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TWI Buddy System


The Western Isles Office of Role-Play
TWI Buddy System

The TWI Buddy System is a way for new players, or just players who need help, to find veteran players who will be able to help them. This may be just getting acclimated to the region, needing questions answered, or maybe just someone to bounce ideas off of.

People who list themselves here should be willing to help others and be active enough to be helpful. Ideally people with a broad set of skills will be here that can be asked about certain things.

These nations' factbooks and RPs are also good things to look at for inspiration or for an idea of the quality that can be achieved.

If you'd like to be added to this list please send me a TG with the following.

Personal: Some Personal notes about you
Nationstates: Stuff that you're good at or knowledgable of
Activity: What your activity levels are like or what are the best times you're on
Dispatches or RPs I'm proud of: Some dispatches or RPs that you think would be good for a new player to see or get ideas from


Personal: I am a college student enrolled in a mechanical engineering/aerospace degree. I'm into a whole range of things from sports, to history, to movies, to additive manufacturing.

Nationstates: Previously I was in the region as Polar Svalbard, you can find many more RPs and factbooks on there that may give you an idea of what to write about. I'm more of a jack of all trades when it comes to knowledge but if I don't fully know something I usually know who to point you to for help.

Activity: Extremely sporadic but I check Nationstates constantly so if you need anything just send a TG

Dispatches or RPs I'm proud of: Zabaletta (Car Company), Kreshen Class Frigate


Personal: I'm Ainslie, I'm not actually a bogan and I don't ride a kangaroo to school but I do live in Australia. I've been in the region for what is coming on three years now and for that time I've been studying or reading up on anything from political science to geography, to niche government policies and a bit of economics

Nationstates: I've dabbled in roleplay a bit but observed a lot of that rather than participated, but where I really am at home in is news threads and in general nationbuilding. I wouldn't say I specialise in anything particularly useful (unless you count water management policy, emergency warning systems or Koppen-Geiger classifications as being immediately useful) but am more the kind of person who covers multiple things - except probably history and military. I also have helped quite a few nations flesh out their RPs and their factbooks, so if you need any help with that or just to have a sounding board or someone to talk to, feel free to telegram me.

Activity: At least twice daily, can commonly catch me in the European morning and the American afternoon-evening

Dispatches or RPs I'm proud of: My Overview, Arnton Train Network

Athara Magarat

Personal: I am an IT student from Nepal (please forgive any grammatical errors that I make). I can help you with many diverse range of topics except for maybe economics and languages (being trilingual does not always mean being good with languages).

Nationstates: I am active at the news and have taken minor roles in various other RPs. I consider myself more of a dispatch guy. I pump out a dispatch every three days or so (most of them are kinda full of useless info anyway and most of them are heavy Works in Progress). Not to brag, but in TWI, if there is one nation whose history is intertwined with almost everyone else; I put myself as one of the top candidates.

Activity: I am probably the most active TWI member...I think so...

Dispatches or RPs I'm proud of: Well...all of these are WIP as I said - Empire of Magarat in the Imperial War, List of Vargas, 16 Hangates of Athara Magarat, Athara Magarati Intelligence, Economy of Athara Magarat, War and Conquest: The Isles Greatest Empires


Personal: Hey all, I'm an American Engineer who has been in TWI since college, I like cooking (especially sushi), baking, fishkeeping, biking, the usual stuff really. I like to do a 5k after work every day so I still know I'm alive. Once I went to states in a soil and animal bone identification contest. I also like gardening and want to set up a large pond where I can get some breeding populations of fish and amphibians going.

Nationstates: I'm not the most knowledgeable about military vehicles and their use, but I do some art for them so people think I am. A lot of my favorite NS activities are essentially bringing Corindia to life visually, in fact.

Activity: I'm mostly on after 5 on weekdays, or whenever on the weekends. You can send a tg whenever.

Dispatches or RPs I'm proud of:
I like my vehicle art how to dispatch because it's helped a lot of people engage with the game in the same way I do: Making Vehicle Art, the Corindia Way (For beginners)
My space program dispatch I'm just pleased with in general, I think it's informative and does a good job of showing off what Corindia is about: CALA
My CSJSS and AC8 factbooks just show art I'm happy with, of a space station and tank respectively: Corindi-Svalbardian Joint Space Station
and AC8 "Jaguar" Medium Tank

Alteran Republics
Personal: I'm a twenty-something ( *sigh* nearly thirty ... :( ) chap from the UK. Best known for being a teacher for the past eight years - however I've recently switched careers and head up a tech-support team in a government department in Westminster. These days I'm usually found on Discord, playing Stellaris and drawing pixel-art planes/tanks/trains.

Nationstates: So I've been on NS for what seems like donkeys-years. As for what I'm "good at" or "known for" on here? It's probably my pixel art and my unique style of dispatches. I've gone though a few nation-changes over the years (largely linked to my then unstable mental condition - again I'm pretty open about it so just ask :P ). Although I'm sticking to Altera for good now, most people know me for my first nation in the region: Franco-Albion.

Activity: Like many of our older members, life is pretty hectic so my activity is sporadic. I will always check in daily so TGs will be answered, but I'm best contacted through Discord (which I have on my mobile). I spend most of my commute writing or planning dispatches and content.

Dispatches or RPs I'm proud of: Whilst I have several individual dispatches I'm proud of, I'm truly proud of the ever-evolving GOV.ALT series of dispatches. I've pretty much nailed down the design now, designed in inspiration from the RL GOV.UK websites that I spend some of my professional life working on. As for individual dispatches? Take a gander at these: GOV.ALT // One Pass, GOV.ALT // Adjutant Class Frigate and GOV.ALT // Armour of the Imperial War.

Personal: I am an accountant from the Midwest, mid-20s, passionate about accounting, the Midwest, and having $25.

Nationstates: I have been the Founder and WA delegate since the region's start. I have served as President for long terms as well. I enjoy mostly diplomacy and war RP. My long story with Vancouvia is to run a modern-imperialist state similar to the US before an inevitable collapse.

Activity: I check in almost every day.

Dispatches or RPs I'm proud of:
Some RP posts listed here: Résumé
Also my Overview, History Timeline, and Map.

The Republic of Aizcona