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by The Friendly Nation of Matroyska. . 48 reads.

Proposed Changes to DRF Constitution

Article 4 (with proposed changes):
1) All government positions would be voted by the Legislative Assembly

2) the elections will pass positions of president and prime minister 2 months each

3) All other positions would be 3 week each

Article 3: Executive (to be repealed):
4) but no candidate shall vote for themselves.

3) The prime minister should receive all authorities in the region except the executive authority, but the prime minister may instruct the founder to assign any citizen to an office to assist in the functioning of the executive branch.

4) The Prime Minister shall appoint a Secretary of the Interior, responsible for regional affairs and security, and a Minister of Foreign Affairs, responsible for external relations with other nations and regions.

5) The Prime Minister, the Secretary of the Interior and the Minister of Foreign Affairs shall form the Cabinet, but the Prime Minister may appoint any other Cabinet official.

this proposal was made by Democratic union russia, Matroyska does not support or oppose this by posting it.