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Imperial Defense League

"If you want peace, prepare for war"

The Imperial Defence League is a collection of nations, united in a mutual defensive and economic pact. Although not endorsed by the Confederation government, we seek to build and develop the military, industrial and technological for all nations within the Confederation. We may be new and ambitious, but we understand that the confederation is a hot bed of jingoism for new and old. As we see it, peace is only attainable through an overwhelming amount of force, that is both coherent and assertive in it's position, to ensure that any threat to the stability of the Confederation, is deterred from making military manoeuvres against other states.

Futhermore, the Imperial Defense League, seeks to expand and improve the nations in its ranks. By offering equipment, protection and funding to those that need it. We seek to cooperate rather than assimilate nations to join the IDL. Therefore, we are open to most ideas and questions you can throw at us, within exception. To join the IDL, you need to a member of the Confederation, as well as be over or just under (by 50%) the Confederations average in ethier Defense Forces or Arms Manufacturing. Finally, the IDL isn't here to make war, but to ensure that it ends quickly and decisively.

But why should I join the IDL. You might ask? Well the IDL can offer you many things such as:

- Mutual Defence. If another nation declares war on you, the IDL will have your back.

- Production licensing. Do you need a new tank to give to your reserve's. But don't to give them that new hovering laser tank, you've had ready to invade Brazilistan with. Well the IDL can offer you licensed weapons, for your own nation or others to produce.

- Equipment for the poor. The IDL is more than ready to subsidise your nation and its military. So long as you pay us back of course.

- Loans. Is your economy in the gutter, or have you eyed up on a new piece of equipment for your army, but can't afford it. Well the IDL will have your back, by offering you a 0% interest loan.

- More. whilst we are new and growing, we expect nations to help the IDL create new opportunities and ideas. Anyone is welcome to suggest an idea.

Membership to Imperial Defense League

The IDL will only accept nations that are in the Confederation. As stated above nations must be over the Confederation average for ethier Defense Forces or Arms Manufacturing. However, there is a leeway of 25% under the average for nations. When a nation joins, they are expected to pay a minimum sum of 0.1% of their nations GDP, at the end of year. However, the amount may be payed beforehand. This amount will go towards the IDL's upkeep and production of weapons and equipment. Futhermore, a nation must also fill out an economic form so that they can have access to the initiatives the IDL offers.

Discord link:

Current members of IDL

Salcanceacy - Member since 4/11/19

MineLegotia and Equestria - Member since 4/11/19

South Reinkalistan - Member since 4/11/19

New England INC - Member since 5/11/19

Ezeiria - Member since 5/11/19

Mercan Corporations - Member since 08/11/2019