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Life is Short|Kalpi|NS Musix Studio|50+ Views


As my regrets gets longer
My heart grows stronger
Stronger and Stronger and Stronger!

My Chemistry set got broke again
And That has set a Mystery Again
How stupid I am to hope for Friends!
Couple friends got shot, couple changed sides!
Couple got locked, gave a couple black eyes!

Studious at best, I wasn't first inside my class
But I was first to get ahead
Told my teacher I was dropping out of Math
'Cause I didn't need no dumb equation
Just to teach me how to calculate success
Algebraically though, I been a factor
Multiplied my capacity from slave into master
Multiplied my capacity from poet into rapper

Wait, let me take my flow fast
Right now I'm doin' slow-fast, so that
I can take long breath, pick it up, I'm gonna throw that
I've started walking ahead, for me there is a no back
It's time to change the flow, you can't do it, it is so bad

सबको यहाँ पे घाई बहुत है
पढ़ने को पढ़ाई बहुत है
देने वाले राय बहुत है
लेकिन मेरे भाई बहुत है
गाने में सफ़ाई बहुत है
ज़िन्दगी की सीढ़ियों को चढ़ने में चढ़ाई बहुत है|

Released On: November 3, 2019
Artist: Kalpi
Record: NS Musix Studio
Lisenced: NationStates Media Corporation
Server: Digital Medianet 2.0