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The Intelligence Core

The Uvoanian Intelligence Core, often referred to as the UIC, is the second most well-funded branch the Uvoanian Military, after the Strike King Orbital Forces, and before the Infantry/Armor, and two slots ahead of the Navy.

This means that it can operate, actively, and repeatedly, with some of the best equipment in the world. It's total number of agents is unknown, but recent estimates say upwards of 10 million are employed by the UIC in it's operations. This might make one believe the UIC is a very over-extended organization- But no, it has among the highest success rates in the world for counter-intelligence, intelligence gathering, and sabotage.

The primary role of the UIC in war-time is to, as follows,

  • Disrupt enemy production

  • Disrupt enemy troop movements

  • Sabotage important enemy positions

  • Gather intelligence on hostile troop movements

  • Gather intelligence on hostile plan

  • Gather intelligence on hostile weapons

  • Disrupt hostile research

  • Steal hostile research

  • Mislead the enemy on friendly troop movements

  • Mislead the enemy on friendly plans

  • Mislead the enemy on friendly research

  • Prevent hostile sabotage of friendly elements

  • The assassination of key hostile leaders

  • The protection of key friendly leaders

The UIC itself is a carry-over from the days of the Rebellion, with Zkto's 'Bronze Birds', his own private spy brigade who was responsible for an estimate 890 assassinations of Loyalist officers, the disruption of nearly 9.6 Million troops, during movements, and an economic damage equal to roughly 76% of the Loyalist GDP during the 2 years of the rebellion. They would later go on to repeat such feats throughout WWI, WWII, and the 'Cold-War', leading to a fearsome reputation which still continues to this day.

Specializing in blending in, and having a wide array of contacts, and always having a fall-back plan, there's one simple truth. If you uncover an UIC operative? It was meant as a warning at the UIC is there.

It is unknown how many operations the UIC is currently undertaking as apart of it's efforts.

The Kraterocracy of Uvoan