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The Lennart Awards 2019

The Lennarts 2019

What's happening?

The Ministry of Culture will be holding nominations and voting on the Lennart award for 2019 on some category (e.g., Best Debater). Nominations for the recipient of the awards will be held on the forum for one week days. The nominees will compete in a poll on the regional page on NationStates, lasting for three days.

Unlike previous years, the nominations for the Lennarts will all be open at once. So we would encourage you to nominate people for each award. Due to the restrictions of the in-game polls, we will still be voting on one Lennart award at a time.

The winner will get the award, honor, and of course a Lennart statuette as a trophy. Winners naturally also get to make an acceptance speech, to be recorded here for eternity.

Disclaimer: We do not actually ship real statuettes to the winners. They will have to make do with the cool drawing above.

How do nominations work?

Everyone with a nation in The North Pacific can be nominated for a Lennart. Similarly, everyone with a nation in The North Pacific can make nominations for a Lennart, once they register an account on the Linkregional forum. The exact place for nominations will be listed alongside the award category.

How are the categories selected?

The categories have been determined by the Executive Staff for the Ministry of Culture. You can join Linkhere.

The determination about the order of voting for the Lennarts will partially depend on the number of nominees at the one-week mark and secondly the preference of the Executive Staff for the Ministry of Culture.

Where do the name and the design come from?

The name is in honor of LinkLennart, also know as LinkAvalon, who as Minister of Culture and Entertainment created the first version of these awards in September 2013. The Lennart statuette is designed after an avatar he used to use on the regional forum. The Lennarts have returned to the North Pacific on a number of occasions and we are delighted to be hosting them once more.

We hope that you will enjoy and actively participate (vote and nominate) in our effort to recognise regional excellence through the Lennarts.

And the Categories are:




Nomination Thread


Best Flag

Some people are very Ďartyí when it comes to designing their flag and some have a way with words to make their flag sound cool. The Best flag should be the flag that you look at and say, ďI wish my nation could have that flagĒ. Some people are just so creative when it comes to creating flags and this award should go to TNPís Best Flag

LinkNominate here

Highton Islands

Newcomer of the Year

Everyone is a newcomer at some point, we all joined at separate times, so people will be newcomers at different times. Newcomer of the Year is an award to celebrate the work of people who joined The North Pacific in the last year and has achieved a significant amount. So if you can think of someone who is fairly new to The North Pacific and has worked so hard this year, then they should be Newcomer of the Year.

LinkNominate here

Francois Isidore

The Northern Lights Person of the Year

Done in the style of Timeís Person of the Year, TNLís Person of the Year Award will be awarded to the RP character who receives the most votes. Could be a national leader, an advocate, notable politician, businessman, or anyone else! People will nominate characters and share profiles, and the people will vote!

LinkNominate here

Tobias Scylfing Loūbrůk of Prydania

Best Tourist Destination

You only have two weeks of vacation time and you need to get away! What locale among TNPís many RP locations do you jet off to?

LinkNominate here

East Supple Lund


Who is the greatest innovator in TNP? That person who walks the path not previously walked. The one who has got things done this year that you thought were impossible. That person is a trailblazer and deserves this award.

LinkNominate here

El Fiji Grande

Best TNP Meme

TNP memes are the best memes by virtue of being TNP memes. Which one is the best of the best though?

LinkNominate here

El Fiji Grande is the worst speaker we ever had

Favourite Government Official

Everyone tries to be neutral with Government Officials and not trying to say who is the nicest because they all work so hard. However, everyone has their favourite for some reason. Maybe they got you into the executive or they are the one you look up to the most. If there is anyone who you think is the Favourite Government Official of 2019, then nominate them.

LinkNominate here



Our RMBae is the kind of person who can help TNP work everything out, seriously and carefully, without the silliness of the TNP forums. Your RMBae is the kind of person who can use the word 'bae' in a post and not get suppressed. Let's face it, to be the RMBae, you need to be nothing less than TNP's favourite RMB poster.

LinkNominate here

Lotion Empire

RP of the Year

RP of the year is designed for people to decide what they think has been the best RP to have taken place this past year. The winning RP should be something that has gotten people involved and developed a lot over the past year. It does not need to be something that was started this year, it could be something that has been around for years but if you think it has been the best RP of 2019 then nominate it.

LinkNominate here

Prydania - For the King to Valhalla

Quote of the year

There are always some things that get said, both good or bad, that will always be remembered for some reason. If you think there is something that has been said that you think needs to be heard by everyone, then this is the Lennart for you. The quote of the year should be something memorable that everyone can understand.

LinkNominate here

"I only lick frogs" - Territorio di Nessuno

Best Debater

Good evening, I'd like to present to you our best debater. For many, a good debater must always present the facts straight and clearly, and still manage to keep their heads cool even against the most ferocious opposition. But when it comes to getting into rebuttal, a good debater should be good at writing posts that deal with the points raised, and still keep in touch with the topic at hand. And all this, while keeping people interested in reading about topics they've never even heard of. And the person that can do this all the best is TNPís Best Debater of 2019.

LinkNominate here


Mr or Miss TNP

What would you do if you could change one thing about the North Pacific? "Regional Peace". What TNPer embodies the beauty and spirit of the North Pacific enough to compete against all other TNPers and win?

LinkNominate here

Aerilia and Zazumo

Most Popular

Some people are naturally popular. They get on with most people and the ones that they donít agree with, they can still stay civil with them. They have no enemies and donít destroy relationships for petty reasons. The most popular person should be someone everyone likes and get along with. So that person is definitely The most popular TNPer of 2019.

LinkNominate here


Most Patriotic

Do you know someone who has the strongest belief in this region? That person who would say "Mission Accomplished" and "Flemingovia save the North Pacific" no matter the cost. Nominate them.

LinkNominate here

Great Bights Mum

Forum Mom

The Forum Mom is that member of the North Pacific that anyone can turn to in a time of need. Always lurking on the forum, the Forum Mom is someone to be there for you, to look after you when you're ill, and to give you great advice that you may still ultimately ignore. That person who is always there for you and the region, is the Forum Mom.

LinkNominate here


Comedian of the Year

Everyone tries to be funny but there are a few that are naturally funny. The most hilarious TNPer should be someone that you know can join a conversation and get some laughs with whatever he or she says. If there is anyone you can think of that can make jokes out of nothing, if there is the Comedian of the Year of 2019 is for them.

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