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TWP - Zed Day⁸ Awards

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

Zed Day⁸ Awards

Another Z-Day has come and gone, and in my brief 3-4 years in NS, I think this was the best! The West Pacific has made me so proud! Wow! So many of you put in so many hours of sometimes exciting, often mind-numbing, button pushing effort. Not only did you devote yourselves to the cause, however, but also you were so well organized! You either stepped up to lead, or followed the plan despite the temptation to go off and do your own thing. You worked together.

The result was that we had the lowest infection rate and least dead of all the GCRs, while having ejected far less of our nations than the GCR that ended up with the most survivors. We did awesome!

Due to the incredible levels of participation displayed by the region at large, the entirety of the West Pacific is hereby awarded the Challenge Coin.


An effort this large could not have been successful without coordination on the RMB. Our Star of Life Meritorious Commendation is awarded to those nations that maintained a near constant presence on the RMB, announcing when targets were cured, and directing attention to the need for mop-up operations. These nations never complained and never lost focus.

Dartsia odiongshinen
The United Republic of Westend

Some of you deserve special recognition, either because you were one of our nearly round-the-clockers, came up with a cool idea, were particularly vigilant for Cure-deniers, or were just extra enthusiastic. These we are designating our Heroes of the West.

Q The Almighty
Winter Aura

Some of you volunteered to guide the rest of us. You developed strategy and made sure that we understood what our roles were. You patiently instructed the new players and rallied those with years of Z-Days behind them. Without you, the whole effort would have collapsed. You, the Ministers, Guardians, and Internal Affairs Staff, we recognize as our Event Commanders.

In addition to those named above, we would also like to acknowledge the support, encouragement and efforts of our ElderGrumps, Sunspot Chasers, members of the Sacred Order of The West Pacific, and various other shadowy entities and denizens too numerous to mention by name. Thank you.

Finally, the West Pacific strongly suggests all those inspired by Glenda Slagg Reborn to make an appointment with their primary care physicians as soon as possible, preferably this week.

We cannot stress this enough.

Signed, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark
Delegate and Dragon Emperor of the West (Best) Pacific

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