. The resultant inability of the WA Delegate to fulfill the necessary clauses of the Constitution creates an issue wherein the Constitution is impossible to follow, leaving the WA Delegate and Founder with infinite power atop the legislatively anarchic regional structure. The question of what Constitutional clauses are legitimate might thus cause confusion, and the eventual reinstitution of the constitution might thus be regarded as illegitimate or meaningless. As such it is important to have legislation ready for just such an occasion, to replace the constitution for as long as necessary, providing a legislative justification for the Delegate and Founder to act.

As Outlined by Recheve on November 5th, 2019

Aspiring to maintain order in periods when the WESTCOL CONSTITUTION ACT is either impossible to follow or is repealed,

Believing that the best manner of doing so is to create an emergency constitution with fewer restrictions,

Reasoning that such a constitution can be either passed or repealed depending upon whether the region has need of it,

Concluding that such legislation is best passed as an Act rather than as a Repeal,

Certain that such a reform is in the best interest of The Western Colonies, its administration and its residents,

Recheve hereby proposes The Exemplar Act


I. Powers

a) Upon the passage of this Act, The Westcol Consitution Act, 2019 is rendered void.

b) Upon the passage of this Act all regional officers except the Founder, WA Delegate and Vice Delegate are dismissed.

c) Upon the passage of this Act, the Founder and both Delegates are empowered to take any action they deem necessary.

II. Limitations

a) No new legislation may be passed until this Act is repealed.

b) The Founder is permitted to dismiss either the WA Delegate or Vice Delegate at any time.

b) The WA Delegate is permitted to eject and ban any nation unilaterally and arbitrarily, except former regional officers.