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Woman rescues the softest, most vicious kitten to cement Uncute's WCR

Uncute rises in World Compassion Rating with Kitten Softness Rating Exceeded

An Uncutean woman cements the World Compassion Rating for Uncute, only just securing victory over the extremely adorable Jelliebean in tough competition.

The 7.17% percent win was guaranteed when a woman from Uncute, not wanting to be named, rescued an exceptionally cute kitten thinking it was a domesticated breed only for Strawberry's main Veterinary Clinic, Quokka Town Cures, to confirm the floofy floofball was actually a Black-footed Cat (Felis nigripes). A breed labelled vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, also known as 'The Deadliest Little Cat on Earth'.

A spokesperson from Quokka Town Cures recalled the following, "A woman came in at about 4pm Monday afternoon just as we were closing. She had found the kitten surrounded by 11 dead birds and 1 dead baby dragon." The animal loving lady proceeded to give the blood stained 'little bugger' a bath before taking it to the vet to give it a check up.

Miraculously the kitten was fine and unharmed. Quokka Town Cures advise all residents of Uncute to be wary of the 'Super Cat' breed, noting it's tendency to bring down more prey in one night than a leopard does in six months, along with it's extremely adorable little fluffy face which can lure in small children and the occasional baby calf.

An adorable and ruthless little killing machine, cementing the victory for Uncute and sleeping in Leader's bed.