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Puppet Giveaway


To keep this brief, I am giving away puppets and nations that I plan to no longer use or continue to use. Given the mechanics of Nationstateís name reuse system, I didnít want people to go through something I currently am in that a name is either forever unavailable or will only be available multiple years in the future.

Below is the list of nations I am giving away. If you want it, telegram me and state your reasons for why you should have it.

  • -London-

  • Ardalle

  • Bryttein

  • Eassex (East Saxons)

  • Walhalle (Anglish form of Valhalla)

  • Shimare

  • Rodory (from Old English meaning "sky, heavens")

  • Paneuropa

  • Occiterra (Occident + Terra; west land[?])

  • Nostreia ("our land" from Romance languages)

  • Kochihon ("east wind origin")

  • Himinnbrun (Sky-Rim/Edge)

  • Great Englland

  • Lyrene

  • Euterra (Greek Eu "good" + terra)

  • Great Artoria