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Sample WestCol Proposal




This Act was formed as a result of Recheve's desire to create a template dispatch for those wishing to pass their very own Proposals within the Regional Parliament. It is hoped that by creating this act, future nations will be able to look upon it as an example for their very own legislation, so as to contribute to the greater expansion of Westcol law and administrative efficiency.

As Outlined by Recheve on November 5th, 2019

Aspiring to foster legislative participation, efficiency and legibility within The Western Colonies,

Believing that the best way to encourage all of these principles is by standardizing and simplifying legislative formats,

Reasoning that such standardization and simplification is possible only through the creation of templates and exemplars,

Concluding that an Example Act is the best type of exemplar to pair with the above template,

Certain that such a reform is in the best interest of The Western Colonies, its administration and its residents,

Recheve hereby proposes The Exemplar Act


I. Limitation

a) This act is not up for consideration, and serves explicitly as an exemplar for rookie legislators:

i) As a result, this is where the content ends.


[ box ][ background-block=blue][ center][ size=400][ color=white][ b]NAME OF PROPOSAL[ /b][ /color][ /size][ /center][ /background-block]

[ hr]

[ center][ size=200][ b]PREAMBLE[ /b][ /size][ /center]

[ hr]

The Preamble is an opportunity to address the context and general purposes for your proposal, typically written as a single paragraph. This paragraph can be as long as is necessary, and should include either a general outline of the discussion leading to the proposal or a summary of the thought process behind the proposal.

[ hr]

[ center][ size=200][ b]GOALS[ /b][ /size][ /center]
[ center][ i]As Outlined by [ nation ]YOUR NATION HERE[/ nation ] on DATE HERE[ /i][ /center]

[ i]Premise[ /i]: what general objective is this proposal meant to contribute to?

[ i]Premise[ /i]: what is the best way to achieve this objective through the legislative process?

[ i]Premise[ /i]: how does the content of your proposal contribute to this approach?

[ i]Conclusion[ /i]: the reason for the submission of your proposal.

[ i]STANDARD FOR ALL PROPOSALS: Certain[ /i] that such a reform is in the best interest of The Western Colonies, its administration and its residents,

[ tab=200][ nation ]YOUR NATION HERE[/ nation ] hereby proposes NAME OF PROPOSAL[ /tab]

[ hr]

[ center][ b]ARTICLES[ /b][ /center]

[ hr]

[ center][ u]I. Subject of Clause[ /u][ /center]

[ tab=100]a) Item.[ /tab]

[ tab=200]i) sub item.[ /tab]

[/ box]