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Census Results: Telegram Quality Survey

Census Results: Telegram Quality Survey

Sponsored by the Ministry of Home Affairs

What were the results from the survey about telegram quality?

We are now pleased to release the results of our survey on the telegram quality. We have collated below the feedback in response to the general questions. Participants were invited to respond to the questions on a five point scale. There were 71 responses.

General comments included:

Overall the response was overwhelmingly positive with comments suggesting that the message was very friendly and motivated them to remain in The North Pacific throughout their nations lifetime. One comment suggested that the telegram was too long and would overwhelm people and suggested including videos.

General Comments included:

Once again, overall the feedback for this telegram was very positive. There were a few comments that they either didn’t see it, or if they did see it - it motivated them to do more than just answering issues. I think the take away from this feedback was that this telegram could be reorganised for it to flow better, including links to the discord server and could use some more modern information.

General comments included:

Feedback on this telegram was more mixed. Many did not remember receiving it. Others suggested it needed to explain the opportunities in more detail. This is a double edged sword again, the longer it is, the less likely people are to read it. But we could experiment with more modern BB code formatting that is now available on NS (such as spoilers) to make this easier for new nations.

General comments included:
Some of the responses here appeared to not understand why the North Pacific Army is relevant to the World Assembly.. Which was slightly concerning. Other feedback suggested again that this was both too long, or needed more information.

General comments included:

Generally mostly positive feedback for this one. There was a suggestion that we need to better explain the value of the forum in the telegram. Worth looking into.

General Comments included:

Some of the feedback suggested we should highlight that the NPA is a roleplay feature. I don’t think we will be doing that. Others did not remember receiving it, or made complaints about raiding in vague terms.

General comments: This is a tricky one. It is possible to chalk this one up to the fact that most of our nations have never resigned from the WA, thus have never received such a telegram.

General comments
For this telegram, the main useful suggestion was the inclusion of a link to the RP discord server and links to the relevant maps that are in use.

General comments:

Most nations again did not remember receiving this. Those that did however described it as well written and effective recruitment.

General Comments:

Fortunately “they are about the right amount” won the day on this one, which is what I anticipated. There were some suggestions of more telegrams relating to special events (nuclear day, z day). Other suggestions included better explaining concepts such as how to upvote, and more telegrams about in-game polls.

General comments:

We had a decent spread of results here, but overall the “longer than 1” year crowd submitted the most results. This is likely reflected in the fact that many of the participants did not remember those early telegrams.

General comments:

More users who use the forum responded to the survey, which is to be expected. This survey was promoted in game via telegram, a dispatch, and by the gameside advocates, but overall it still reached more people who use the forum than those who don't.

We will be reviewing some of the existing telegrams to make sure that they make use of the more advanced bbcodes that are available now than when they were first written. Likewise, we will need to adjust some of these telegrams to reflect the changes in our activities and the greater options we have available now for our residents.

The Minister of Home Affairs will coordinate this effort and will seek volunteers to assist him with this rewrite.