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The WestCol Constitution Act, 2019

[box][background-block=blue][center][size=350][color=white][anchor=CON][b]THE WESTCOL CONSTITUTION ACT, 2019[/b][/anchor][/color][/size][/center][/background-block]


Unfortunately, the majority of the "Old Guard" have departed the region due to a mixture of inactivity, busy lives and dissatisfaction with legislative stagnation within The Western Colonies. The result is that we are now a region with very few remaining tenured officers. As such, it is time for this region to reformat its government and pass actual legislation, allowing new nations the opportunity to propose or repeal legislation for the betterment of the region as a whole. This constitution will provide an anchor for the region's rules and processes, grounding the regional rules in a legitimacy that goes beyond the existing democratic features of NationStates. This Constitution will provide a framework and background for the democratic and legislative processes that will be enforced in this region from hereon out, and in doing so will hold the regional officers to a higher standard while making the entire administration more transparent and accountable to its constituents.

[center][i]As Outlined by [nation]Recheve[/nation] on November 5th, 2019[/i][/center]

[i]Aspiring[/i] to maintain The Western Colonies as an active roleplaying region with stable governance,

[i]Believing[/i] that stability and longevity can be found through administrative reforms and transparency,

[i]Reasoning[/i] that the opportunity for participation in the regional legislative body will make new players more likely to stick with the region,

[i]Concluding[/i] that a Constitution is the natural first step towards these objectives,

[i]Certain[/i] that such a reform is in the best interest of The Western Colonies, its administration and its residents,

[tab=200][nation]Recheve[/nation] hereby proposes THE WESTCOL CONSTITUTION ACT, 2019[/tab]




[center][u]I. Activation and Repeal[/u][/center]

[tab=100]a) This Clause (CI) cannot be repealed or altered barring this Act's repeal.[/tab]

[tab=100]b) All clauses shall come into effect immediately upon the passage of this Act.[/tab]

[tab=100]c) Repeal is only possible through consensus between the appointed WA Delegate, [nation]Recheve[/nation] and at least FOUR appointed Regional officers.[/tab]


[center][u]II. Regional Rules[/u][/center]

[tab=100]a) The Western Colonies RP Rules found in  [url=]this factbook[/url] shall come into effect upon the passage of this Act.[/tab]

[tab=100]b) The WA Delegate and Regional Moderator are solely responsible for the enforcement of these Rules.[/tab]

[tab=100]c) The WA Delegate and Regional Moderator are the only individuals permitted to edit the aforementioned Factbook.[/tab]

[tab=100]d) All alterations made to the Factbook must be recorded in the 'Edit Log' at the bottom of the Factbook.[/tab]


[center][u]III. Elections[/u][/center]

[tab=100]a) WA Delegate Elections:[/tab]

[tab=200]i) Are unscheduled, undeclared, and determined by the number of endorsements each eligible nation receives.[/tab]
[tab=200]ii) Are overseen and regulated by the Regional Founder, [nation]Tsemandia[/nation].[/tab]
[tab=200]iii) Cannot be challenged by any party barring a new WA Delegate gaining more endorsements.[/tab]

[tab=100]b) WA Vice Delegate Elections Shall:[/tab]

[tab=200]i) Occur immediately following the election of a new WA Delegate, or following the dismissal of a Vice Delegate.[/tab]
[tab=200]ii) Be overseen by the newly elected WA Delegate.[/tab]
[tab=200]iii) Consist of five candidates, selected by the WA Delegate[/tab]
[tab=200]iv) Be determined by a single regional poll.[/tab]
[tab=200]v) Be declared over once a single candidate has secured AT LEAST 50% of the vote.[/tab]
[tab=200]vi) Continue, if no majority is won, for as many as THREE consecutive rounds with the lowest polling candidate eliminated each round.[/tab]
[tab=200]vi) Result in a fourth round with two new candidates, should the third round end in a tie.[/tab]

[center][u]IV. Appointments[/u][/center]

[tab=100]a) The Founder is permitted to appoint up to FIVE Regional Officers.[/tab]

[tab=100]b) The Founder is empowered to delegate responsibility for appointments to the WA Delegate.[/tab]

[tab=100]c) AT LEAST the following positions must be filled:[/tab]

[tab=200]i) Regional Moderator[/tab]
[tab=200]ii) Technology Moderator[/tab]
[tab=200]iiI) War Moderator[/tab]

[tab=100]d) Each appointed officer is responsible for drafting an Act outlining their responsibilities, to be passed prior to official appointment.[/tab]


[center][u]V. Proposals[/u][/center]

[tab=100]a) All proposals will take the general format outlined in [url=]this dispatch[/url][/tab]

[tab=100]b) Any nation may propose legislation to the Regional Staff.[/tab]

[tab=100]c) Proposals should be addressed to the WA Delegate or Vice-Delegate, though it may be sent to other Officers as well.[/tab]

[tab=100]d) The author is responsible for formatting, and improper formatting may void the proposal.[/tab]

[tab=100]e) Once a proposal is passed, it officially becomes an Act and shall be placed in [url=]this Factbook[/url][/tab]


[center][u]VI. Repeals[/u][/center]

[tab=100]a) In order to repeal an Act or Proposal, the same template linked in Clause V is used, but without any Articles.[/tab]

[tab=100]b) The author must make the Proposal being repealed clear, either in the title or in the preamble.[/tab]

[tab=100]c) The repeal must be addressed to the WA Delegate or Vice-Delegate.[/tab]

[tab=100]d) The author is responsible for formatting, and improper formatting may void the repeal.[/tab]