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Mutual East Asian Cooperation Union

(LinkSouth China (Taiwan) flag by u/Hong-Kong-Pianist, LinkKarafuto flag by u/RiketVs [colors reversed])

Events leading up to the formation of the Mutual East Asian Cooperation Union

  • 1560 - After the internal "War of Lost Songs," Hatsunia engages in a policy of non-interference - no isolation, but no expansion either. Exposure to foreign cultures mitigates institutional xenophobia.

  • 1868 - Creation of the Moeji Constitution; "half-and-half westernization" (emulation of western democratic systems but not discriminatory colonialist policies; natural resources are traded for, not colonized)

  • 1884, 1899 - Hatsunia acquires the autonomous prefectures of Micronesia (peacefully purchased from Spain), which are granted equal rights. This is the only overseas territorial acquisition of Hatsunia.

  • 1906 - Hatsunia and Korea fight against Russia, leading to the creation of the joint administrative zone (later republic) of Karafuto. Hatsunia is friendly towards Korea, as aggression would push it to Linkside with Russia and become a "dagger pointed at the heart of Hatsunia."

  • 1939 - The fascist Blue Shirts Society manages to take over China, which joins the Axis Powers in WWII due to LinkSino-German cooperation. Hatsunia joins the Allied Powers.

  • 1941 - Honolulu Pact formed between Hatsunia and the United States.

  • 1945 - China is defeated and split into the communist North China and the capitalist South China.

  • 1967 - Hatsunia and other East and Southeast Asian countries form the Mutual East Asian Cooperation Union. A yearly cultural expo is held.

[OOC Disclaimer: Hatsunia is not about pretending "Japan did nothing wrong" (Linkyes it did). It's about saying "Japan didn't need to and shouldn't have been a jerk to the rest of Asia."]

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