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Government Transparency Report #1 - November 2019

5 November, 2019

Esteemed residents of Forest:

It is hard for me to believe, but it has already been a month since I took office as your Forest Keeper!

In accordance with our Constitutional requirement to act in an open manner, and with my campaign promise to keep you informed about our government activities, I am pleased to offer

Government Transparency Report #1

Even with the first week of the month being taken up just getting the wheels of government turning again, we've taken several important steps, and have engaged in multiple public steps for the promotion of Forest's ideals


1) First off, the big one everybody knows about - Z-Day.

This year, we came in globally 4th place for most survivors - one position higher than we did last year! Our 2.90 trillion living citizens put us behind only two huge Pacific feeder regions and one other competitor. Even better, when it comes to most survivors and no zombies, we placed 2nd globally - our all time best! To top it all off, we had zero dead as well. We truly saved the life of every single Forest citizen. Great work, everybody! Big thanks to coordinators like Mount Seymour and Mozworld, and the endless legions of Lord Dominator, helping get us through this! I saw some good border policing by Ziotah and Riverside and The Cypher Nine, and Myordas got the final cure in to make us 100% clean. Thanks as well to Raccoon Creek for the historical stats, and to anybody I missed! It took the combined efforts of every citizen to make it happen.


2) Secondly, we had our first Environmental Action Item of the new term - Forest's Meat-Consciousness Month.

I saw some great conversation on the RMB, as well as posting of info-graphics and discussion of environmental impact. I know for my own part, as a dedicated carnivore, it was challenging for me to look at that data and accept the unsustainable nature of some aspects of my diet. I definitely made some shopping decisions with the information provided here in mind! I hope it was similarly educational for you all, and that we will continue to have some great discussions in the future. Don't forget to let Turbeaux know if you have suggestions for future Environmental Action Item topics!


3) With our new mapper taking office, the old Forest map has had some clean-up done, and we've got a shiny new climate map.

Be sure to check them out and verify that everything is as you like! Octopus Islands is quite responsive, so be sure to reach out if you have questions. Also, rumors abound that our exploring expeditions have discovered a large atoll or island continent ripe for exploration. Keep an eye out soon, as there may be some prime new territory to move or expand in to, should you so choose.


4) Finally, a big one that hasn't quite reached the public yet... a draft Constitutional amendment.

Article 6 of the Constitution, covering the handling of embassies, is a bear to work with. Some improvements were achieved with a previous amendment process, but the blend of old and new language remained difficult to follow, there were some obsolete processes that required outlandish efforts by our officers, and it is lacking mechanisms to deal with things like embassy continuation for successor regions - something multiple of our allies have turned to in recent months! With tremendous assistance from Ruinenlust, I have just forwarded to the officers a draft for a complete top-to-bottom overhaul of Article 6, maintaining the full intent and force of our existing text, but with much clearer language, straightforward procedures, and policies to cover what was missing. When their feedback has been received, I will post it for public commentary and eventual submission to Errinundera for approval, and then to a public vote.


If you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, or ideas for Forest, or for me as your Forest Keeper, please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know! I will endeavor to respond to all questions as quickly as I am reasonably able, and to present suggestions and ideas to the relevant officers.

Thank you for the honor of serving in this position - I look forward to the coming months together!

Verdant Haven
Forest Keeper